Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


All those “free items” come at a cost… what I paid for (or at least what I inteded to put my money into… is the best possible HMD and experience. I insist that I would rather see Pimax stepping down their stretch goal commitments and focusing their efforts and resources (financial, engineering, even external consulting if that would help achieving a better HMD…) to produce a HMD that works as it was promised.


While I agree, however its done & unless you could get 100% of the backers to agree. The stretch goal rewards have been unlocked & very unlikely for folks to agree to fore go them. After all you can read the complaints on getting a $100 off coupon towards the wireless module instead of a full freebie and thus the team made the eye tracking module free to keep folks happy.


In fairness to other backers Pimax can’t officially step down on stretch goal but in real life don’t bet your headset on that fact that you will get the those modules soon. ( personal opinion). Those modules weren’t even prototypes when the campaign ended. Even more the leap motion module depend on the leap motion dev board which is still not announced or publicly available to developers …

So in the short term the cost is nothing, Pimax has enough to deal with the actual hardware and software of the headset itself


Exactly, I pretty much have already discounted the possibility of ever receiving certain stretch goals, beyond perhaps the deluxe strap and the plastic frame for prescription lenses… but if these are sent at a later moment and in different shippings the costs for handling and shipping alone would break the bank for Pimax, unless we backers are expected to pay for the shipping, only because they have not been able to ship all the contents of the kickstarter altogether in one package.

I understand that some backers are looking forward to receiving the stretch goals and those may have been a reason for backing the 8k in the first place, but I can also see that most backers rather than “futurists” are “realists” and what they really are looking forward to is that the HMD delivers on the promise. I think that Pimax may have, unnecessarily for that matter, streched the goals of the KS a bit too much and complying with those commitments will put stress over the main goal at hand.


I believe that Pimax is on the right track. They seem to be focusing on getting the headset into ‘production ready’ condition first and foremost. Getting the headset’s issues resolved and then putting it into mass production is obviously their first (and most important) step that could either make or break Pimax. Fulfilling the ‘headset only’ orders for the Kickstarter backers will generate a lot of good press with the media and drive orders for future sales. Given the Vive Pro’s incremental resolution bump and no FOV increase at all, Pimax is still in a great position to vault themselves to the top of the VR pack. Everybody wants to purchase headsets with higher resolutions and a wider FOV, but nobody seems willing to offer it. Yet.

I’d imagine that their lighthouses, being a reference Valve design, are basically ready to go. Hopefully, Pimax can also work with Valve to get the knuckles controllers up and running as well for the people who backed the full packages.

Having said all that, it’s still important for Pimax to continue working on the components for the stretch goals afterwards. Remember, their goal here was to create an entire modular platform, not just an HMD/controller combo like every other player in the VR market right now.

Once the 5K/8K/8K X headset designs are perfected, Pimax won’t need need to worry about redesigning/updating them for some time to come. I highly doubt that any other manufacturer will be surpassing (or even matching) their specs for some time to come. So the Engineers at Pimax should be free to work on the accessories at that time.


I didn’t go with wands and now that the controller is up’d to knuckle like, controllers I suspect the Valve knuckles will arrive before Pimax’s and I suspect will be better as they have been working on them longer. Unless Pimax delays their’s to compete.


Does Pimax plan to tell us something of the advances of the hmd before the Chinese new year?


Careful not to transform this into a dogma. Keep it at belief level.

Though, if I look closely to the rest of your post, you make there all sorts of statements that would easily qualify to a full blown religion. Or maybe you reinforce your hopes for a better future world in which Pimax team is absolutely dedicated to delivering the perfect headset as soon as possible.

** Please take my post as allegory, no offense intended, a little prudence is required when it comes to Pimax, I just express this in my way.


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Hi Xunshu,

you stated roughly two weeks ago that you would be providing us with an update around this time. I do really hope that you will be honouring this announcement and the update will at last provide us with the specifics about the progress on the different issues which a number of backers have been concerned about.




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