Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


As you said htc, oculu, windows mixed reality can’t solve about the lenses.
But I ever found that wearality can do.


Indeed Wearability uses a hybrid Fresnel lens & lets not forget Acer/Starbreeze StarVR. & we have others like HeroVR & Panasonic with their own ultra wide headsets/experiments.

With Wearability Sky if i recall correctly doesn’t seperate left & right eyes. Still want to order one to play with. Possibly a curious idea would be to use polarized 3d & view complete screen with both eyes.

Correction it still uses seperate pic per eye. But it might be an idea to use wide angle lenses & use 1 screen utilizing perhaps polarized 3d glasses type film.


Just get the M1 to some reviewers so you can find out what needs to be done for the M2.
Then we might see the M2-M3 being the final version.
And thanks for the update.


Is it atw or asw?

I can dig up the many times it was called asw, and another time I spoke to a engineer, made the crystal clear distinction, he acknowledged the distinction, and proceeded to tell me it had asw.

Come on now. I’m rooting for you pimax! But you guys gotta … I don’t know…tell me what’s going on.


Was there and update in this thread? Im trying to find it


Go to the top and look at the original post; it now includes an edit.


IIRC v2 had different lenses than v3 as people who tested v3 noticed that the lenses were bulky and there was no space between the eye and the lens and wearing eyeglasses seemed impossible. This was when v3 came out and it was compared to v2. Pimax promised to address this in the next round so their take on the lenses in v5 may be as well just this.

I am not saying though that I won’t be disappointed if it turns out that they demoed better lenses while knowing that they were not able to mass produce them.


Thanks @xunshu

Has there been any further testing of the 8K X?

Any information you can share?

I guess once you have the 8K locked down you will only need to change circut design. 2x Dp and bridge chips?



Demoing nicer than what you get is more often Game demoing. Just look at Watchdogs it was found there was disabled eye candy & such.


Thank you for the update, xunshu. It’s always nice to hear what you and your team have been working on. It definitely helps keep interest and discussion going. A lot of your Kickstarter backers have technical backgrounds and even disclosing that you’re having issues with X or Y might elicit an idea or fix from one of us that your engineers hadn’t considered yet.

On a personal note, I see that the covering over the sensors was affecting reception from the lighthouses. I thought that there was nothing at all wrong with the looks of the headset with the sensors exposed on your earlier versions. If it comes down to a matter of potential issues with the sensors covered versus leaving them open, my suggestion would be to just leave them exposed as long as they can be protected from potential damage.


This is not ideal, there should be a new thread for updates. Important comments, such as my bringing to light them mentioning ATW instead of ASW (they only ever said ASW was drugs in the past, as well as an engineer confirming asw to me on the Kickstarter comment page-who made a clear distinction and understanding of the two). @xunshu @bacon @matthew.xu
Is it asynchronous timewarp, or is it asynchronous spacewarp?


Thanks for the info, but I’m starting to get nervous about shipping time, you don’t say nothing about it. Anyway we still waiting and please @xunshu you can make a better graphics to explain about lenses :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The team is testing both.

Why all of the sudden ATW? You guys said ASW. Many times

[Pimax 8K through the lens] Arizona Sunshine with Pimax 8K v5 prototype


Thanks for this, generally looking fine.

However, if you look at 1:51 and freeze the picture around that time, in the top left corener, at the outskirts of the lens, you will notice a band of not only sudden blur, but rather outright distortion. That looks very distracting and will surely be a major issue with users and reviewers.

They will really need to fix this somehow so it is no longer visible. I assume this is related to the lens build and nothing they could easily fix with software optimization - in that case we will need them to simply extend the textile fabric to cover that part of the lens so it is no longer exposed to the user’s eyes.

Good thing about this is, if Pimax for some odd reason do not address it, we can fix that for ourselves later on by applying some fabric over that part of the lenses. Not ideal, but I will take a duct tape solution over not having a solution at all.


Interestingly, the top right corner of the lens does not seems to exhibit the same distortion (for the short time it is visible in the view). This could be related to asymmetrical lens design, or to camera position when shooting the demo.


Resolution looks night and day over current gen. Also bright. Cant wait for this device!!


controllers working wirelessly. thumbs up.


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These are two entirely different platforms/scenarios and aren’t necessarily comparable.


First impressions, wow clarity is fantastic, if they can fix the edges then I think people will be very pleased. No hint of side at all!

Of course the close up shots won’t look quite that clear in real life because of vergence accomodation issue (you eyes will change focus when they shouldn’t). Nothing pimax can do about that though.