Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


err… those are the standard Vive Wands, aren’t they ? But that’s good - means they are focussing entirely on the HMD, which they should be !
(sorry for all of you waiting for the complete package as you don’t have any LH & Vive wands at home yet - but this is in your interest too, you just want the 8K to be without significant flaws, right… and if this is the trade off, well, then better take it)


@xunshu reported this:

I have commented:


i believe with previous versions the controllers were tethered as the set up to comms directly with headset was not in place or something technical like that.


I hope you understand that the distortion on the edges is totally unacceptable, either you fix it or reduce the fov.


Right, forgot about that. So they got the bluetooth communication with the 8K HMD working, good stuff.


I am not so convinced that this distortion stems from reflections, to be honest. I rather believe it is the outside of the lens, which simply distorts wildly and this kind of distortion cannot be addressed sensibly by pre-distorting the incoming picture to counter it, because the distortion is too great and effectively one screen pixel is spread over seemingly 3,4,5 pixels when viewed through the lens.
I think the solution is fairly simple - cover this part of the lens by some fabric, so the user will not see it. You loose a few degrees of FOV, but I do not care about reahcing a number, it is ultra-wide nevertheless, the distraction is a much bigger issue.
But as I said - if Pimax don’t do it, we can easily apply such cover ourselves later-on.
Won’t be sleeping bad over this one tonight…


You should apply to Pimax if you are able to know better than them what is wrong without even having a Pimax.


A good update, covered more detail about known issues and I think that is what most people want to hear.
Can I suggest that updates are not edits to old posts but instead are a new post with a link to previous updates in it. Either that or a continuous “Change Log” style post that is locked.


Can’t we just consider the distortion on the edges as “foveated rendering”. I really don’t think when we are focusing on the center of the scene (which we will be most of the time when playing) with our eyes, that we won’t even notice the distortion on the edges.

Yes, if you search for the distortion with just moving your eyes and not your head, then you will see it of course. As foveated rendering will probably be mainstream in the future of VR, we need to get used it. I mean you seriously need to move your eyes to the edges (of your own eye socket) to be able to see that.

What are your opinions on it?


It’s a big problem, @xunshu. Since prehistory, when we were hunted by animals, the brain is very attentive to the images it sees appear in peripheral vision, in case they were a danger, especially if it detects movement.

It’s totally impossible to get used to this and it will always throw us out of the experience. Pimax has to eliminate the problem completely.


Ha, no. the maximum fov that games currently support without need of game developers revamping how view port frustums are set up is 180 degrees. There is going to be distortion and the fault is not with PIMAX.


These distortions will be very distracting. If they can’t be resolved I hope Pimax will just reduce the FoV.


The distortion or reflection:



But with development of which both scenarios are about it fits. Political correctness stifles creativity. A heated debate can & often does lead to a solution.

Now yes a modorator or chair should be present to help keep things on track by helping to diffuse/call for needed breaks to allow the creative process to cool & forge new ideas.


Agreed new posts allow it to be linked to official update topic & as you said gives a change log flow that way.

Now it would be cool when the team has time to create a a set of pics of each v1 to v5 showing front back & 1 side to give visual reference to showcase the evolution of the frame.

@xunshu @matthew.xu


Image quality looks superb.

Can´t wait to get mine.


i believe the distortion or reflection happens for being filming with camera on just one lens, we can clearly see the camera moving, had same problem when trying to make a video with my dell with just a cam on one eye.
i don’t think it would be visible when eyes close to lenses and ipd is adjusted but can be wrong.
Amazing job Pimax and thanks for the update @xunshu


@1.51 we can see that the camera is not where the eye is meant to be as he is just holding it with one hand and obviously distortion appears because of the hedge of the lens.
if camera was steady right in the center i don’t think we would notice it, unless moving headset side ways and up/down


I think that when you have the HMD on and your eyes are up closer to the lens you will not see this, after all if you wear glasses you can’t get your eyes that far around to see the frame off your glasses and be in focus, so I am pretty sure you will not see or notice this. I would take this HMD as it is now, it looks to be way better that the HTC Vive small focal point. If you have the Vive or have tried one, you will no that the focal point is small, and to see anything clearly you have to move your head and look straight at the thing you need to focus on, and this pimax looks like a way bigger focal point, even if its the same as the vive, Ill still take it just because it looks way better screen res than the Vive I have now.