Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


Why would they work on the 8k-X save testing a dual bridge chip?

Any progress on the 8k directly benefits the 8k-X & the 5k. All componets except the bridge chip/scaler setup is the same.

5k & 8k share all except screens & the 8k has an upscaler.

The 8k & 8k-X will be mostly the same except 8k-X no scaler & has a dual DP input (dual bridge chip?)


Not blind -just less sensitive for any number of reasons. Like VR sickness many adapt well after using VR for a while. I can see sde when I look for it but after 2 years of (only) VR gaming I don’t really notice it. I can see godrays in my Rift in high contrast conditions, but as a glasses and contact lens wearer, I don’t find them bothersome and in some cases almost natural. The brain does a great job of adapting.
ASW is great when it works and not so great when it doesn’t. For my part, when it works well I am happy to let it run and when it doesn’t I turn it off. There are no absolutes with this either. It isn’t the duplication of frames, but rather how well a given title or scenario takes to having frames duplicated. Again, some people will be more sensitive to frame duplication as they are with fps. .Battle of Stalingrad runs better with it off. DCS runs well with it on but NTTR and Caucasus maps artifact more than I would like. I love it on in the DCS Normandy map. I leave it on in Elite Dangerous, etc. Most of this is highly personal and everyone will have their own perceptions. Of course none of us are wrong -only all seeing with our own individual eyes and brains,


Nothing I can say to the contrary of that. :slight_smile:


Then an update on that maybe :wink:


I have backed the 8k-x too; and I would be astonished if Pimax had any time to address the specific issues of it at this stage. I think from the beginning they made it very clear, that they will effectively start work on that once work on the 8k has been completed to the greater degree. Which I absolutely agree with. Too many open points to solve on the base version, no time to digress on the fancy upgrade.


They did? I just checked the KS page and see no mention of what you are saying? The KS was for three HMD products with expected launches. Although you might be correct that they get the base unit done first (which makes sense) but there are areas of the 8K-X that have nothing to do with the 8K and it would be nice to know that somebody is working on those unique design goals in parallel wouldn’t it?

Could be a major bummer if they turn around and say that 2 x DP VR is impossible this late in the campaign for instance. Or that dual bridge chips for VR do not exist so the 8K-X is just a theory.

Anyway, it is all speculation until somebody official responds :slight_smile:

Edit: The KS page says:

“- Only for those who own a PC with at least GTX1080ti (still testing, may need 1080Ti SLI, or the next generation graphic card e.g. Nvidia Volta), CPU i7, and 16GB memory.”

…and the keyword here is “still testing” so they are doing something with the 8K-X, just not reporting on it.


The 8k-X is a beta launch hence why no scaler & limit 400 units. Any update on the 8k affects both save electronic componet differences.

Simple logic 8k-X was set to release 3 months after 8k so add 3 months. :v::smirk::+1::sparkles:


Yeah, it will launch after the 8K, I kinda expected that tbh but how about an update on those bridge chips and dual DP connections they are still testing? Or are you saying that Pimax has said somewhere that all work on the 8K-X has officially stopped while they put all engineers onto work with the 8K? Are you just speculating here or was there a post about it?


I obviously can’t answer that one. :v::smirk::+1: But it stands the reason to launch the 5k/8k then use 3 months to work out minor kinks of the hardware changes.

But stands the reason the main headset frame & optics needs to be finalized first.

Refresh rate for example on 5k/8k update officially slotted for sometime in March.

@xunshu @matthew.xu may have some spoiler details perhaps after Chinese New Year.


I think some of the info is buried in comments quite some way back (early kickstarter). So become memory attacked with beer since :slight_smile: and so not sure if this is correct but I thought the main reason they estimated May for the 8K X was due to the relevant different component (bridge chip?) wasn’t going to be released and available from their third party mfr until nearer May. I’ll assume that will nudge on quite a bit with the 8k estimated release still in the air. I think @sjefdeklerk was pushing them at the time for details and reasons.

They said they would also release info on how 8k backers would be able to update to 8k x. Assume some sort of trade-in?


don’t think your cpu is going to do a lot more compared to gpu…not saying it won’t help but i think VR is more about gpu power then cpu.

just for your information, you seem to be new in the world of pc…making such statement, when cpu is like the lowest factor. Pretty much all about gpu.

It would not be a big problem if a little delay is there, for the very fact we expect towards month april more information about the next 3d cards from nvidia.

So if you build a pc special for VR? maybe better wait and sit it out.
a 30% increase in power is likely to happen vs 3d cardsof 2017… if one can have patience…


The Cpu power is more towards tracking & ensuring it doesn’t limit the gpu. Though with Vulkan/Mantle/Dx12 should help to keep GPU not being Cpu bound.

With OpenXR becoming the VR/AR standard we should start seeing better VR/AR optimizations. After all a Ps4 is basically a Laptop cpu with a powerful graphics core & we can see with optimised code VR can work well with less power.


When should we expect the next update?


It’s been exactly 3 weeks now since the last update. I’m expecting something in the first week of march when it’s been a month since the last update, that sounds reasonable I guess, so that would be next week. I think this will be when @xunshu announces the program where selected users will try the Pimax 8k to get feedback to Pimax. If I remember correctly the plan was to ship those out mid march to selected users, so that’s coming soon now. Unless there are new problems of course :slight_smile:

Xunshu also spoke of roadshows in March. So next few weeks certainly should be interesting!


just here to say to pimax: this is your chance to either destroy the entire PC VR headsets and dominate for the next 1-2 years or be destroyed. This is the ultimate chance to make the pimax a huge huge deal. So please, take your time if it is still not ready in april/may. You still have time, so don’t rush out a bad product. Oculus seem to be more focused on mobile vr. HTC not doing much with them having NO competition from other steamvr supported headsets (LG seem to have abandoned their headset). And with them probably pricing the vive pro at 600+, EVERYONE would jump on the pimax if it is a success.

So: take. your. time. and. perfect. it.

Oh and i hope there will be an update next as @sjefdeklerk said :slight_smile:


The only competitor that Pimax has right now is the HTC Vive Pro, for the higher-end PCs, a very small part of VR users. Well, there’s also the Samsung WMR.


Indeed, and that’s not even for sale yet. It’s quite sad actually if you think of it. Our hope is really Pimax for 2018. Kopin will release their Elf VR with 4k OLED this year too but with 100 degrees FoV it’s really a different HMD. Like @Mpmo10 just noted, I’m really hoping Pimax is going to take their time to get it right. It would be too sad if they mess this up by releasing unfinished hardware premature.


Well, there’s also the Samsung WMR.


That song of " Take your time to not release a unfinished product " is somekind dangerous… Take this example … I almost did it…


Well that’s true of course. But if you look at the myriad of problems that still existed a few weeks ago and Pimax rather agressive time schedule, that seems like a perfect combo for failure to me. I don’t want Pimax history (4k) repeating it self and receive a half baked product again.