Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


There are no delays. Backers were not promised definite dates. We all want our devices but I am willing to wait to be sure it is everything I expect it to be. I think most of us agree.


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There are no delays. Backers were not promised definite dates. We all want our devices but I am willing to wait to be sure it is everything I expect it to be. I think most of us agree.[/quote]
I certainly agree. From the very start, I thought Pimax’s dates were way too optimistic. I still became a backer, because I thought they had a very good chance to deliver something no one else is even trying to make (yet). Kickstarters always have risk, but I do believe in Pimax and I’m willing to wait until they get it right.


Cmon Chris. if starvr and vivepro are jokes, then how you consider something that exists only as a promise be like? The only one pushing things forward?

So the only one pushing things forward is something that does not exist yet?

wouldn’it be better to wait until right time to make such statements? maybe at that time vive will be 12K.


I just test StarVR at IMAX VR last month, disappointed too and think that it can’t be used for playing the game for a long time.

This is result


I’d actually get the Vive Pro, except for one thing: FoV size is unchanged! Too small for my liking!


Well there where Prototypes… so its not pure Sience Fiction, even if they still have issues and are not in mass production to date. And if to prototypes get compared I guess its possible to conclude on that experience.
That not all is perfect on start up is quite common - I remember a Geforce with less RAM than declared or diesel cars not beeing as clean as they should - but all that leads us here to no where.
So, I hope that @xunshu will give us some updates soon, so we know how the project is coming along.


If the lenses are, as people are guessing, the exact same ones as in the regular Vives, the FoV in the Pro should actually even be slightly reduced, compared to vanilla, on account of the new display panels being one or two millimetres smaller. :7


I think they would just move the lens closer to the panel


That would move it out of focus.


You are partially right, but please do an abstract hypothetical exercise and try to answer these questions for yourself (in your opinion, not absolute answers):

  1. Does Pimax have the best hardware and software programmers in the world ?
  2. Does Pimax have access to exclusive high end technology in the field of optics, lcds, uhd electronics and so ?
  3. Is Pimax the only VR company in the world that has realized the big impact of VR in the near future ?
  4. Does Pimax have large enough financial resources to support any research and changes in technology due to potentially “bad trips” ( as they recently suggested with the issue of chips not being capable to support 90Hz )?

If the majority of answers is NO, then how could they produce a headset that could literally blow away all VR that the rest of companies in the world have managed to produce so far ?

This is as simple as it sounds. It is a kind of energy conservation. It is like they are using nuclear energy when the rest of the world still using charcoal to get warm.

P.S. Orrr, there might be another explanation: Pimax doesnt lie, but they don’t say WHEN exactly they will produce what they promise. So it is highly probable that by that time, Vive and many others will be more advanced than Pimax. So basicaly, Pimax didn’t lie, but they didn’t specify the horizon of time.

Hopefully I am having a bad dream with all I wrote here, because my money is still there.


I use Google translation,
According to all the returns, pimax v2 ​​was already much better than rift and vive, so you have your answer.
Htc and Facebook think about money, while pimax thinks about changing the VR


Well I guess to put it short, as mentioned above, the prototype does allow a conclusion on that? How else did they build that and get us all engaged in the project?

So to make a short answer long, I do an educated guess :

  1. Who does have the best of all? No one I guess, but I think that the pimax team has people that are good enough and had time to gain experience with the PiMax 4k
  2. They seem to have contacts with good resources, maybe not the best of the best, but good for what they are doing. Sure it bee awsome if they could develop all the parts as they dreamed it - but that is not how it works in most cases today
  3. PiMax is small enough to have the need to supersed the standard out there today. As mentioned often, Money plays a major roll - pimax would not be able to get there share with a 1 to 1 clone of a vive - and HTC vive does not seem to care at the moment for “high end” HMD’s. The only way for either to make good money is what you are seeing right now. I am sure, the moment PIMax would gain large market shares the other will react - and yes maybe with better products.
  4. Yes and no - they dont have the resources to develop the unexpected, but enough to get “cutting” edge stuff together so it will work, hopefully as close as possible to the aimed goals.

Sure I would love to see them outreach the competitors in every aspect for the money I gave them, that would be awesome - but I see it realistic, its a process and the first step is a functional HMD, the rest might also develop but only time will tell. And yes I also would wish they would act a bit more professional on many aspects (4k 60FPS fixed in lens shots, periodic updates with true content, and so on…) As a Baker of Star Citizen I know that all can be done a lot better - on the other hand I rather have them focus on the HMD, if they don’t have the “resources” to do the other stuff.


Well all your points are mostly subjective. Ie 1 & 2 is dependent on what your criteria is. Best programmers for example is subjective. Hardware tech? Most don’t create the core hardware componets but may have contracts to keep design exclusive for a time (ie clpl panels might be exclusive to pimax for a period of time due to helping to design these)

  1. well when oculus first started pushing for consumer vr. It could be said they match the criteria. However today? Too many companies are into vr because they see the potenial impact & profits.

  2. Is not known for a number of reasons. Its not how much you have but how well you use what you have. Trump for example has strong financial clout; but doesn’t use it effectively as he just throughs money at a variety of projects & kills what isn’t working, which results in alot of wasted resources. But he still yeilds enough profits to repeat this process over & over again.

EDIT now a question that can be answered. What came first tge chicken or the Egg? (Yes this does have a proven answer) Post your answer & why. I will let you know if correct. :smirk::relieved:


You are right. Just imagine how silly it is to think that a technology, which has been attempted to be resolved by big companies like Sega many years ago to no avail, failing miserably, could be reinvented by a smaller company. To make it even more ridiculous, imagine it was not a small company, but some hobbyist with duct tape prototypes.

Will never happen. Because big companies always get things right. History shows that time and again…


Well Sega at the time did find a tracking solution at the time tgat costed $1 vs at the time head tracking costed something luke 5k+.


There is a recent video of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, where Buffet talks about the #1 quality that one needs to see in a company that means that it will be successful. He says it’s Passion. That’s what I believe is the uncommon element here. That they have passion about the goal of full high res FOV VR. That they’re not being approached by people and hired/paid to do some task that they are good at, but they are driven by their own desire to be successful. Everything they’re doing is about the goal. There is no loss of focus on political idiocy or other distractions, but a focus that is only productive towards the goal. That’s what I think is the difference here, why I believe.


Oh, and gee. The mighty HTC company is also going to be Late with their Vive Pro. What kind of losers are they??

Meanwhile I sit here with my Samsung Odyssey which runs at the exact same resolution as the Vive Pro, but A YEAR LATER than PImax’s BE Model which does NOT have the STUPID EFFING GODRAY LENSES and performed at exactly the same speed, I broke my BE, but visually it was BETTER than the Samsung Odyssey. And I got it a year before. That’s why I know Pimax isn’t full of BS. Now that they have some solid funding, more reputation in the industry for more connections to hardware partnerships, I really do think they have everything they need in order to make the 8k work, including the Passion.


Indeed late delayed launches are very common.


So what happened to the statement that we will be asked via email if we want to wait for the final mass production version or get the prior model? And is M1 the same version general consumers will get later on?

Has there been any word about the controllers?


The illusion via text and photo’s is there anyway. Doesn’t really mean some of their staff isn’t there just for a paycheck.