Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


@xunshu said they will release a limited batch to selected testers. Not to be confused with we all get to choose to get the pre kickstarter release.

Controllers will be announced when ready. Last update from ces was the mock up of the controllers. Controllers shouldn’t be a concern as thereus more than enough how tos to demonstrate making a controller is not that complicated.

Hell one fellow uses a midi keyboard in streetfightet competitions.


Anyone who works is there for a paycheck. So lets not make presumptions as any employee that wants to continue to be paid needs to be invested in the company to be successful to continue to havea stable income.


News update is going to be made this month on 8K model.


And what will they do to reach 90Hz if they can, I suppose.


None of the big companies WANT to do large fov. You need to be largely immune to motion sickness. And until galvanic vagus nerve stim earphones or something like it come out, big companies likely wont. The issue is approachability for people with no experience with vr. There is however a big market for people that hate the current hmd fov so much after two years they are frustrated. Very. Like we don’t matter. Big companies also don’t want to use anything but oled. Oled is expensive. I like pimax, because the big players are very strictly following the rules, and pimax is too small to care about all that nonesense. Engineering these things isn’t rocket science. Maybe lightfields with wave guides, miniturization of that tech. That may be worse than rocket science. These sorts of problems pimax is facing are tangible. Sweviver was already happy with the v3. Im ready to believe the pimax is on track to get the first ones out this month for testing. That’s not to say that i’m Completely pleased with some of the technicalities they’ve slipped through. Oh yeah it doesn’t actually do 90hz, oh you still want that? Okay give us time. Of course we want that. Vr games are designed around the framework. Nobody gets that lol. Sometimes I think they did deliberate moves to stay out of the eyes of giants. They might actually be really smart. I’m glad for it, because it’s been two years and field of view and resolution have barely budged and obviously it’s possible. We don’t want another scenario like cellphones with the slow drip tech spec milk machine delaying progress for profit. And my god theres nothing I hate worse, nothing, than tech progress being impeded for money. Theres another benefit to being a small company. With a big company, I sometimes wonder if they fear releasing too good of a product before all the party guests arrive, so to speak. The party could end before a huge crowd even got there. A small company wouldn’t have this effect. One thing I can guarentee is that once they release, and is a true and real quality awesome product, people will buy it. But there is a window of time, they should also be motivated to not release too late.
Rant over.


soo, it’s been almost a month since the last update heh… any news? @matthew.xu @Pimax-Support @xunshu


In case people can´t read…


That’s quite literal. It’s a figure of speech and you should know that. To say someone is there for a check just means to say lacking passion for what they do that “its a job” or “pays the bills for now” stepping stone type equivalent.


“Not to be confused with we all get to choose to get the pre kickstarter release.”

And that’s fine but no confusion as that’s not what I was told specifically a couple or so months back. I could probably find it actually.


I do understand what you mean as i currently work for a fortune 500 company of which it is more common to be there only for the paycheck. This is due to the larger the company becomes often the employees who are not “higher ups” are treated as machines instead of people.

In my experience often small companies are better to work for due to higher ups being more in touch with their workforce.

Most of the managers where i work look like dear staring into the headlights of an on coming truck when you talk to them in regards to the company.

A good company will hire leaders who inspire & build people up. Others hire bosses that only know how to tell you what to do.

& yes there are exceptionally lazy people who are shortsighted & only see the paycheck.

The truth with where i work atm they advertise an enviroment of respect; but in reality its just smoke & mirrors.


If you find it please post a link as since it was revealed after CES; I only saw the post @Xunshu posted about releasing a small batch for testing in the community.

Of which makes sense as you wouldn’t want to flood test units out in the event a major change becomes necessary to the headset to minimize logistic costs.


Something to take in consideration before jumping to any conclusion, HTC is in a profound restructuring process both at direction and ground level.

My personnel speculation is that this alleged delay is more about how to market the Vive-Pro and restructuration the company than any technical difficulty about the product itself. (vs Pimax actuel dev problem)

and my also my personal take is that HTC is tempted to recusing itself for the consumer

Steam tracking 2.0 could also be late…


Soooo it’s been a month since the last update, Chinese holiday’s are over, new month has started, what about an update for your backers, @xunshu are you still planning to ship out units in 2 weeks?


I only hope that Pimax review the M1 prototype well and fix all the issues that they find before sending it to the testers.

Can you @xunshu inform us about the current status of the M1, 90 Hz, Brain Warp…?


@Heliosurge Do you know if a new thread will be created, or if they will edit the top of this one for the next update?
Hopefully we get one in the next 24 hours. =]


Hopefully as per the community’s request. They should start a new thread for the next update.



:laughing:Cmon guys, let them take their time for it… :laughing:


One update a month for the people who invested their money into their business really doesn’t seem too much to ask does it?


Of course not my friend… They are already almost 3 months out of time to deliver it. Time is passing by and nothing is coming…


Ah you were being sarcastically :slight_smile: Well I tend to agree, it really is about time for an update. All those plans to ship out units to testers half march … That’s in 10 days already, I think we at least deserve an update by now.