Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


Very, very likely, but I am not bothered by that, as long as I have the normal 8K to tide me over. I backed the 5K too, so I will have that for a bit till I give it to my sister and brother in law :slight_smile:

I hope they don’t rush any of the HMDs out, especially not the 8K X. Get it right, and make it great :smiley:


Things will evolve when majority here will no longer be that positive.

All I can hear (the most) is : very good they delay, we don’t want a flawed headset, and so on.

Gues what: the only flawless headset they can deliver in the near and mid future is this one: NONE.


He he that’s the idea dude to deliver an unflawed headset , and people are so positive because the pimax team are taking there time to get it right!!! We bought into a project, so there are going to be delays,ups and downs!!! So have a beer and relax , stay positive!! Ha ha


So does this mean we don’t get an update?


That means, again, we backers are always the last to be informed by Pimax. This should not happen. :rage:



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We prefer to update in the forum for our backers when the new information (e.g. progress) confirmed.


Okay but then why have you given selected testers an update & not the community? This is what folks are annoyed by. The update your team gave to folks like @SweViver & such should have been rolled out to the community as well.


I don’t understand what you’re saying Xunshu. Who has to ‘confirm’ the progress? You of all people should KNOW what the progress is. Why not take 5 minutes of your time every week to keep the people who invested their money into your company at least somewhat informed about how it’s going? It’s extremely frustrating to have to hear from other forum members what’s going on and how long you’re shutting down the company for holiday’s. Why not just tell us directly?


Well folks are still waiting for Oculus & vive yo release a headset without flaws. Waiting might suck but there are kickstarter projects that folks have been waiting for over a year & some have gotten absolutely nothing with merry go round updates that only state “working hard” … I think it was SpaceVR that has those updates.


Hm. did we ever find out if it was okay to sell your place in line ? I sold vive already, may be getting out of VR for a bit.


I have no clue about the progress. I only emailed Xunshu and asked if the M1 delivery still is set for March and it turned out to be most likely not possible. That’s all I know.

Relax guys, we will get all information from Xunshu soon, no need to panic :wink:


A graphic description of the situation:


Like I said they gave at least 2 testers an update. As for a general update they could release info like: “When ready we have determined to have X test units available to ship out to testers. It has been a difficult process, but we have selected the following backers to help test out the units. Here is a list of the community members selected. We appreciate all whom were enthusiastic in being a tester & thank you for your continued support!”

If anything they should have with Sebastian & your update on test units should have posted an update here in the forums.

Myself? I am relaxed but equally disappointed in this disconnect in communication; the community has matured alot since the early days of “flying off the handle” with updates that seemed unfavourable.


In fact, among all the backers, only Mixedreality tv and @SweViver emailed me directly to ask for the M1 shipping time and my reply was "I can’t give an exact shipping time yet, but March seems a bit rush. "
About testers: there won’t be lots of units available. We will announce the tester list and the shipping time to the testers in the forum this month.


Looking forward to a comprehensive update.


Haha that’s VERY much exactly the point indeed. It’s frustrating though but really we can’t do anything else than wait. I’m also looking at RoadToVR every single day and HOPE that there’s an announcement of another competitor starting with a next gen headset. But man we all know that’s not going to happen anytime soon … Wait wait wait and wait some more, that’s all we VR enthousiasts can do at this point …


Well there is Hero but not for consumers & at last report you need strong neck muscles lol.


Just for fun :wink:


:joy: Taking the picture into account, I like mine (hmd) well done :+1:t3:

  • medium rather not, even if I feel a lot like the dog :dog2: :poultry_leg: