Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


For me it’s a dead year for VR. Sold my Pimax 4K and play again on flat monitor I never wanted to do again. No Vive Pro price announcement, no AAA VR game announcement. For now it’s dissapointing. I was hoping for more Pimax progression, seems they have more problems to solve. But let’s be optimistic.


Thats all Im hoping for now. It’s sad but Pimax are only proving to be compulsive liars. The fact is this thing wont be coming out any time soon


It’s going to take a while mate. A few hours ago Kopin released this press release: http://www.kopin.com/investors/news-events/press-releases/press-release-details/2018/Kopin-Provides-Business-Update-and-Fourth-Quarter-Fiscal-2017-Operating-Results/default.aspx

I thought the positive part was:

“Kopin expects to begin production of the Lightning OLED displays later this year using a new state-of-the-art OLED deposition system, which was co-funded by both companies. In addition, our partner BOE is on schedule in building the world’s largest OLED on silicon fabrication facility. BOE announced at CES that the fab is expected to be at mass production levels by late 2019.”

So at least some nice Kopin panels should hit the market later this year and BOE being production ready next year sounds very hopeful too. As you know their panels are the bomb and really will change VR.


but Pimax will not have these Oleds?


Well the 8k won’t, I’m not even sure about the 5k, haven’t really followed that. But Kopin and BOE are working on some wonderful stuff that should be ready (end of) next year. It’s a long wait, but there’s hope!


OK, but “late 2019” is far far away


It is mate, it is … Life of the VR enthousiasts isn’t easy :wink:


I’m sorry but with all promises made in the past i don’t like the way the backers here are treated… Maybe it’s just me, but it feels as if the attitude has changed.

From: “our backers are the most important, we want to do anything to keep them happy!”
To: “why are these annoying people asking so many difficult questions…”

When really all we wanted was a weekly update or something like it… A new post… Doesn’t have to be long… A few sentences… “Hey guys, this is what we did this week. This looks good, this looks bad, we are trying this to fix it… See you next week!”

Just this… Would have kept everyone calm and happy.


Take above words into consideration please. @xunshu :roll_eyes:


@xunshu I’d like to apply for the M1 as well, I already wrote an email via the Pimax page.
My eMail is voodoodemc@gmail.com if needed.


Please give an up date maybe one a week, it dose not matter what the up date is, just anything, it could be that one of the engineers is having a tantrum because some one got the size wrong in the injection molding, or some one just tripped over one of the wires and broke the controller and now we need o wait for a new one, or having problems with screen update and getting it to sync, tell us any problems you are having now, I don’t think most will jump down your throat just because you cant get some thing to work, all we ask it to be keep in the loop a bit more.


Not terrible news to me , backed the 8KX so my hopes are in Nvidia’s hands ,which probably won’t be released till summer which is also when fanatec Is supposedly releasing their podium series, honestly with the disaster at CES and the two weeks off for their new year vacation I didn’t expect him to get finished in March , I expect they’ll start shipping kick starter units in may.


Damn I hadn’t even read the latest news, I was expecting them to announce Ampere at GDC but that seems to be incorrect: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-turing-graphics-architecture-delayed,36603.html

It seems nobody is in a hurry … :frowning:


I’m hoping for a Turing titan!! I’d grab that up the second it becomes available ,can’t afford to wait months More for the TI


Pimax has underestimated the backer’s expectations with that tragedy that was v5 at CES 2018.
Hopefully they haven’t mass-ordered components prematurely that has no positive use.

That would leave them with detrimental hard decisions and the backer’s will also be having a really bad day.
If they’re not careful, Pimax could easily squander all the money received.

It’s quite clear that Pimax has no intention of keeping the backer’s informed.
When they put out an Update, it’s usually too vague and issues made out to be non-issues or easily fixable…

The truth is worse than what’s revealed.


@CMM: I am trying to understand this post, but I am struggling. You start off with pointing at the CES performance and what it meant for the backers, but then … I guess you changed your mind and decided to write about something different. So the orders for production material becomes your concern.

Do you have any specific information which would make this a real concern ? Of all the issues they have, and we know they are plenty, this one has not been one I have read about. Or did it just occur to you that it would be bad if they had ordered parts for a couple of million USD hoping to sell 500k headsets in the coming 12 months ? Well, in that case add the concerns about Pimax having ordered a production site the size of West Virginia, having hired a couple of thousand new employees, etc. etc. etc… All of that could in theory happen and throw them off track. But as long as there is no specific information about that, I personally would not mention it here - because what‘s the added value ? Not meaning to diss you, but I read it and thought wtf ?!


@CMM is saying that in his opinion Pimax thought the v5 prototype shown at CES was actually fine and ready for mass production as is, and were then stumped by the negative feedback from backers who had considerably higher expectations.

I understand his post in that he hopes Pimax haven’t ordered significant quantities of components required for a v5-based final product which wouldn’t meet backers‘ expectations and that their necessary pivot wouldn’t be financially aggravated by fulfillment clauses for components they wouldn’t be able to use.

I have to say, I don‘t disagree with that this could be a real possibility; there already seems to be some such situation with the component or combination of components that is stopping them from achieving 90hz although I have to admit that we haven’t been updated on this particular issue since way into last year.

Personally I am utterly disappointed with Pimax‘s communication throughout the last months, and if I hadn’t already spent €700+ on them I would have stopped caring a long time ago. As it stands I feel burned not by their inability to keep deadlines, but by their infrequent one-liners on this Forum and hence how little value they attribute to their backers.

It’s shameful and disrespectful.


We all agree that communication by Pimax could be better; however, that point has been covered umpteen times in this forum. So fine, communication is not their strength, and at times it is confusing that they promise things they then do not live up to. That however is not where the product becomes better or worse. No communication just means nothing positive to report, no break-through with the major issues. That we have learnt by now, right ? So entitlement discussion aside for the moment, why not accept the situation as it is and learn to cope with it ?

  1. Finalizing development - apparently still more or less the same status as 4 weeks ago. Working on it, but could not resolve issues.
  2. Beta tester unit shipping. Delayed due to lack of a sufficiently progressed development, see point 1.
  3. KS delivery. Delayed until further notice.
  4. Financial status of Pimax. We have little information, but even if they placed larger quantity orders for components prematurely, it is completely unclear if the utilization of such components will be impacted by the ongoing development, and they may have various options to mitigate any financial fallout of such orders, e.g. cancellation, change requests to the orders, etc… In addition we know that Pimax are an existing cmpany with existing products, so not only a bunch of guys with 4,2 mln. of KS funding, and in addition do not forget the series A funding they secured shortly after the KS campaign. So it seems rather far-fetched to think they will be running out of money in the coming weeks, no ?
  5. Development impact of non-cancellable, non-changeable orders for greater quantities of components no longer required. This seems to be the main point of all that ramble, okay - the fear that Pimax may screw up further development of the 8K in its desire to utilize pre-ordered components at any cost ? Who am I to say that that cannot happen ? But did those, who really get excited about this also consider the likelyhood of all other potential threats to a project of the kind ? Starting from earthquakes to off-the-spot hiring of the most capable engineers by HTC and Oculus to patent claims by Valve, HTC, Zenimax, Oculus to gettng screwed by a supplier who delivers relabelled cheap components which in tuth do not have the build quality of the ordered components, anything can happen, anything can go wrong.

I for my part will wait until I get specific information making it likely, not only possible, that something specifically will go wrong on this project before I start to worry about it. We frankly got enough to worry about without adding all potential doom scenarios…


I think it’s you that’s blowing things out of proportion, he only stated a wish and I generally agree with CMM’s sentiment “hopefully” they haven’t mass ordered parts that end up useless or forced to use substandard parts. We’ve already seen pimax talk about this with the bulk purchase of panels and another KS project I backed failed sighting this as the main reason for failure so it’s certainly a valid concern, especially as time moves on.

I also feel its justified to keep the pressure on pimax to talk to us more regularly. Under normal circumstances, a company can develop what they want in whatever timescales are suitable but here they did a fundraiser and speaking for myself I want to be kept in the loop more regularly than this and not hear news from third parties.



Someone tells me they do one thing by time x and then don’t succeed - personally I‘m fine with that and have been pointing out their unrealistic KS timeline right from the get-go. I still backed as this isn’t my first KS rodeo so to speak.

Someone tells me they want to keep my up to date on points A, B and C at frequency x and then doesn’t after a long winded apology simply lost my trust. I have built a couple of companies from startup to running on its own - dishonesty will never work in a crowd funded scenario with savvy backers. Ever.

Referring to my stance as ‚entitlement‘ and someone else‘s post as ‚ramble‘ pretty much disqualified you as a member of this forum by the way, at least regarding any meaningful contribution. No need to insult anyone.

I‘m all for having Pimax do what they do until they are satisfied but whoever is in charge of communication and community management is failing at their job fantastically - I‘m actually showing these threads to my communication heads as a picture book case of bad expectation management and amateur target group interaction which in way means I invested those €700 wisely :wink: