Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


Agreed. If I could back out right now I’d do it without thinking twice. This is taking way too long and at I don’t think it’s looking good, with all the issue’s they still seem to have. And this Pimax (lack of) communication is really a huge downer. It’s extremely frustrating that they dont want to keep their backers informed. Even one update a month is obviously too much to ask, let alone an update a week. Like explained by several people, only a few words would be enough, once a week. But obviously they don’t care about us, now that they’ve gotten our money.

I’ve never really doubted that they’d send out the headsets at some point but now, I’m not 100% sure anymore … It doesn’t feel as good anymore as it used to. I think mainly because Pimax used to be much more communicative but lately they seem to not to want to talk to us anymore. I think that’s NOT a good sign at all. If everything was going great they’d probably be happy to inform us.


I think they have been waiting for some newly designed components that would hopefully solve the 90Hz refresh issue , but it may now have caused another issue elsewhere ( even more power required to the headset maybe ) .


The only thing anybody has any real evidence of is that they are not very good at giving updates. There is plenty of evidence that they can follow through and deliver a product that is a second to none virtual reality headset.

Again speaking from personal experience they may just be perfectionist introverts and are at a point where they feel that taking time to communicate is taking that time away from the project. And what I mean by this is that they would rather not communicate much because communicating perfectly so that everyone is perfectly at ease is a more daunting task then just simply applying all their thought and effort on the project itself. It can happen that way and I have been there myself. Fact in the end it was myself that was designated to communicate with the investors that were freaking out. Being there a cultural and language Gap they may simply feel they have no one that can fill that void perfectly and they do not want to dip into their talented developmental resources to do it.


You’re right. They’ll probably deliver the headset. Questions are: when and what quality.


no offense but that’s just nonsense. If they let Xunshu dedicate 5 minutes of her time each week to update us, how is that going to take time away from the project? And Pimax perfectionists? LOL. They must then be REALLY unhappy with the Pimax 4k, since it’s so far from perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my 4k but come on, it’s very very far from perfect.


My point here is that physically it seems like it is possible to do there’s certainly someone there that has fingers that can be applied to a keyboard. But I’m honestly speaking from personal experience as far as personality types. That they may be and there are signs of this technological introverts that are extremely talented at doing things but not very good at communicating them. In the end I ended up being a highly paid translator for a mathematical genius to also technologically savvy investors. My teammates were simply not personally capable of communicating that well. Corporations are full of extremely talented Wallflowers and make the world go around.


Ok got your point, you’re basically saying communication isn’t their strong point. Well that’s probably true. Still I don’t think it should be an excuse here. I know, even with better communication we won’t get the HMD any earlier. But it would soothe the waiting process for sure if we could see some progress. And even if there’s no progress, just a word what they’ve been working on and that it’s complicated, that already would help. Just some basic form of communication, that the backers at least know that they’re working on it. Right now we don’t even know when they’re shutting down the company for weeks and that just s*cks. I think total radio silence is not fair towards the people who have put their money and faith in them. There’s quite a difference between a customer buying a finished product and someone investing money in a company in return for the POSSIBILITY of receiving a product. We’re much more investors than clients here.

And I’m not asking for a ‘good news show’. It seems that’s Pimax idea of communication: “In a few weeks we’ll ship the units!” and then nothing happens of course. No, we don’t want overly optimistic, unrealistic ‘good’ news like that, just a fair update of what’s going on. @xunshu


@xunshu We are all in agreement that Pimax should take the time to get the 8K right, however you absolutely need to do a better job of letting us know what’s going on. Do I need to remind you that all the backers here have paid in at least $500 on Pimax’s original promise of a delivery in January?. It was only after you had our backing money and the kickstarter closed that Pimax pushed that date out. We all understand the reality and prefer Pimax to spend the time to produce a quality headset rather than a rushed one, but remaining silent to your backers is not an option.
Even if you have no significant progress on the 8K to report, you still need to regularly report to your backers which problems you are currently focusing on, what your proposed approach to a solution is, and how that affects the anticipated delivery date. This is just basic business 101 that all companies follow.
If Pimax had obtained the same venture capital from other sources, say a merchant bank, you can bet you would HAVE to give them weekly status updates as a minimum, and also attend crisis meetings as necessary. That would just be expected and understood on both sides. Why do Pimax think we are any different? We are still your venture capitalists and we expect the same. Just because you happened to have found us via kickstarter rather than a merchant bank does not make the $4.3 million capital investment we already gave you any less valuable, or mean that Pimax can silently ignore our repeated requests for regular (i.e. weekly) status updates, especially when Pimax are already clearly missing your own stated milestones and deadlines.


Agreed; I beleive this is why they have a post for a marketing director/manager to help them with this.

As @jimh54 i believe said engineers often don’t report until they “feel” that there is positive progress to report. Which is contrary to what investors want; sure investors prefer glowing reports. However a report is often enough even it is to say they are still working on items & have not been able to mark an item as complete.

Several folks in the forum did ask about the March date for testing; however they answered 2 ppl via email with that being said they should have asked them to keep it under wraps as they are preparing a report to release officially to the community. This would have been received better instead of hearing it through a 3rd party.

The same with folks being enthusiastic about helping with testing. No reason to keep it hushed or vague as it is clear they have already made the selections but who knows what criteria was used.

Hopefully they use this as a learning experience & start to understand in this case critical marketing of this nature requires the communication asked. Simply be honest an answer the questions asked in a biweekly to monthly report. Its simple create a basic report & repost it with changes where needed; followed by Q&A to address questions not covered in the report.

Ie controller/lighthouse progress which has been asked often & returned only by silence.


This silence will not do there marketing any good in the long run.


I hope they really bring (good) news about the headset and also information about the controllers/lighthouses.

And they finally set a deadline for some issues. For example, if so far they have not managed to reach 90Hz it is time to take a new lower step on that. Because endless postponing something they are not able to solve will not help at all.



@sjefdeklerk: “just a few words would be enough”. Sure, but only when everything is going according to plan. If not, they will be get tens and hundreds of posts demanding detailed explanation, why that happened, how they could not have anticipated and avoided it, how utterly disappointed the user is, etc… :joy: I think we need to be honest ourselves here, if they come with bad news there would be a whole bunch of users in this forum giving Pimax a hard time, including all the strong language often chosen.
And as you said yourself, no matter how good they would start to communicate tomorrow, that doesn’t necessarily influence our chances of getting a better 8K to any greater degree.


Success in the long run will be primarily determined by the quality (and price) of the 8K.


I really disagree here. Everybody understands engineers are humans and not gods who can fix any problem within notime. Sometimes things are really complicated and take longer than expected. So, quite the contrary, what I do NOT want is an ‘only good news show’ that’s totally unrealistic (which seems to be what Pimax thinks that we want given their unrealistic updates). No, I just want a fair status update.


I’m a backer too and I read this forum for months now… I always kept calm, did positive thinking… yes, I try to do this further on, BUT by this time now, I’m really annoyed by the information policy from Pimax. Thousand of bakers put their trust in them an invested more than 4 million Dollars! Think of this numbers and the people who we give our trust and money to are not able to do a monthly update? In my world this is ridiculous. This is arrogant and unprofessional. Sorry for the hard words, but this is how I feel. As others here have mentioned already, if I could get out of this KS campaign and get my money back, I would do. Not because of the money or fading faith, but because of the treatment by Pimax. No whining or whatsoever, but just my thoughts and perhaps some more bakers, that till today are just silent readers (like I was) could share their thoughts and opinions. I think it’s time to make a statement, even if Pimax don’t care about it…


It is not arrogance, it is not information policy, it is not unprofessional , it is nothing you are thinking of.

It is pure nothingness, no thing to show. That’s all.


Sorry, but my opinion still stands. Even if there is nothing new to show, there’s always something to say/inform!


The communication gives confidence and respect, Pimax for a long time that should be clear and treat their backers as they deserve.

I just hope they are geniuses and do their job very well because if in the end Pimax 8k is not a good viewer, I do not think they can devote more time to VR.


M1 update is posted
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@Heliosurge Can we close these old reports and archive as new update has been released?
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