Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


Agreed which is why i posted a link to Xunshu’s Op message in “Official 5k/8k” thread to make it easier to follow updates before messages bury the info.

Now I believe @Davobkk started a thread for questions about the update & will try on my end to help keep it uncluttered.

To this end I will ask davobkk & other users to help keep the thread clear of duplicate questions & discussions of said questions.

@Davobkk if you could update your op message with the questions pertaining to the update. In tge same manner @CryCoh did with the 4k wishlist topic.


I clicked like as I liked the attempt. The thread is already degrading though. The point was to keep everyone who is NOT asking Pimax for official responses and giving Pimax an opportunity to reply all in one place. Allowing others to pipe in and answer for Pimax is just more of the same. If someone asks a question of Pimax Xunshu, it should be her that answers and not someone offering and opinion or lamenting a lack of information or response. One place one purpose for OFFICIAL replies and the title indicates. All others posts anywhere else. Move or delete as off topic that which doesn’t comply.
I see your groking what I meant though.


You mean update my OP with any Q&A posted in the thread? Can do :wink:


May I suggest a way to keep a Q&A thread uncluttered. Allow only questions to Pimax regarding udates and their content or outstanding issues not updated as of the moment. Allow only Pimax officials authorized to respond to these specific questions to be post answers. Preface the thread with those 2 criteria and a state that all other posts deemed to not follow those rules will be deleted. You could do this and add the same preface each time there is an update. As an example when the next update occurs, create a thread such as (Pimax Update Feb xx and Q&A ONLY )
Mods -just don’t allow anyone to hijack the thread for other purposes-including yourselves. LOL


Thats a good idea. Essentially with threads like that. In this case @Davobkk created the thread. So my plan so to speak is The op of the thread will be able to have control. They will try to keep their topic on point & where needed can put @heliosurge or other mods if a user refuses to respect the op’s topic.


It will take me a bit with beingbon my work cycle but will post a method based on what i have said to help the community self moderate.

After all i am confident that this community can pull things together & demonstrate the best qualities.


Thanks Heliosurge for all your hard work. The fact is you have a crap ton of people passionate about the specs of this HMD. Were all here for the same reason!

Looking forward to the day we all have a unit :wink:


It’s kind of amusing reading through this thread.

My stance on things have pretty much remained the same from the start. I kind of checked mentally about a month ago trusting that Pimax would do what they need to do… I think people like sjefdeklerk are also important for prodding Pimax and helping to keep them accountable.

Where I am quite patient and will be with Pimax, (probably because i didn’t suffer through the entire 4k saga),I tend to think it is good that there are people who are passionate enough to push for as much quality as possible out of the situation. None of this really is unexpected for me.

Which is why I won’t criticize people on the forum who have technical knowledge keeping Pimax in check during this production process. As it saves me from having to worry about it and spend my energies elsewhere worrying about other things.

The moderators on here have invested a lot of time and effort into helping the community as well as Pimax. So thanks.


@brian91292 Your attitude of helping Pimax gloss over the issues instead of holding them accountable for answers is nice and peecee and all, but absolutely contrary to getting us a good product. Your statement that we should just wait and see what they ship before we react is beyond ridiculous. By then it will be WAY too late for Pimax to actually do anything concrete about resolving any remaining hardware issues that they mistakenly believed would be undetected or considered acceptable compromise by most customers, but customers actually see as serious. Do you really think they would recall and redesign nearly 6000 shipped headsets at their expense? no of course not. We’ll obviously be stuck with whatever they send out first, so it had better be right the first time. Pimax’s V5 prototype at CES showed several surprisingly significant issues remaining, yet the only remaining engineering step in their plan for M1 disclosed this week is called “fine tuning”. By its name only (because thats still all Pimax will tell us) worryingly doesn’t sound at all likely to cover addressing any issues big enough to need any further redesign work (i.,e. anything significant). The one comment you made that makes any sense at all is that we are indeed at Pimax’s mercy, however they do seem to be taking notice of user input, so we NEED to provide it to them NOW, not be all sheeplike and coy for stupid perceived etiquette reasons, and only provide feedback after delivery, when it would be clearly way TOO LATE for Pimax to do anything real. Lets not let Pimax repeat the same crap approach/mistakes they already did with their 4K headset. If Pimax want to do anything to dispell these very real and legitimate concerns most people have, they could easily be far more open/specific, yet they continue to only give high-level vague management speak, no matter how many people repeatedly ask them for specific details. That alone is more than enough to raise significant red flags to anyone with any actual professional engineering experience (more than 35 years in my case).



  1. 6000 backers is alot more than 6000 headsets.

  2. Criticizing someone for being supportive is not “glossing” over the issues. Both @sjefdeklerk & @brian91292 are both correct with their respected perspectives.

Both make valid points. PiMax is still prototyping & have yet to say something along the lines “Its not good but we’re shipping it anyways.”

Yes there are things we would all like to hear progress on. But as others have pointed out that have back numerous Kickstarters that PiMax has had better transparency then most. Sure it could be improved. But experience is an evolution. Learning new methods often requires mistskes to learn from.

Sj & I often represent opposing viewpoints which is good as it presents 2 sides. Debates are only bad when we degenerate using insults to force our perspective.

Food for thought is the simple wisdom:

"If I could change the mind of 1 individual; I could change the world.


its always same guys, who come with their same BS…changing the course of the thread…you will figure out who they are


"If I could change the mind of 1 individual; I could change the world.

THats a self realisation in case you don’t got the hint…it is not about changing other people, but about yourself :wink:

Because your mind is a world on itself, therefore changing 1 mind is changing the world because how it works is sometimes your views are so bound to things you only see it in 1 way. Thats why sometimes when you investigate something in depth, your whole world view change on t hat subject. And if affect also your history and present and future at best.

But changing 1 other individual mind, doesn’t affect the world at best. So from this we can draw it is more focused towards the individual and his/her self realization and awareness of his own programming process.
Because world has a different meaning in this sense, not the world at large but the world of oneself.

SO basically first layer= SELF, second layer=others.
People always make the mistake its about first layer=others, second layer=yourself.
Its most powerful in its first form.

And the second question is .what change is it speaking about. Change in a positive sense ofcourse. in a sense of expansion. Because we can also use change in the sense of media manipulation…in that sense you can also change the world, but actually you can’t, because you can only affect those who actually are exposed to that manipulation. The rest are not affected therefore you did not change the world. SO in this regard i believe it is about the self…
so 2 kind of change, 1 is expansive in nature, 2nd is restrictive in nature.

Based on the building stones of that wisdom quote it can be used for good or evil. It has no positive or negative vibe to it, the person that reads it…depending on his own nature in heart will see it in his own ways. restrictive vs expansive+ self vs others, this is the combination that is hidden in text

Anyway enough with rambling over philosophy :smiley:


Truth its a bit of both. To influence growth in another you need to be open to growth in oneself.

But well said.

My brother for example likes to remind me of how much older he is and how I should listen to him. How ever he fails to follow his own perception when someone older than him speaks.

Open minds do not discriminate where opportunities present growth.

Closed minds limit their capability by being only able to see themselves.

But yes growth requires one to be open to change on both inside & out.


I might be missing something but it is clear that the update has AGAIN fallen short of expectations.

Whilst I respect that the update might be enough for some backers, I really feel that it adds insult to injury.

Some people will keep trusting Pimax no matter what and that’s fine and I respect their decision to do so. However some of us have lost trust simply because Pimax is failing to fulfil their communication promises.


No fixing and producing is more important than feeding trolls.


Okay, so you consider some of us trolls. fine.

But what would you think of somebody who repeatedly announces to give you certain information in a certain time-frame, and then when that time has come, gives little or non of such information after all ? Is that completely acceptable to you ? Really ?
I do not think you would actually accept this in another context.

If Pimax do not want, to use your words, satisfy our trolling, they can say so and stop announcing that they will provide the updates with details.

But as long as they keep on announcing to be transparent on development and to provide details, there are few backers, who actually think that they mean what they say and then expect them to act accordingly - completely weird, I know, but hey, what can you do…


I do not understand why there are people who bother that constructive criticism is made to Pimax , the people or companies can be wrong and give an opinion I do not think it is bad idea.
We are all in the same boat and can learn from mistakes.


I’d call them ‘a typical kickstarter person/company’.


Then one day you should reply to him,

wisdom has no age and foolishness also has no age, Wisdom and foolishness are attributes we as human can carry it has no link with age/race/sex etc. Some carry more then others, but better it is to carry wisdom then foolishness.
Better to carry a vessel with water then with air.

Knowledge without wisdom is like a a car without gasoline.
Being smart is not a security for not making mistakes , wisdom disallow one to make mistakes…for it deem it being foolish.

Sorry for my broken English, translate to proper English :smiley: if you understand the underlying lesson


Some people are unhappy. They say they are ok with those that don’t consider it a concern. Then stop whining at them. Take it up with Pimax directly. If you don’t like the response (or lack thereof) maybe you should have given it more time than money, before taking a leap of faith. Stop preaching to the choir. It’s is the church, with whom you have the issue. In the end we will all be in VR heaven or kickstarter hell. And the meek shall inherit the retail supply chain.