Pimax 8k with Nolo VR = Annoying yaw drift



There have been only two hope for me to see Pimax 8k to be improved from Pimax 4k.

One was FOV and another was yaw drift fix.

I am pretty much happy with FOV but the drift issue hasn’t been improved at all even with the latest Pitool.

I know you guys have improved the drift issue of Pimax 4k with firmware update. And you even included the magnetic calibration tool in Piplay software. I was impressed and that’s why I did not hesitate to join in KS at early stage.

Please do it again. Show us your magic. I really want to see drastic improvement on the drift problem.


After changing my 8k for having a cracked case, the replacement unit has drift even with Nolo.
Is there anyone who knows how to put the center on your 8k site?
Even in my 4k I didn’t have that annoying drift that I have now.
@Doman.Chen @Heliosurge

I hope it’s not a hmd defect.
A little help please.


Have you tried Recenter? Also if you can submit a support request.

Nolo can be wuite tempormental


I just upgraded my good old P4k to P5k XR and drift unfortunately is about the same :frowning:


I’ve managed to resolve the drift thanks to a Vive lighthouse.