Pimax 8K-X - Can we get a solid mesh between the lenses to prevent light leakage?



Hopefully it’s not too late to request this, but I noticed most HMDs seem to have “eye tubes” that keep light contained:

Pimax, on the other hand, obviously can’t do this due to the huge lenses, so my 5K+ seems to “leak” light:

You can see there’s a space between the lenses and screen, so we’re losing some light/vibrancy due to the super thin mesh. The Valve Index looks so much better since the light gets directed right into my eyes.

I hope the 8K-X has a solid mesh so we don’t lose any brightness/light.

I am an 8K-X backer, btw. Looking forward to @Sweviver’s review!


Interesting find. I must admit ive never noticed that open space between the lens inserts and the surrounding plastics but now I see it. I wonder though if it really makes any difference. I need to do some tests.
Also I will forward this to the devs, thanks!


Just noticed the same thing yesterday! And it goes both way il you play in a very bright environment light goes in by the nose interstices reducing effective brightness and contrast specially true in dark scenes…


I just thought of cutting out cardboard or something to fit inside and around the lenses to see the difference. I eventually just got used to the brightness but now with the Index (sorry about yours, hopefully you’ll have it soon) in hand I started wondering what could make the Pimax better.


Do you like the index?


i can literally see the left picture with my right eye trough the mesh :crazy_face::


Not an issue for me with the Pimax 8K

Maybe a 5K problem.


I’ll go out on a limb a bit, and guess this could maybe be particularly noticeable to users with high IPD (…and/or large noses), who stretch the fabric more… :7


I do like the Index besides the awful glare in some games. The FOV is decent enough but more is always better so I hope the 8K-X does the job well enough.

I think a big thing is the lower persistence. I no longer feel weird after playing Distance for a while. I can see roads whizzing by more clearly at 80Hz on Index vs Pimax at 90Hz. Things seem a bit more lively on Index.

120Hz does make things a bit smoother. It’s tough for me to see the difference between 120 and 144 unless I’m going down from 144 to 120 after playing a fast paced game like Beat Saber for an hour at 144. 90 starts to look rough if playing at 144 for a long time, so I try not to use those modes since it won’t work well for all games due to performance. I can easily see the difference going down to 72Hz on the Quest too.


Definitely, but considering there’s still a gap I think everyone will lose a bit.


I am quite surprised to learn there is no dividing wall between the screens - I was convinced there was, but…

What is this gap you speak of, exactly? I just read your OP and find this unclear, as well as what light and vibrancy is being lost, precisely, and what you feel is being directed into one’s eyes with the index but not the p8k/5k…?

(EDIT: I had missed that whole OP thing, and just responded, at first, to the matter of the thread title, regarding light leaking though the “silk stockings”. :7 )


how is the picture from the index compared to the pimax?


Index is pretty crisp even at 100% SS in Steam. I’d say the Index is also brighter with better colors too, although I haven’t messed with the newest beta yet. The Index really “pops” with light/color, and the lower persistence of the Index makes things feel a bit more lively too. A lot of immersion is taken away, however, when the awful glare shows up in my peripheral vision.

Pimax 5K+ at 100% SS is also really crisp, maybe more than Index (may do some comparison tests), but I can barely play any games at 100% on the Pimax due to performance. So in terms of performance, I think Index wins too, even at 120Hz (my SteamVR recommends 108% SS for 120Hz). 120Hz is nice and smooth and immersion-enhancing, but it’s not a huge game changer, especially with the glare constantly reminding me I’m looking through lenses and screens. I’m not sure of the actual resolution values, but I see 100% SS as the point where it’s close to “native” resolution. There are those “black dots” on both headsets, however, I’ve heard the newer 5K+ is improved. Mine are pretty bad on the 5K+.

There’s something interesting going on with the Index in terms of SDE/pixels. When I move my head, I can sometimes notice the pixel pattern, however, when I stop and focus, I don’t see pixels. I wonder if the dual-lenses do something to mitigate SDE at the focal point.


If you look at a bright white sky with the 5K+ do you see the pixel SDE? honestly for close objects I don’t see much SDE at all with the 5k+


I can see vertical lines, but not horizontal, so I don’t see a pixel structure. The lines don’t look like pixels either. It’s weird.