Pimax 8K X Order Status



I backed the Pimax 8K X back in fall 2017 and still haven’t received any emails about the release date. I’m wondering if other 8K X backers are having the same issue or if the device hasn’t been shipped to anyone yet. Thank you for your time.


Hi mate.
Yes the 8KX is still not released but its aimed for this year as final tests with the new panels are still in the works. I made a video about the new 8KX specifications a while ago, and as i have mentioned already, backers including you, will of course receive the first batches before regular orders/pre orders are sent out. I cant go into details yet but there will be announcements made soon. The 8K X is really something to look forward to, trust me :slight_smile:


Wonderful :slight_smile: I feel that soon I will use my 100 dollar coupon at the Pimax store :wink:


Thank you very much Sweviver! Love the videos btw!