Pimax 8k X update please



Hi. I love my 5k but can’t help be very interested in the 8k x. Could we have an update on any juicy details? Anyone else looking forward to the next step? Just wish I’d created another kickstarter account and backed it. I hope they have sourced improved panels.


Although very interested in a 8K-X version headset myself after having the 8K, I think we might let the project sit a little on the back seat and let Pimax deal with getting their current orders fulfilled.

Maybe in the 2nd half of the year they can release details of an 8K-X headset or what their plans for the next gen are. I would be more than all ears but for now, keep developing BrainWarp and improving PiTool so that piserver is more consistent and less prone to corrupting the headsets displays when the aggressive power saver routine comes into play.


This is a very important observation and suggestion to avoid headset corruption and improving brainwarp, forwarding to Pimax.

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I would totally recommend not pushing the 8kx, unless you want a product that is still born between two technology world…


I agree the 8KX should wait until the right full rgb OLED 80/90hz 5" panels become available, and not sooner than that.


I can second that, especially since most of those should benefit the 8K-X also.


Exactly my fear. I hope they take their time with the 8KX and get the issues ironed out. Assuming they want to use the 8KX as a platform for their next upcoming consumer version (big assumption) If it’s missing major features of its competitors then it’s dead in the water.


Two of the three musketeers recently mentioned that Pimax told them that it intends to make the 8KX a true flagship product, better and more refined than the 5K+ and 8K. While I consider this good news, the two Youtubers also said that their expectation is that we won‘t see this device anytime soon, so expect it to surface only in 2020.


Ah so you mean they went back on the 8k being the flag ship and the 8kx being a limited edition. Good to know.


Regardless of the name, when a new advanced headset arises, I will be proud to have contributed to its birth by purchasing the current ones. For my part I would like an headset really screendoor-free, so probably with a bit less FOV


I think some of the information shared by the Youtubers on future plans was somewhat misinterpreted due to the language barrier. Plan for the 8KX is for it to become the flagship device. It does have refinements and some of the prototypes have new features.

As with any product development the debate is which features will make it into the final and should we go with existing tech for the data transfer, new standards (or both at a higher cost). On timing if we wind up with existing cable tech it will be “sooner” and if it requires emerging standards (or both) a little later.


What are the possibilities of an 8k being upgraded into an 8kX in the future? Maybe through some sort of trade in deal.


Transactional concepts such as trade-ins, coupons etc. could occur but the hardware itself between the two can’t be upgraded.


I see. Thanks for the response!


Why not poll the X backers? I feel like the pressure is off since the 8K/5K are finally released. I’m cool with waiting 1+ year for the X.


I believe Pimax roadmap on the 8KX is looking beyond what the 400 backers may want or be content with. It is no longer intended to be a small series of an experimental HMD, as it was at the time of the KS launch.

Given the mixed impressions from the 8K, especially in comparison to the 5K+ with its lower spec screens, it is clear that the 8K is not as good/successful as Pimax hoped it would turn out to be, and now they‘ll try to make the 8KX a truly compelling 2x4K experience. While the cabling surely is an interesting, and challenging, feature to be resolved, I would think that the big question is that of the choice of panels. Will they be able to get better panels than those used in the 8K ? Will it be OLED ? If yes, will it have an SDE as we expect it or rather the not so great SDE of the 5K BE/XR ?
It surely wouldn‘t harm if they got eye-tracking, handmotion etc. sorted out by the time they release the 8KX so they could offer it with all these neat features.
Wireless seems rather remote given the bandwidth demands it would have for the 8KX.
But thanks to Brainwarp apparently doing a good job nowadays one can indeed hope that the computational demand of such a device would be manageable with a high-end RTX card.

I would of course be okay with an 8KX providing just what was advertised at the time, being the 8K with the native resolution support. But if they want to take the 8KX further than that, I will be happy and I don‘t mind waiting for 6-12 months longer than I would have to wait for a basic 8KX. Having a 5K+, there is no reason to be overly impatient.


Yes, wait for development and better tech to be deployed in 8K-X. This including newer cable standard as I doubt anyone would be silly enough to buy one of these premium headsets and expect an older generation GPU to drive it. The current RTX cards and I would assume the upcoming AMD Navi cards will have the VirtualLink Ports on them.

If held off till 4th quarter this year, most likely there will be a RTX refresh as well. That and PiTool with Brainwarp will be well cooked by then providing a very good platform for launching the 8K-X from.


Yes, the X had better have actual 4k displays, because if it is the same as in the regular 8k (pentile-ish), they could definitely have achieved the same result with the latter, and its current single cable, just by throwing out the scaler, and replacing it with a much simpler chip which would simply pad in zeroes among the RGB values from a 2x2k image going over the cable.


It’s even worse, they could have used it as a panel with 2048 pixels horizontal, full RGB stripe, ditch the scaler, significantly simplify the design, image quality, run it probably at 90Hz and save a lot. Only Pimax knows why they are doing things the way they are doing them.

EDIT : Now I see you probably meant the same thing. :slight_smile:


They should have a prototype available to a range of IPD. It doesn’t have to be fully functional. It just need to display an image.

Tester can make a deposit. If they don’t return the asset, they will be charged the full deposit. You will get real feedback, unlike getting it from events.

And vary it by regions and ethnicities.

Edit: I would totally test it. I should be able to get it and send it back to the USA office…in CALIFORNIA