Pimax 8KX - 45Hz input, 90Hz output



Is there any reason why 8KX can’t have 45Hz input, doubled to 90Hz with BrainWarp?

Having the same 8K+ panel it can clearly run 90Hz, and can run 90Hz at half resolution (scaled), so why not half framerate (doubled)?


I thought this was a DisplayPort bandwith issue? Not sure, but as you say, if scaled down, it should be possible. However… refreshrates cant be customized besides the available values in PiTool, so I cant test that yet… :wink:


Bandwith is vertical pixels X horizontal pixels X color depth X framerate

but I understand the limit of my question, Brainwarp should be inside the headset, as the scaler, so not so easy (but not impossible)



They need to implement ATW in HMD to double the fps above input bandwidth. Nvidia has prototype 16000hz display with 60fps input. But fpga in hmd does the magic. Is Pimax competent for this, lets wait and see. Probably will blame nvidia for no DSC support.


Almost every 100Hz TV of the last 10 years has a framerate doubler, but I have no idea how much that technology applies to VR