Pimax 8KX Vision / 8K+ Vision upgrade program for KS backers details and trade-in program



No program to “upgrade” an RMA. RMA will just repair or replace a headset with another one of the same model.


Then how much for 2 4k RGB panels for diy?

Telling folks to hold off rmas for this is bad for pr.

Pimax already has a trade in program so work on it.


I have no idea what you are talking about.


It was said a backer bought a 4k panel to replace a broken one.

So 4k rgb panels can be sold for those whom want the panel upgrade. Many sources on prospects. Curious how your out of the loop.


I’m fairly certain we will not get involved in DIY piece parts. That would be incredibly problematic because there are many electrical variants of each device among other concerns.


Are you sending base stations to backers soon ?


Already have with a diy 4k panel replacement sold to a backer after he had one break.

So panel connection should be fine. Simple disclaimer save for those countries that say an end user can dismantle things under warrenty(which is crazy imho)


What about the upgrade price for backers who backed the 8k x but got a loaner and decided to keep the loaner? I was told earlier that I would be able to keep the loaner and still get to keep the 8k x if I paid the kickstarter price for the loaner, is that still being honored?


So we can use our $100 down grade coupon from 8k to 5k+ and the $100 wireless coupon (since wireless is no where in site) Also $100 coupon for not for filling the free eye tracking stretch goal?


My understanding is that there is no ‘opt out’ coupon for the eye tracking stretch goal, it’s a discount for backers. You either take the discount when purchasing eye-tracking or you get nothing.


Kevin, would it possible to implement a RMA upgrade program for those of us who have broken casings but would accept for a reasonable amount to upgrade to either the 8K+ or 8K-X with the RMA process??

It would be a reasonable and fair way to provide if possible with X$ fee for the upgrade. It would be sort of pointless to have to send in a broken headset for RMA when one is looking at an upgrade. Not to mention we are still uncomfortable about the housing issues on the old generation headsets which is what we might end up with on the RMA.

A $500 or $600USD payment and RMA for upgrade for example would be fair for a 8K-X


I am not a backer.
Can non-backers get a discount?
I also paid $ 300 for the controller and lighthouse.
Can I cancel the controller and lighthouse and pay for the new Pimax purchase?


They should rethink this


There might be a couple of people like me who purchased 2 sets of controllers during the Kickstarter. At the time of kickstarter, Pimax gave us two choices of controllers… I couldn’t make up my mind so I ordered both sets. So…can I then have both? Get one valve controller now and one sword once it’s complete?


Better wait for somebody from Pimax to answer this


didnt realize there was a thread here about this, I posted somewhere else so I ask here.

so if i back out of full package ($799) -> just headset ($499) then that $300 is included in the $350 you mentioned above?

plus $100 coupon (this was the coupon towards wireless we all got as stretch goal?)

what about the $100 for going 8k -> 5k+ ?

also When all of the confusion was going on way back in 2017 (about trackpad vs thumbstick), I didnt want to have incompatible controllers with steam so I pledged and additional $160 for an extra controller ,( im not sure why I pledged the extra $60 i think i was erroneously doing currency conversion for some reason)

so I would assume i could use the extra $160 i gave towards the upgrade as well. is this correct?


My headset is in pretty rough shape, dust inside the headset, cracks, snow effect of the display port cord.

I never really cared to much but It would be annoying to do an RMA AGAIN! the last ones screens died after about a week and I had to fight for a month to RMA it and they didn’t even give me money back for shipping it even though I put an invoice and everything in it all the details needed.

I personally thought the upgrade program coulda solved 2 birds with one stone, as I would like to upgrade but also need to RMA but I am not really wanting to RMA as it took forever the last go around and the headset is usable.


Since it’s $1,300…it’s going to be something like $300 discount for backers plus about $200 from accessories discounts. Still, that’s $800 you have to pay to upgrade to 8K-X! That’s BS. I should be able to send back my Pimax 5K+…MINE IS BRAND NEW!! I can’t use it since there is no base station and controllers being sent yet! I don’t need to keep something I am upgrading.

Let’s see if i can sell it, if not, i am going to be pissed.


I really think there should be an option to get a voucher for the HAS if you haven’t yet received one and plan to get the 8KX.


I have a RMA for my 8K too, you said during the stream that the upscaler has been improved, is it a software thing that will also be included to the 8K in a firware update or a totally new upscaler hardware only present in the 8K+?