Pimax 8KX Vision / 8K+ Vision upgrade program for KS backers details and trade-in program



Thats for a 5k+ swiched backer, but would end the same price for a 8k backer of course? Since we dont have this 100$ swap coupon.


Might not be a plug and play option Helio, you will need a new driver board as the pixel matrix is different. The power consumption is likely different due to the increased sub-pixel count so there might be differences elsewhere too. We won’t know until someone does a tear-down of both models and compares.


Wonder what they do with the unusable parts if they replace it?


We do know that the bridgechip is capable as it’s used in both. Also heard pimax was considering selling the rgb panels for diy upgrades. So sounds more like blurring things.

@sjefdeklerk in your 5k teardown were you able to see if the bridgechip was the series that could swap to newer model made this year? One version had same socket.

SDE Through the lenses MACRO: Pimax 8KX vs 5K+. Just a teaser!

Yes, we definitely need this option.
However, given the difficulties with disassembling the device, I would prefer to send my 8K to Pimax so that Pimax itself replaces the wrong panels with the correct panels.

This would save many backers from the problems of selling old and buying new devices.


It’s not an issue with the bridge chip, in the pic below you can see a display driver PCB connected to a display:

This will accept a video input and map the input to each sub-pixel in the pixel matrix. RGB stipe and whatever the 8k is using have been confirmed to be different as shown in the following:


Okay mippi adapter. If new panel has same ribbon it should work. Looked into buying a variety of these. Also headset powered by 12v Adapter not usb. So really just need to know if the 8k+ uses same wall adapter like 5k/8k.

@crony has direct xp in building.


From pics I have seen front panel with screen swap not overly difficult but can understand some wanting a shop to perform.


Oh, that’s great.
Then we urgently need new panels and good instructions :wink:


On reddit a fellow I believe posted pics after making arrangements to buy a 4k panel after breaking one on his 8k. Think he said broke due to dropping?


Yes, it’s not so simple. Therefore, there must be a choice: send 8K to replace the panels in Pimax or do it yourself at your own risk.

From Pimax, only a service for the sale / replacement of panels is required here.

I think for a limited number of all current 8K with old panels, they could do it.


@PimaxUSA along with the other coupons, can a Pimax4K trade-up coupon be added as well.

I have a 4K I was debating what to do with, keep or trade.


This is only if we cancel our current request for those items though if I am understanding correctly. So we would be getting the new headset but would not be getting any controllers or lighthouses to go with it. Right?


Yep, thats one of the options


What we really need is MRTV and SWEVIVER to get those impressions and through lens video/photos up for comparison! Otherwise this is all academic:) Instead Sebastian is live streaming hours of boring oculus connect conference haha while they play with the new vision headsets, if you can’t tell, I’m jealous that they already have them to play with!


To be honest
According the difference between 5k+ and 8k and their spec, the 8K+ is going to be amazing, I want one even before any reviews. And I can make mine also :wink:
I could give up on every reward left to get one.



If I order from the store, can any special deals for preordering the 5k+ be applied, or do I need to wait for a different ordering page? My only concern is getting the 8kX ASAP, so I am far less interested in discounts than ensuring my place in line.


Thank you Pimax for continuing to push VR where it needs to be!


This is confusing.
Just make a webpage that calculates it all (that could become the official sales page when product released)


Webpage goes live 3rd week of October.


Maybe if they meet target date. It might be a hallmark ocasion. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles: