Pimax 8KX Vision / 8K+ Vision upgrade program for KS backers details and trade-in program



True, I was more meaning that the exact website design requested is what was promised to launch in October.


But will the store launch, and backer/preorder launch, be separate events, and if so, which will get us our new headsets soonest?


Well for those of us who have held off spending money on third party items (LH/Controllers) while we waited, then this isn’t a big deal or savings. For the people that broke down and spent the money for those items this big discount is Pimax costing them extra money in my opinion by locking them into the only option of doing the upgrade.

This comes off as critical, but I am not trying to be obnoxious…just pointing out I think their “upsell” here for the new headsets is really being oversold for those who had to spend money elsewhere and is no deal at all for those of us that have patiently waited for the additions. Not that we need a “deal”, just think the excitement is out of proportion here.


Since I’ve not received my kickstarter headset yet, I don’t have any to trade in.
Surely, I could switch from 5K+ to the 8KX Vision if I decided to upgrade - with a higher rebate?
This wouldn’t technically be a “trade-in” as the first one has not been sent yet.


Along with the other coupons, will a Pimax4K trade-up coupon be usable as well?
I have a 4K I was debating what to do with, keep or trade.


I was like ahem when he started giving the dates and deadlines . :roll_eyes::grin:


so the 8kx would likely be around 800 whit discounts if backed 8k>5k+ +100usd coupon ?
or what was the backer price for basestations+controllers ?


Agreed. So far we know $100 for voucher (8k->5k+), $150+$50 for not taking controllers (which will actually retail for $260). This is not discount, just redirecting money we already spent.

We don’t yet know what the actual discount will be, I don’t expect more than $100. But as you say we don’t really need any deal in this case, this was not part of kickstarter deal.


Looks like the prices of LH and controllers were underestimated during the KS campaign for a good reason.


I forgot about that one…it was another one promised long ago and I planned on sending in my 4K for it.


Yeah I’m getting worried because they seem to be saying that people will get huge “discounts” because they already gave pimax money for controllers and base stations they never delivered. That is not a discount! (well the inclusion of the additional of $50 they didn’t pay is but its small)
Also I would not be surprised if these retail prices are inflated and come down in 6 months after all the backers who are willing to upgrade, upgrade. How long will the backer discount be available? a month, 6 months, 1 year?? also they did not mention if you could use the wireless coupon toward the HMD (just the downgrade from 8k to 5k+ $100 coupon) so I thinking thats a no too


Your read sounds accurate; it’s more that it’s a discount of out-of-pocket costs, not absolute costs. So it would be perceived as a discount, but in reality it’s money that’s been gone for years now.

@PimaxUSA Is it decided if the Backer Coupons to be used towards 8kX purchases will have an expiration date, or is that still an open question?


Back when you could upgrade from 5k to 8k they said you couldn’t so I fully expect it to apply here sadly.


I think it’s better to move here with a discussion of this so as not to upset @SweViver :beer::wink:

In general, they promised us 4K in the eye, but they definitely did not promise PenTile.
I think even Pimax themselves thought then that it would be exactly 4K RGB per eye. Otherwise, it looks silly to make 2 almost identical in terms of SDE and clarity of the headset.

And they indicated in Kickstarter that the experience in 8K and 8KX is not much different.
This is stated on the Kickstarter page :wink:

But, as time went on, and there were no suitable panels, they simply stuck this PenTile there, no matter how silly it sounded :japanese_goblin:

Therefore, I’m talking about a compromise in the form of replacing panels in the current 8K.
(And if they had organized a program to replace the current 8K with 8K +, then they would not have a price. And that would be a very noble act.)
Because they have the right panels now.
And I even think that in the first place it was necessary not to release 8K +, but first to solve this issue with backers …
It just turns out that everyone who initially supported 8K has now lost. And Pimax joyfully announces 8K with new panels.


…and the connection between the latter impression and the former belief was probably bigly.

(I’m willing to give them the benefit of a doubt, believing they were probably just as surprised as we were, when sweviver shared 8k and 5k+ macro photos, and people began to count pixels.)


Haha oke i saw he got annoyed with it later on, reading trough the thread.
Yeah pimax did make it sound the differences where marginal between 8k and 8kx.
But as i understand it, they didn’t know better then to use the same panels on both of them.
And then the difference is not huge as you see between the 8k+ and the 8kX.
So they where truthfull with what they know what was available back then.
Now people who havent tried the 8k are saying the panels of the 5k+ are superiour.
As i tried both headsets i don’t regret choosing the 8k at all, as i liked it flavor(color,contrast sde) and natural feel more like several other people who own both headsets.
Would be great if it is possible Pimax to offer to replace the panels, just to give the 8k backers who supported the origenal kickstarter model the best experience.
I don’t know about the difficulties about that, certainly Pimax knows.


what qualify’s you for that kind of statement that its all exaggerated and you could just swap one panel out for another?
as far as i have read about using panels with some “universal” driver boards, even if your board works for the panel you bought you might need to tweak timings and stuff (in the firmware of the headset driver board) do get it running


you mean this?

he got he right replacement panel from pimax, he did not just bought some anywhere and it was the same panel as the one that broke
asuming from that you could just swap the pair from a 8k for the one in 8k+ is without any base
remember ces 2018 where came with a untested 8k sample where they just added some more back light and the additional used current from that ended up in unstable tracking, its just a example the thing might not be that easy, even if you get enough juice from the regulator, it might get hotter resulting that the headset only work for a certain time before overheating (depending on the ambient temperature)
messing around with passive cooled embedded stuff can be more complicated then expected


Anyone know how much for trade in on old headsets? Could be worth stocking up on cheap trade ins if one finds a bulk deal.


Well let’s just say a source said it was being discussed to offer the panels for upgrading. That’s all I can say.