Pimax 8KX Vision / 8K+ Vision upgrade program for KS backers details and trade-in program



On Pimax website it saying “average” 4K trade-in is ~$150


Interestering… @Century is the pimax rebranded Aukey 4k still selling for what was it $69us?


Yes, aukey 4K is still being sold to its fullest still, as far as I can see.
Apparently, they still do not think to close the shop, which is surprising

But something tells me, it is unlikely that Pimax will accept them for exchange (otherwise I would have bought 10 pieces :joy: :moneybag::moneybag:)

@Heliosurge , I’m all thinking, should I already start selling my 8K or is there still hope for a replacement panel? Nothing is heard about this yet? :sleeping:

(It’s just that it’s more profitable to sell now than later, when 8K + and 8KX are available for purchase.)


Well the p4k Aukey mighr be something to email them about & if viable by answer. Load tge shotgun son. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:

As for panel hard to say. But should still be able to get $500 on sale if needed.


$ 500 for panels? :woozy_face:
This is half the cost of 8K +.
It seems to me that 8K + with all the discounts for backers should cost about $ 600 (if you include controllers and stations in the discount)


No I mean 8k potential resale (headset only)

Who knows if they offer panels at what cost.

But backers should look into pimax trade in with Aukey as it could be a good way to recoup some of our costs.


Yes, agreed, at the moment this is the real price. But when will 8K + go on sale in the Pimax store (and will it be already in October?), the old 8K will quickly depreciate.


Maybe but if one can’t afford new 8k versions someone would likely consider the og version for such a low price.

Pimax actually be ready on time? Plus think they said 3rd week of Oct for things to start rolling & Dec.


Well, in any case, 8K + will appear earlier than 8KX, if I understood correctly.
And so - yes, we probably have a couple of months before the release.

In general, I hope Pimax will not be long to pull with the official conditions for 8K + and 8KX for backers. And they could also talk about replacing panels, if possible, or refute it altogether. (In the end, the new panels may simply not be compatible with the og 8K.)


Possibly but a sources had told me it had been on the table. So guessing someone advised again$t it.


if you add shipping, custom you end up higher ($600?)
if you can do the thing yourself that might be to consider, you can have a good estimate about what to expect from the taerdown @sjefdeklerk did on his 5k+

still a good amount of money and there might be a lot of people damaging this thin ribbon cables and demanding (cheap) replacement from pimax
i can understand why they hesitating to offer something like this, in the end it will cost them a good amount of support recources to help “unfortunate” self service upgrader’s

just one slip/error and it would have been cheaper to buy a new 8k+
might not be worth the trouble, but would be nice if they explain and document it like with “open hardware” so that a community project might be possible?

anyway i have a 5k+ (and can’t use it longer then 30 minutes before i feel funny) so its no option for me personal


Ive opened up my 8k headset twice & tbh i wouldn’t recommend it.
To get the screens out you are talking nearly full teardown.
From memory to release the screens you need to release the chassis that holds them which leads to removing all screws, circuit boards, uncoupling connectors from buttons & basically releasing the whole module.

There are lots of fragile bits which could eaily be irreparably damaged by anything slightly heavy handed.
Also dust or dirt getting in could be a concern.
You would need to be very confident with stripping phones or similar & i personally think some of the harder phone strip downs ive done are less risky in regards to possible damage.

Its totally possible but i think there would be just as many unsuccessful repairs resulting in damaged devices as sucessful repairs, if they started sending screens out to backers.


No you misunderstand. The 8k should be able to be sold for $500 used.

Screens should likely be around $200ea. 4k sharp screens used in Xperia & original p4k at around release to year later were around $100 while oled qhd screens were selling for around $200 at the time.


Which is why for those brave enough. I think many on the diy that are squeamish would simply goto an electronics shop that does this kind of work on sealed phones & such(reputable shop that is).


yup, remember the kickstarter price for the 8kx was $700.


Yes exactly. Here’s the kicker.

I’m willing to bet that on the lighthouses Pimax is making either no profit or possibly taking a loss, because they don’t manufacture the lighthouses, the buy them from valve.(I highly doubt valve takes any responsibility for Pimax making the decision to sell them at half price)

As backers we are getting controllers and basestations valued at $600 for $300.

So if you give up either, you are kind of saving them money because while its true that we are just redirecting our money, if you have any plan to buy their controllers you will pay twice as much if you sell now.

What’s also strange is that you would be redirecting your money towards possibly a near retail priced hmd. Not a backer priced one. (We’ll have to wait and see what this backer discount is)


yup totally underestimated. Most of use were under the impression that they some how got license to manufacture their own. It wasn’t until last year sometime that it was discovered that we would never get our lighthouses until valve said so, and with valve secretly planning to launch its own headset we were all screwed.

Knowing that they are just buying LHes from valve, I doubt Valve has any care that some random company in china promised people to sell LHes for half price.

It’s kind of like when oculus promised Doom 3 to all of its kickstarter backers and Bethesda was like “haha you dont have any right to make that deal, no body talked to use about this.”
I think what happened there is that Carmack overestimated the amount of power he had to cut the deal with oculus. Probably why he quit, turns out they didn’t actually respect him as much as he thought they did.


I’ll blame Valve for everything anyways. FK Valve.


Yes, today it looks like amazing deal, though considering the delivery is 2+years late (controllers), then it is not so great after all (I would not back full package if I knew this).

During kickstarter it seemed reasonable deal. V2 base station was supposed to be simpler & cheaper (here we have to blame Valve) and controllers were by Pimax, so $300 looked about right.


Care to explain the math?