Pimax 8KX Vision / 8K+ Vision upgrade program for KS backers details and trade-in program



Not sure. From what I have read about Oculus tracking (Insight) it is not that bad (compared to Windows MR tracking), but since they actually compete with another “camera tracking” (WinMR) I would expect them to keep the IP for themselves, especially if it is superior. Valve is not competing with another “lighthouse tracking” so their aim should be on the system penetration. But I can only speculate :slight_smile:.


I dont know, they worked with lenovo, so it seems they were open to working with third parties and prominently displaying their logo



So there will be a trade-in program for the new 8KX and 8K+?

“With regard to the products mentioned by Pimax Day, we will announce the details next week, including the trade-in program, order opening hours and so on”


Yes, as you said.:handshake::handshake::handshake:


Wow, my heart skipped a beat reading that :heart_eyes:


Wow i really hope thats true !!!
Thats not what the boys said in there pimax day stream!! I think we’ll have to wait till the 3rd week and see what happens!!! Wont get hopes up yet!!!


Thank you, @Matthew.Xu !

We may know something next week :wink:


I do not think we can give our HMD in payment.


Screenshotted so I can use this everywhere that needs it


I know, I had read that but kevin pimax usa did the opposite.


Sometimes the translation is not exactly correct, this might be the case.


The trade in program can be like “and you get to keep your existing headset!”

As he said.


That is not a trade in… In a trade in you actually trade in the thing… :stuck_out_tongue:


Read risa’s post above.


you mean he wrote trade-in but ment we sell you a new…? :smiley:


Yes, with a backer discount. Like Kevin said.
But who knows, maybe there really IS a trade in program COMING UP. Let’s hope.

Actually @PimaxUSA can you clear this matter which way is it, can we really trade in our existing headsets?


Trade-in your basestations for coupons?


A right that is actually a trade in…


Or trade your money in to a new headset


Is there a language barrier miscommunication type thing going on that will cause disappointment or is Pimax actually going to accept backers headsets(Tradein) to give them a further discount.

Please confirm to avoid further disappointment.