Pimax 8KX Vision / 8K+ Vision upgrade program for KS backers details and trade-in program



Sigh, haven’t we been here too many times before? Take a potential misunderstanding and try to use it as ‘proof’ of what Pimax are promising? And then get angry when it turns out to not be the case?

Confirmation from Pimax is always welcome, but until I hear otherwise I’m sticking with what I heard from Martin and Kevin


It can be that or another kind of trade-in like basestations/controllers etc.

@matthew.xu - I have a question, I added one base station for my KS pledge, but I don’t need it and would like to use this money towards 8KX upgrade. Do I need to contact helpdesk ASAP to cancel the delivery of base station or better wait until the announcement next week?


dude, you’re starting another communication problem, I wouldn’t use this quote as proof of any promises. He probably read “trade-in” wrong and meant you give us cash and you keep your 5k.

This language barrier and misreading of words is what got Pimax in trouble in the first place making promises that they couldn’t keep.

I seriously doubt there is a trade-in program , don’t get your hopes up. @Matthew.Xu obviously misread your question…(or did he? Matthew please confirm)


Please wait until the announcement next week. Thanks.


Next week, can we get some kind of counter maybe?


Please trust me in the Forum!


Thank you, @Matthew.Xu!


We trust you Matthew but please be careful of what you say. Even you might be misinformed sometimes. (maybe)


I think that is his way of talking about the return of loaner headsets to receive your 8kX not a program where you trade-in your headset and get a credit for it against a new one etc.

A while back we did have discussions about that type of offering but the logistics and personnel commitment would have been more than daunting.


How’s the website coming along? Getting close to ready for primetime? I’m excited to see my exact options for a potential 8kX purchase.


Same here. There’s been no mention for us that ordered just 1 base station as a add on???


So not a trade in “as you said” and “trust me” on the forum but, in fact, Matthews posts should read read “No trade in at all” and “Im probably lying and/or wrong” ?


It’s not a trade-in if you can keep your existing headset.


Trade in does not mean a return of a loaner… At least for my understanding a loaner isn’t even a paid unit…

It would be great if the communication was clearer…


I would not go that far, I think it falls into the “cultural differences” category. Which is exactly why we need PimaxUSA and Sweviver to translate it into clear statements without several possible interpretations.


LOL Oh man, this forum just keeps blooming misconceptions. I wouldn’t trade that in for the world.


I don’t think @Matthew.Xu was trying to say about the loaner units, they are not something 8KX KS backers can be refunded for.

Trade-in @Matthew.Xu was talking about can be about either KS stretch goals like MAS or extra items people ordered during the KS time, like handtracking, base stations, cable etc.

What I hope Pimax can do is to sell new 8KX/8K+ to KS backers using their internal manufacturing cost, not the market price.

Most of the KS backers are feeling like they’ve got not what they originally signed for in terms of panels/SDE and productivity. This is not a total Pimax fault, because of at that time there were no other options for panels/upscaler etc. (new ANX chipset was announced but not released, the casing was not mass production tested etc).

At least Pimax is trying to fix most of the problems.

And thanks to Kevin and Martin the communication improved a lot :slight_smile:

I think we all need to calm down and wait for next week announcements.


Let’s have the Pimax employees be the only ones making claims we can trust as they said.


Wasn’t making any claims :wink:

From Kevin and Martin livestream we already know there will be trade in program for controllers and base stations.


I can tell you that there is no ongoing talk inside the company about a headset trade-in program. We did analyze that as an option before Pimax Day and found we just don’t have enough personnel to do it. That does not mean we won’t ever offer such a thing.