Pimax Amazon US Store:Prime day and Giveaway activity



Yes, because Amazon set the discount several days before, so i can’t modify it by myself, don’t be worry that i can modify it anytime, the price was fixed, it will show by Amazon on Prime day. then we will go to find who guessed the price earliest, all post has the exact time


which one is your final number?


@yao can u be specific? I answered all the numbers in the range? Or are u looking for final number from each account?


i want to know which one you are sure that is the right one


$635.20 would be my final guess


final guess: $635.21


I said earlier that if multiple guesses weren’t allowed, my final guess was $635.21. Although, you told me I guessed it earlier in these numbers. Pimax Amazon US Store:Prime day and Giveaway activity
I’m extremely certain the only possible numbers are $635.21 and $635.17. The reason I think it’s $635.21 is because it relates to the amazon prime discount of 20%, which you said was important. If multiple guesses are allowed, I also want to guess $635.17, just in case. Now that I go and look back, I think I may have accidentally not included $635.21 when I was checking for earlier answers.


What a mess, as usual.


If it 635,21 - i will lose by missclick…
It was 635,20? 635,21, but missclick 1 ((


Ok my final answer is 635.20


635.78, just for the sake of it :wink:


Its a countdown to right answer now ? ))
But it’s 15 july already for me ))


Yup. It’s the final countdown dodododo


Timeline is based on PDT. Less than 5 hours left


So, you said anyone has an opportunity to win. Are you deciding the winner based on guesses made after that statement?


Amazon system will release the final price at PDT 00:00 15th, We will searching who is the earliest right number post


Even if it was a mass number guess?? Lol


Who’s the first one?


Congrats to @shinytomb post 102 !!! Even though the final price was not in the list of prices that @Yao claimed it would be in post 156 :frowning:


So, my guess 635,205 with 20,5% was right, but just a 2 digit after “.” ((