Pimax at VR Days 2019



Its now confirmed and our booth is booked. Pimax will be showcasing at VR Days 2019 in Amsterdam (November 14-15) and I will be working at the booth both days together with the crew. More info will come soon.

So make sure to be there guys :sunglasses: Looking forward to meet you all in person!


Thanks for the info.
I guess I’ll have to go to check out all the exchange options. :+1: :smile:
And @SweViver, please provide detailed information about what Pimax will be presenting. :question:


Please for the LOVE of VR and all things sacred. Bring the 8KX FINAL Revision EDITION.

Also make sure the headset has the New straps and Audio Headphones.

Basically show off as much as you can that is working.


Will there be a 8kX to try out? (Amsterdam isn’t exactly around the corner from where I live)




Señor, will you demo the Comfort Kit and maybe the MAS as well?

Can we test the 8K+ and the 8KX? :wink:


Unfortunately expensive entry fee… :frowning:


Ok I might attend this. How would one book an appointment with you guys?


I don’t know about accessories yet, but I assume both 8K+ and 8KX will be available for demos.

Yep, the 8KX and 8K+ are of course the main events. I assume by mid November we should have final versions as well, including the modulae strap and comfort kit.

Yes thats the plan of course :slight_smile:

Sure thats why we are there :slight_smile:

The previous VR Days, entry fee has been around 35 euro for both exhibition days (the last 2 days) The first day is the expensive one and thats only some conferences mainly for b2b. The last 2 days are the exhibition days.

You dont need to book an appointment. But I guess we might have a demo time booking system on-site, to be able to give people demo slots without making it all chaotic. I will let u know as soon as I know more :slight_smile:


You pay for 3days so its not that expansive and to fly and rooms are cheap :slight_smile:


Will be great to fianly meet you Martin, maybe time to test your reaction time :wink:


Hey @Heliosurge there seems to be more manipulating going on in this forum as some of my previous posts are missing .


Yeah it seems so. PM @Matthew.Xu as someone is likely deleting ppl’s posts again.

Need pimax looking into these issues directly.


Would reccommend maybe ss your posts so you have a reference for what was deleted & use support portal if forum offline.


Actually, it looks like I might be able to offer a limited number of free tickets as “friends to exhibitors” :slight_smile: I will follow up about this the upcoming days!

Haha yep, Im looking forward to see you man :slight_smile:

Wow that doesnt sound good… What were these posts about? Any specific?


I don’t know but it’s not the first time posts disappear on folks without being flagged. Not the first time these events have occured.


Has someone been naughty? Kevin, do you know anything about this?


Probably not naughty, but pretty salty. The usual hating suspects haha.


Waah you say this now :stuck_out_tongue: ? I have bought my ticket like two months ago haha
Well no problem lol, I’m very excited to go there again :slight_smile:


Well I was just about to order my ticket. I will hold out until more info from you @SweViver. Tickets this time are twice as expensive than 35 euros it seems .