Pimax B1 Refresh Rate


Hello @Pimax-Support or who is able to help,

is it possible to get an answer why the PiMax with sn 102 only has 66Hz but as far as I understood it is the BE headset with 75/90Hz?

I tried to get an answer in this thread About B1 with sn102xxx, but no response.


Hi, it’s a little different from Oculus Rift, actually the fresh rate may achieve 66.7Hz / eye and 133Hz / left and right eyes through our BrainWarp technology that is opened as default.


Thanks for the quick response @Pimax-Support

This explains it but I found this http://www.zozovr.com/product/pimax-version-vr-headset and here it’s states a refresh rate of 85-150Hz for the BE version?

Is this wrong advertised or is the version with sn102 a different headset?



Could we have BrainWarp in B1?


Yes, it has actually.