Pimax Breakfast Club Being Formed


Apparently Pimax is beginning to select and notify their early adopters that they will be sent M1 versions to test and critique! This is exciting! Some times it’s just as fun to watch and anticipate what others think about a ride before you get on it yourself. It’s like how sometimes perusing vacation information can be just as fun as the vacation itself.


In other news, I am finally getting around to an 8700k build. Parts are all in. But I’m going to stick it out with my 2x EVGA GTX 780 SC ACX SLI (LOL) and see what Nvidia brings this spring, and if the miners knock it the f off. One thing I noticed, there is availability now, but prices are just under 2x MSRP, which blows my budget. So I wait.


it’s been known for a month now.


Yes, but this is a video is current.


Hey guys. Pimax has not yet notified the M1 testers, but they probably will after the current Chinese New Year holiday. The reason I mention my M1 participation is because I have been promised that by both Xunshu and Ru some time ago already (I apologise for only mentioning Ru in the video, I was peobably just too excited…).
Have in mind Im a backer number 2 and 9 also, so that fact alone could have made it easier for me to become a M1 tester. I don’t know how many M1 testers there will be, and I know as little as you at this point. So currently Im just waiting and crossing my fingers we won’t get any more delays :slight_smile:

Anyhow, Im so excited and happy about this, and I can assure you I will cover as much Pimax as possible as soon as it arrives. Not only reviews and testings but also testing certain games&apps upon requests from you, live streams and much more. Im gonna update more about this as soon as we are getting close to the M1 delivery.

Also, the reason I bought the Samsung is mainly to be able to give you good comparisons between Pimax 8K, Samsung, Vive and Rift.

Have a lovely weekend all! :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to your videos, which is why Pimax should get something out ASAP. I have an Odyssey too, and so far it’s great. But honestly, except for that it is only 3dof the Pimax BE has the same resolution with better lenses (other than myopic), No Godrays. If the 8k does what they say it will it will blow the Odyssey and the Vive Pro out of the water.