Pimax business version ID


To distinguish Pimax business version with the consumer version, our designer came up with the following ID:

Video version:

Please let us know how do you like the design, or if you have better ideas!


Could you elaborate on the materials? Is it reflective plastic? Or even some kind of metallic coating?


same material with the consumer version plus paint spraying.


I think it looks good.

I’d suggest that you think in terms of future versions, for example: a consumer version of the 8KX+, a headset that offers 2x native 4K screens, plus scaler chips, for lower res when needed. One possibility is that consumer versions are always 1 color and business units are 2 colors with a lighter color on the top.

Assuming there’s no difference between business/consumer base stations and controllers, they could be solid colors (but matching 1 of the colors in common) to simplify stocking.


So, to distinguish the Business Version from the Consumer Version the designer came up with the that design… I am not sure to which is this design supposed to apply. As much as I love ironman, I don’t think that branding an entire line (either consumer or business) with it is a good idea. Those are usually limited versions. Also, that color scheme is not very usual and I don’t see it fit well on my desk at all. I’d suggest using the current colors for the consumer and maybe lighter ones for the business.



I would be concerned about paint rubbing or wearing off with business use being higher than consumer. I suggest something a little more subtle. Maybe a lighter grey top or bottom piece? Iron man style may be a bit showy for busines, Imo.


Hmm, that’s a bit of a weird design choice if you ask me. It would make more sense to me for a business version look a lot more elegant and neutral. Do you picture some big shot CEO’s putting on a headset like this at a meeting or such?

No, this design looks more like a packaging deal for a superhero game (too bad Oculus has got that already with marvel powers united :stuck_out_tongue: - though Iron Man isn’t in that game)

Unless of course by “business” you mean something like a VR arcade or such, in which case a more flashy design works well, it will draw attention.


It sure is a polarizing design. Personally I would love to have an 8K with that design though. Looks great.


What is the bulky extension on the top for?

Is your business edition mainly for theme parks? Then a two color scheme makes sense. I think that one is ugly but then it should be customizable anyhow.

For a business edition that is in use in labs and business presentations i would recommend a uni-color pale gray tone that minimizes the contrast between the light band and the body. A semi transparent housing could also look good. Different colors for the IR sensors wouldn’t be a problem as it provides some industrial touch. Don^t forget a big PimaxVR logo on such business versions, brand development is important there just as much.


Yet another USELESS thread with 0 progress made about the issues of 8k hardware/software and still NOTHING about the shipping.

Idk why @xunshu still continue with these manipulative threads…just be HONEST with the progress already, we’re sick of this.


Unless these headsets can be made in all kinds of super hero color schemes, I don’t see the point in doing only Iron Man.
It looks childish too and certainly not a professional headset. If I would be presented with this I would not think I was dealing with quality VR.


The same it always was - that is where the Audio Strap will be attached.


I don’t think you should use iron man colours unless you have some sort of actual deal with Marvel because it will be confusing in the market (not least because Oculus have the Marvel VR game on exclusive).

A better idea would be to allow business customers to choose a single colour to suit their business/branding.


Idk, having customisable colors is a nice idea in a sense; but on the other hand, you lose some brand identification.
though granted, the huge size, angled screen and illuminated chevron do already paint a pretty clear picture of “this is a pimax 8K”


Gloss white material + blue LED please.

Wherever matte black computing peripherals exist, you can expect there to be a counter gloss white. Example:



If this is for disney and a iron man park yes, if not forget this design.


Business edition ? Navy blue. You could change the colour of led when the headset is ON from blue to gold.


No, that’s the color of the vive pro. You want your own identity.


I would maybe only change the chevron color. Black is a good color for the headset


Yeah agree with the comments. If this is for actual businesses and not theme parks and arcades then change it into a less attention seeking design. Like a normal black or grey or silver maybe…?