Pimax business version ID


A basic single color design with a different light bar seems to be the best option due to the following considerations:

  • Production costs might be significantly lower than with graphical surface. And fabrication quality is more consistent.

  • The surface can be made less sensitive and more durable - as already mentioned by someone else this is very important for business purposes.

  • Maximum use for business purposes through neutral design - also the most suitable for co-branding.

The final color for business edition should reflect the high quality of the device itself and offering a modern professional appearance for any kind company purpose:

  • Due to the angular design the shading levels are particularly interesting and could be highlighted with a shade of gray. What achieves the greatest optical effect especially in different light conditions.

  • With black color the visibility of the Pimax logo is a little bit lower than with lighter colors and co-branding might look a bit dark.

  • The device might heat up a little bit more quickly - especially in sunny conditions.

  • The design of the Business Edition should be in the correct discrepancy from the final 8K and the 8K-X.

For an overview of the different appearance depending on the color and light bar I created the following graphic yesterday night. Although almost obsolete again - I am pleased that it may help with the current design from @xunshu to compare different color combinations.

In my opinion gray tones offer the most advantages - with space gray and yellow having the most advantageous properties.

And last but not least BIG THANKS to xunshu the Pimax team and all testers for your great efforts! I’m sure the final product will be a milestone for the upcoming VR headsets and the improvements made possible by the delays will probably benefit the industry as a whole!


Great work! Seeing all the variations makes it easy for me to say: I like the dark colors best. Black, then Midnight Blue (which looks a bit too similar to the Vive Pro, imo). The LED shows up best against the dark shades.


i like this a lot for business version.


Thank you! I agree that the light effect with the dark designs clearly works best. Depending on the weighting of the required properties also a gray tone may be interesting. Maybe also as a stylish aequivalent to the oculus go. :grin:

The similarity with the Vive is really there, but should be neutral industrial blue - was probably subconscious inspiration. :smile:


see this really works for me as a starting point in minimalist but premium. if you had done the reverse and made the whole thing gold i would have been horrified, but gold accents looks pretty nice.

its also economical.XD


That is a really really appealing design. Anthracite black with the gold chevron, hmm.
It really looks “premium”.

Is it then planned to have the choice of different designs when buying a pimax? @xunshu

[Updated1016]Pimax 8K progress update

those IDs are only for business version. consumer version design is standard dark grey + LED, at least for now.


Black and gold looks really good in my opinion.

The #1 concern for a business would be durability as these headsets would be in constant use on different heads all day long so that needs to be factored in when looking at design choices. If using an alloy? for the gold button, can you ensure it is just as secure as a plastic one etc.

Black and gold design could also be a good move because the users will treat the HMD with a little bit more respect as long as the materials (and chevron) feel high quality to the touch. A difficult challenge when weight is also a factor.

Also, anything shiny / reflective could have a negative effect on tracking so they should not be polished surfaces.


Thanks for the reply! I do think it’s a good call. Will no doubt make production easier.

Maybe later some kind of stickers or such could be designed (third party probably) to change the look of our HMD :slight_smile:


yup. i’m less concerned with reflections on such a small strip but it is definitely something to be considered.


The only fear I have with good looking mock-ups like these (and others) and then reality. Here the showing of the gold chevron looks golden en luxurous. But if the actual headset is going to have a light brown/yellow piece of plastic there, the whole deisgn could look way off and crappy. If you go minimal, the details become of hightened importance


@D3Pixel I believe is referring to more so areas where tracking sensors are hidden.


With the Gold; I’m sure the intent would be similar to chromed plastic for effect.


As long as its intended effect is correct



This design is perfect. Black is the best choice for a Business edition.


  • Call it PIMAX 8K PRO
  • Hardware is Pimax 8K-X not Pimax 8K
  • HDMI 2.1
  • Virtual Link
  • Pimax 8K mode
  • 400 Backers beta testers
  • retail 2019 premium price


I did not think of that no.

I was more thinking that a mirror/window or shiny surface in a room can cause tracking glitches with Lighthouses so if you add reflective parts to the HMD itself it could cause more tracking glitches than an object like a window in a room would.

Remember that the Business edition could be used for Warehouse-scale multi-user so there could be more than one headset in the same space which may amplify a minor glitch into a bigger one. I also think this is why HTC have chosen the rather ugly colour / compound they have, it was more about function than style.


Ah my bad. Good point. I was thinking on the idea earlier on paint thickness & metallics.

Definitely something to test for. On that note might need more of a White for the Chevron? Maybe with an outlined (pinstriped Gold accent)?

Would the Button be potenially too big? (Gold)


I think they just need to test the materials for reflective properties and make sure it is not an issue, gold being the most ir-reflective of all compounds lol. I assume that anything that reflects tracking data that is then picked up again? will cause a fail but I do not know the tolerances / error-correction involved.


You know, I was thinking. That gold chevron, that would be in place of the usual LED bar there? Or would it simply be the LED set to that color?


maybe you could for future products use some kind of golf ball surface with thicker overall material but thinner dents. It should help with durability while remaining light weight. It would also be less prone to visable scratches and finger prints an provide a better grip.