Pimax business version ID


You’re conflating two issues, the FOV and double image IS a performance issue for the GPU regardless of what resolution you choose, however once you’ve already rendered the image as a 5120x1440 image, converting (scaling) that image to 7680x2160 is a trivial calculation.

You may even find that with a 980ti you can’t even run 5120x1440 @ 80+FPS, so you will be running lower resolution than that, so you will be scaling the image on the GPU anyway and then the headset will be scaling it again to 7680.


it’s not like HTC would have a golf ball pattern, is it?
I guess you misinterpreted the scale by a couple of 100 times. :laughing:


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did anybody of you guys realize your are way off topic? This thread is nowhere near Mars related to scalers or pixel resolution or anything in technical details. Get your discussion where it belongs but at least out o here… :dizzy_face:


I think the upscaling Tech in the pimax (offloading processing from the gpu) is one of the most innovative features of the pimax 8k. I wish they had dedicated hardware that also did frame smoothing per eye done within the headset too. That’d be cool.


I did not mean the shape of the HMD, it will do (in my own opinion, at least).

My comment is about the tasteless coloring idea which moreover is an absolute nightmare if we think about it as any kind of “business version”.

It’s just the case when the coloring is so bad that it instantly takes all your attention without allowing to notice any other changes to the shape etc.

Iron Man is a great guy, but he belongs where he belongs. Pimax should leave him alone)


I am disappointed @SweViver is keeping out from Pimax 8K PRO project. :wink:


Ah, okay, got you ! Well, that is just a bit of playing around I guess. It would indeed be good to understand what the business use relates to - VR arcades, in which case colorful is fine, of rather general business applications, in which case the usual dull absence of colors seems to be the way.


Love the standard dark gray and blu led… <3
For business may be a programmable RGB a good idea? So everyone choose his color or do “eyes” with a “led editor” for the “Pmask”… :wink:


I would like to share some thoughts regarding colors on plastic like products.
Few weeks back I bought a digital piano, it was white, not black. I really wanted black but the store dealer told me “sorry there is only white”, but he thought that white is better in the long run. He showed me 3 different black digital pianos (they were made out of some kind of plastic I believe) and 1 white (roughly the same age). You could definitely see that older black pianos colors started to fade, and seem washed out, there were not so brilliant as newer ones. The white one, stood out and kept its look quite well.
My point is, if you want something to keep looking good for some time, it might be that white color or the addition of white to the product will make it look better in the long run (my humble opinion).

I do agree that in HMD cases, the most important thing is the quality of the mechanism inside it and not the cover.
Just adding my 2 cents.



Regarding the design for business, well, although I know that it needs to look cool and all, imho it is not.
I did not like the RED and GOLD, and what is this thing protruding from the upper side, is this a holding lever :confused:

Maybe I’m too conservative…


It’s where the headstrap connects behind


old plastic computer gear just starts faster to yellowing than the black parts would fade grey. Retrobritening with chemcials is doable but surely black/dark colors are better than white…


Damn that scaler should come into the 8k


Hi @George ! I will love to simulate an emerald version for you, but at the moment I am on vacation far away from my PC and am coming back on Monday! I hope you can wait for so long, otherwise somebody else is willing to design it for you sooner. Cheers!


@vorinami Please enjoy your holiday! My Emerald Pimax can wait. :slight_smile:
Relax and chill! See you next week again. :sparkles: :sparkling_heart:


@George thx mate! I trully am enjoying it here (Mallorca) and relaxing! I wish you too and every other community member here also can enjoy his/her time! See you soon (maybe even on one of those future pimax meetings!)


Here’s a quick pic…


Nice. Though I’d like the exciting play between the emerald and black colors. A bit like cat’s eyes in the dark.


Quite fascinating want photoshop apps even on a smartphone are capable to.