Pimax business version ID


Noooooooooooooooo. Hahaha. Nice try, but it is like make-up for a woman. Conspicuous eyeshadow is beautiful. Conspicuous lipstick is beautiful. But if you combine conspicuous eyeshadow and lipstick it is ugly. It is one or the other. Just like this. Or the color of the general design is making a difference, or the pattern of the concumerversion is the main eyecather. Not both. I like the earlier one.


Hahaha, i agree! Now i know better what you are up for! Let see if I can reproduce the effect on the smartphone…


@vorinami Why not the business unit xunshu suggested as basis (black/gold) but instead of gold use emerald?



Just enjoy your vacation for now… :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, I think you just nailed it :open_mouth:
What app did you use for that?


Hi! App “Deleo” where i just masked out the chevron an applied the same texture like on the second last picture. No big deal.but i don’t think you could achieve this effect with the LEDs.maybe if the cover had some texture by itself which can be backlit by LEDs. But i assume the chevron cover won’t be replacable, right?(it could be a weak spot while cleaning with moist tissues) @xunshu
But i think you could still apply some texturized translucent sticker over the chevron.


By the way, does anybody know if the final 8K will still have the multi-color LED chevron like the V2 had or have they opted for a cheaper mono-color (blue) LED for the production version ?


the light can be controlled by software.


thats awesome. love that you had that so people can match it to their pc lighting colours.


That is really nice! Obviously when you have the headset on you wouldn’t know :smiley: But when used in a place with other people watching it would be very cool to have the headset’s LED adapting to things going on inside the headset :slight_smile: Awesome.


Just to avoid misunderstandings - that includes the color of the light, not only the brightness, blinking etc., right ? :grin:


yes you can change color, but the feature is still on the to-do list.


That is awesome! It’s nice to be surprised (in a good way). :thumbsup:

Imo, it’s OK, if the “change color” feature isn’t implemented initially. The software can be updated later to support it.


Wouldn’t it be flipping awesome if the chevron could show your eye position after the eye tracking Module has been implemented ? :joy:
That would look so cool !
I’m really happy to hear that we will be able to customise that chevron ! :slight_smile:


Awesome idea! It’s useless but super cool!


Agreed, no functional use but still really cool :stuck_out_tongue:


it should blinkle every twinkle :wink:


Round the corners?


Nah, that square look fits the overall design. The rounded corner makes it looking unsure of its definitive design