Pimax business version ID


Chosen color (combination) also should depend on where/how you see the brand “pimax” or “8k/5k” . there is something called “psychology of colors” and maybe it should be studied before making final decision?

What do you think?


As much as I personally loathe omnipresent RBGness on PC components, for VR arcades I think this would make sense:

  1. RGB LEDs distributed over the surface.
  2. An translucent cover to diffuse the light (would need to not block or disrupt sensors though)

Then you could change the color based on:

  1. which team each player is on
  2. health
  3. service needed (like the call light on airplanes).



But… RGB makes it go faster.


I think team colors are a great idea! I’m not sure about more LEDs, though. Just the chevron would be enough, imo, especially when you consider that arcades will probably go wireless, with a battery backpack. No sense cutting runtime, just for some extra LEDs.


Indeed, thanks for sharing!


In case any of y’all would like to try hydrographic transfers, I found a DIY site that sells kits and supplies. Believe it or not, you can actually do this at home.

Of particular note, they have carbon fiber…


Flames… including Flaming Skulls!

More skulls…


Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have Matrix, circuit boards, or techno styles.


That is sweet! For less than 20 chars. Lol


The question is: Would a paintjob like this ruin your headset? I would be especially concerned about the sensors.


Indeed plus it’d have to be done I imagine factory side if I skimmed it properly. Lol.

But yeah paint pigment vs ir interference.


Right, you’d need to disassemble the housing and dip it separately.

If you could do a lens mod, you could probably handle this, assuming it wouldn’t block the IR sensors.

Time for a poll! :laughing:

  • I vote for Sweviver to test this out on his M1 headset! (Better get permission first.)
  • I REALLY want him to try this!!! (Who cares about permission?)
  • Meh. Who cares?

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Though probably better for them to try it out at HQ. Lol


What about making the leds multicolored? Preferably these colors in order…
Purple Indigo Magenta Amber Xanthic :smile:


So, enjoyed the vacations. Back at home :slight_smile:


I am glad you are back. I hope you enjoyed your vacation? :sparkles::sparkling_heart:

Picture is not exactly what I meant. :slight_smile: I said Business version, but instead of gold chevron, please emerald (chevron). To add now: please no pattern applying the emerald chevron into the business unit. :slight_smile: Just an emerald chevron. (in a chrome colored HMD… :slight_smile: )


Hi! thx, enjoyed it a lot. At home it´s very hot, therefore i´ve forgotten what you wished :blush: But I am still not sure if this is something you imagine. enough “Chrome” and “Emerald” for you? the last one is how it might look in a apartement environment (HDR) . cheers!


The chevron seems dark to me. How about…


This one. Definitely this one

I heard of some who say that chrome color is bouncy for roomscale sensors, but I hope there is a solution to that.


Unfortunately probably not due to mirror reflective surface.


@vorinami… we need to get back to the drawing board. So. Not chrome. Black and emerald. like in the chormy one? You already did one with a pattern. Do you have a business black with the plain emerald (no pattern) as in the chormy one?