Pimax business version ID


I agree with you.
What a waste of time and useless questions…
I am pretty sure that all titles are being tested by beta testers so really no need to “play that game”.
Then they want us to help them prepare the BE edition that will be shipped before backers headsets…
Her where i am we call that " taking the piss".
Now we will get all the sheriffs around defending Pimax progress…
I said it from the start i think it was my second post " we are nobody for them"
I think we are just a tool for them, kinda dumb people putting money, accepting false promises and on top of that happy with delay and helping with design/issue/test .
I can understand some delay, some consultation to backers and design improvement .
But i think at this point Pimax is just going a bit too far.


The way I see it is that no real progress reports can be posted until the nda is lifted…so until that time we either get these type of updates or none at all. And personally any update is better than nothing


i prefer truth (20 characters)


I know what you are saying but when the nda is lifted truth is what you will get as all the beta testers will verify or refute pimaxs claim’s.


that is the question most of us are asking, when when when ???
this thing is taking ages and if they are looking for the perfect headset then yeah…we might have to wait 2019 to see it .
If they come with an update saying for example, end of beta testing in September, well…i ll have to accept it .
But at least a date or something.


Please guys, you are not being forced to respond to threads you don’t care about or you feel you have already answered.
But please don’t just let your sourness pour out of everything you say. Come on, your existence on earth must have a bit more to offer to you than only the coming of the 8k. Try to relax a bit.

The current question probably comes from the conclusion Sweviver mentioned which is that they will not be able to propose good detailed settings for all the games so they want to see what the backers favoourite games are, so they can take the most popular games (for the majority of backers) and concentrate on getting detailed settings proposals done for those. And games backers played in January may have fallen out of favour by now (e.g. Fallout will have dropped a bit because once you are done with the story some will not play it again).

I know, you guys generally suspect that Pimax are pure evil and what-ever they do must be a plot to decease us. This attitude does not really help anybody, least yourself.

And, sorry, but if you have not understood till now that if Pimax do not want to give any update they will just remain silent and don’t need “delay tactics” a this stage, then you haven’t understood much of what has developed in this forum in the past months. And by the way, I think the kind of attitude showed off in such comments has actually contributed quite a bit to Pimax no longer updating us. Good job guys.


I have never heard such a log of shit in my life


Then try to not only be negative all day long man. I only see negative negative negative thinking when you post. Oyu must have something nice in life to cheer you up. Focus on that for once.


I’d say well said, but it’s too short a reply, so now I’ll say… well said.


I would be wary of a Disney lawsuit.


i feel like a priest just past near by…


I have a great life Axacuatl. No problems there. It just frustrates me how this company treats the western market. Iv’e lived in Asia. Trust me this is classic business mentality. Just remember these people have 4.3 million dollars of backer money


And don’t assume that because we come and check on forum few times a day that we don’t have a life.
Can check forum from phone/laptop/friends pc and more…all this being on the beach or playing a set in Central London :wink:


I think it’s tacky. It makes the headset look like a (cheap) child’s toy. Sprayed paint should not be used at all, colored plastic only.


I don’t think it was implied that you’re here too often, it’s that many are checking in and complaining too often. Point being, if you check in during the NDA/beta phase, don’t expect anything to change because it won’t. - Nothing personal just my perspective on what was meant.


I agree, I think the business version should be simply different. Just a minor color change to distinguish the difference.


If Pimax can’t deliver, we all gonna have a Santa Cruz.
Kickstarter always is a risk. Only 36% makes it true. You knew where you put your money and you know Chinese business (you just said so yourself). So, if true, you only lose your money you took your risk with. No big deal. You never risk your money you are going to live from. Right? Or you are doing business very risky yourself. Not smart if that were the case.

So what is your big deal?


I just want to see the technology succeed Michael. It just frustrates me this company cant get their shit together with all the investment. Xunshu should stick to social media. They need a PR guy to handle the western market. There must be thousands of expat tech experts there in Shanghai


if u read my post , the only thing i ask, again like many others, is … when is its going to end.
I don’t give a dam about what other think , my only question is, when is it going to bloody end ?!?!?


You know, I backed another KS where the developers had serious delays (talk of something near two years). Those guys stopped communicating with backers for over 8 months or so. I seriously though the project is dead but then thought, you know what, I’ll send them a polite email. Guess what - they responded but asked me to keep it for myself. And the bloke said that they had given up public communication with the backers because they felt that such an amount of inappropriate hatred and anger was being thrown at them that they simply could no longer deal with it - on a personal level. So in order to get the project done eventually they decided to work in silence.
In the meantime they have delivered the device (no, it is not exactly as I had hoped for, hardware seems to be fine but software is still flawed and may never be quite as promised).

But why am I even bothering to mention it, pointless anyhow.