Pimax business version ID


Disney is one of their partners


That’s the problem, you want an answer to something they don’t have. it’s an ongoing process, they’ll have the answer when they’ve concluded the (1) issues that need to be solved, and (2) the ability/time frame to do so. We can’t presuppose they are there yet and then demand a time frame it just isn’t the state we’re in. I get your frustration and understand where you’re coming from but these posts after posts of demanding an update isn’t going to force them to do just that. These threads keep getting hijacked with “update demands” and then the non-sense arguing breaks out.


I don’t think plastic should be painted, period. Mix dye into the plastic before injection molding. Otherwise within a few weeks - months the surface will get scuffed up and look terrible. Unless you think business users will want to look like the Rebel pilots in Star Wars (I doubt it).


The design looks fantastic. If your designed color id is based on a particular client’s wishes and you can match them in this way with custom design choices, I think its a great idea. Most high end computer builders like Maingear offer a custom factory paint job for an additional cost.


lol, I agree. I would go with the dyed plastic for gouges, especially for commercial use. They are gonna get banged around more. But again, I think less is more in the realm. Their concept is too over the top unless it’s specifically being done to theme-out the hardware for promotional/partnership purposes.


So Perhaps you should volunteer. That way you will get first hand information.


Make it look somewhere between a medical device and a copy machine. Business blokes will be less intimidated of it.



i was thinking in vinyl wrapping mine in white but a bit concerned with headset sensors and general heat dissipation .
White is winer for me !!!



This kind of minimalism would be a good direction to go in.

as an aside i hope to god the person earlier is wrong and the consumer one will be black and ironman will be business one.


iron man should never see the light of day really. It’s so super cheesy just like the whole character itself…


i agree. if its for a marvel experience its fine. if not, its a poor poor product design and branding move.


Iron Man is so blatently stolen, it’s insane. Are they messing with us now or are they really this amateurish? Or is the final product really not good enough and won’t be taken serious anyway, might as well appeal to the comic book nerds?
It’s too hot to be reasonable right now. This post makes me mad.


They are partners with Disney. They’re probably making it look like Iron Man for a reason.


What does that mean though?




Iron man had a lot success with teenage kids and their moms. That’s not the same focus group as the P8k. :laughing:


Assuming the business version is identical internally (i.e. electronics and specs) to the consumer version, why even differentiate? it’s just more production cost, for what benefit?