Pimax business version ID


I think this looks WAY too childish for a corporate setting. For a corporate version, I think even the blue LED on the front might be too much.


Licensing rights. You sell the business version for a bit more, but include more support like warranty, and agree for them to make money off of it. Technically you cannot make money off of a Vive without the business version.


Have you ever seen bowlingshoes? Now those corporate setting shoes are very childish too you know? LOL


Do not care about Business version at all. In fact, I don’t really understand the conception. Is it somehow downgraded consumer version with a bigger price tag?


Bowling shoes have distinct colors, so the attendants can see whether a person is wearing ones or not at a glance. It serves a purpose, and it doesn’t look childish at all. Bowling isn’t a corporate endeavor. It’s arcade. It’s there for people to have fun. You cannot teach a person anatomy using bowling. You cannot use bowling shoes to model a new car design. The colors above look incredibly out of place for a business setting. It’d be great for a limited time offer headset, with a joint promotion with Marvel. In a business version? Not going to have them - since no one would take my company seriously with an Iron Man headset.


VR Business is arcades at the moment… In my idea it is like bowling. You get some kind of equipment suited for the arcade experience. It can be as diverse looking as possible.


It’s not just arcades. It’s cinemas. It’s manufacturing plants. It’s medical universities. It’s explosives training. It’s military training. It’s many more. You can have your opinion. It won’t make it true though.


What do you think a business unit should look like?


Your making assumptions of what type of businesses they are supplying headsets to. I agree with you if it’s an accountancy firm or manufacturer ets but consider some of those businesses to be vr arcades…or vr theme park rides…if this is the case then the hmd would fit.


No. The business edition headset will probably have stuff like 24/7 support, and faster repair. It may also have other differences. Perhaps modules could be built into the business editions, as opposed to attatched later on.


I agree with a lot of you. The business version should look more “business” than a toy. Stay with the same black color and just change the ray light color maybe.

As someone mentioned, a Pimax 8K should be recognized as a Pimax 8K. Its better to build the brand for the growing industry with one solid design (as the current black is) instead of mixing colors. Too many color choices and designs feels more like “cheap Chinese electronics” for the western people.

I gotta admit though that I like the idea of a totally white 8K unit with light blue ray. Looks stylish! :grin:


black with the line in gray or white


Depending on where seems are perhaps a simple black & white with silver/gold or gun metal “highlighting” the blue chevron.


I don’t need to make assumptions. Having a professional looking headset in an arcade isn’t a detriment. Having one colored like Iron Man in a production facility is. No reason to halve your selling figures just to make it look silly.


Assuming the business version would mean arcades and such, white might not be a color suited for passing through many hands. Although I wouldn’t mind having a white headset myself


Hmmm you did see HeroVR’s 2nd headset? Its made to look like a Batman Helmet & you won’t see it in an Arcade. Lol


If there are any gaps (like the Rift has) around the face mask, white would not be a good colour to have as it will be distracting inside the HMD if visible…


I originally commented with this 23 hrs. ago

The design looks fantastic. If your designed color id is based on a particular client’s wishes and you can match them in this way with custom design choices, I think its a great idea. Most high end computer builders like Maingear offer a custom factory paint job for an additional cost.


I think the iron man idea was more of a hoax to get people discussing. All comprehensive arguments against it have already been brought up. I actually do not care, they can make it pink with cute elephants on it, would be same of a good idea :joy::joy:. Kinda question their marketing capabilities though. Someone here in the forum came up with many ideas and posted pictures, some of them even brilliant. If that was their best idea then mazal tov.


Is this design for a specific company? Disney perhaps, or is it for all the business edition headsets?