Pimax business version ID



My God, @vorinami, yours are truly worth extra money! I would pay more to have mine in any of your recent designs in this thread. They really add value to the headset.

I’m also amazed at your photoshop skills, or are these 3D renders?





Thx ,mate! 3d modelling in zbrush and texturing in substance painter, as @destraudo said.


Hahaha! I thought it too awkward, so I removed it. Doesn’t really add up to the chevron. But in an Alice in wonderland approach… :slight_smile:




@Pimel: “Horizon”


Looks like the Nokia approach may be a way to go: protective and decorative sleeves that fit over the regular shell.


Matrix style anyone?


Maybe Pimax should go Apple and Samsung on this. That means: only 2 or 3 basic colors and let third party make the shiny divers covers.


Whether paint or sleeves have to be careful it doesn’t interfere with trackinf sensors



My gf remarked that it should be women who decide on the outer design as they’ll be the ones having to look at the outside the most :grin:


Hope you like looking like a character from Barbie with your pink floral headawt. :scream::joy:


she might like this Version :grin:


She does. But she’s not big on pink fortunately


so then maybe more into this version?


Haha doubtful. Way too techie