Pimax business version ID


Yeah but who’s going to be wearing it. Lol


These wild designs are not as hard to produce as you might imagine. Perhaps, one day, Pimax would offer a selection of fancy paintjobs… Here’s how it’s done…


Jup, was the first thing I thought of when I posted the colored images with black backgrounds. Like motor helmets, just dip them and anything can be applied. Would be costly though


Holy sh*t I NEED that one! :heart:


and if you get shot the chevron lights up red


I see it clearly right in front of me, and I like the idea :sunglasses:


OMG Pimax MUST reply to your work! @Heliosurge any chance to forward this? I mean it’s obvious that they should consider some of the designs at least appreciate that someone has done the work for them!


I was wondering if a rougher surface for some future iterations would be beneficial for safer grip before you put the headset on. on the otherside I am not sure about impact on the sensors/tracking. on the other side. this kind of Surface would be much harder to achieve and need new tooling for sure.( therefor “for some future iterations” :wink: )


@vorinami Nicely done. As always. I dunno. Isn’t that design going to get dusty soonish? Just spitballing here. Cleaning might be harder in arcades. But stylish nonetheless. The colorschemes are fine. Maybe add the color silver/grey/chrome into the fray? Still with teal chevron of course.


aren´t we getting a nice case as additionoal goodie for keeping our HMD clean ? @PimaxVR :grin:


with Chrome or Aluminium effect


@vorinami I like the chrome one (top color).


I prefer material color = product color. To distinguish normal and business version make led different.


@xunshu will see when she’d on next


How do you like this as a basic design:

The best design is what customized to meet a specific scenario. Thanks to @vorinami, we saw the possibilities with the museum, cinema, luxury, arcade and VR combat versions!


I like it a lot. It looks elegant and classy, like a premium headset.


I like that alot actually!


Looks great!

Overall though would reccommend having the leds in the front rgb as the lastest craze is having the option to change colors.


Might be smarter for the bussiness edition to not have leds because they will generally be treated alot harsher then home units I think.


I was refering in general. :smirk: