Pimax Comfort Mods On Sale Now



Just a note for those wanting to boost comfort levels on their Pimax 8K and 5K. Our two comfort mods are back in stock and currently on sale. Further discount with coupon PIMAXPROMO

Product page https://www.studioformcreative.com/product-page/deluxe-pimax-strap

Apache DAS strap https://www.studioformcreative.com/product-page/apache-das-strap

Pro tip. Our Odyssey and Apache strap also work with the Valve Index. See discussion here: REDDIT

If you already own our products and want to show your support please up vote our Reddit post LINK :metal:


Promo code works with all store items


Are these straps actually suitable for over ear headphones?
Can i use DAS strap with a standard headstrap as well?
Any payment solutions for those whos not using paypal? (maybe selling on amazon?)

Want to try this straps with beoplay h7 headphones, fits perfectly right now, have much concerns how its supposed to sit with additional strap.


Hi Industria. Do you mean are headphones suitable with the standard Pimax strap + our mod (pic below)?

You can pay via Paypal or any credit card. Coupon PIMAXPROMO


Yes, talking about standard headstrap from pimax + Apache DAS strap.


I used it with a large pair of Senheiser headphones and they worked fine. They only sat up a little on the top of the cup. It’s not as thick as it looks in the Picture. A normal pair of headphones will be no problem

If you click the checkout box you can enter a card, Not the yellow Paypal box. Please mention in the notes box on checkout your from the forum


I used this with my Vive DAS on the Pimax and it works great, It keeps the HMD perfectly balanced on your head


Awesome thanks! Just ordered my 2nd one. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Made my order as well, hope it is worth it :slight_smile:


I bought one of the first ones. It’s of high quality and was well-packaged for international shipment. :+1:


Don’t hesitate to pick one up, it definitely enhances the comfort and stabiliity of the DAS.


Thanks for the offer! There’s no need. I’m not actually using mine right now, since I’ve added the counterweight. (It’s still a well-made product and I might yet use it again.)


Personally, it’s looks good. I like the second one: Apache DAS strap.


Matthew. Good to see you back! Getting ready for next month 16th Sep? My credit cards ready for the X


Hey man, thanks. It has been a long time since I left the community.
Yes, the 16th of next month is a Big Day.
I hope I can help the community better when I come back.


Have you seen these? I’m thinking about making a counterweight wrap for the standard Pimax strap. Been getting great feedback on them https://www.studioformcreative.com/quest-pro-counter-weight-wrap


Power banks are a good idea for counter weight as it can be used for wireless accesories.


Nice but maybe the price is a little steep…


yes welcome back, this is a positive change for the better :beer::+1:


Bump, I’ve got my strap delivered and its completely mindblowing for me!
Previously I had always discomfort due to pimax literally sitting on my nose, now its completely eliminated. I can move freely, jump and spin really fast, its a gamechanger for me, best price & value thing purchased during the year!

Highly recommended, very soft and works properly for better weight distribution!