Pimax Comfort Mods On Sale Now



Agreed, high quality straps from @Davobkk, I love mine


Which one did you end up using? Can you post a pic?

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks Sjef. It must be nice coming home from Cabana Club each night to play VR on twin 2080ti’s… Living the dream :slight_smile: :tumbler_glass:


I’m definitely interested as my own counterweight setup isn’t great. But, let’s see what headstrap announcements Pimax make on Sept 16th, as I might want a solution for one of their newer straps :+1:


looks like it’s gonna make it heavier/hotter on my head.


Yeah, my counterweight is held together with tape and Velcro. If I move quickly, it bumps against the back of my head.

I’m not sure what “it” is, so I’ll comment on both…

The Comfort Mod strap adds negligible weight, but it does insulate the top of your head and hold in the heat. A counterweight doesn’t add to the heat, but certainly makes the headset heavier. And more comfortable, because it balances the weight. That means less pressure on your nose and face.

I strongly recommending at least trying it. Just DIY. I taped 2 small steel wrenches together and attached it to the back of the HMD with the Velcro that held the Pimax cable for shipping. My counterweight weighs about half of the weight of the headset itself, 11.1 oz / 312 g. I haven’t made any changes, since I added it months ago; it still works great.


I’d reccommend trying one before making presumptions. Didn’t find the Appache Comfort strap made gaming “hotter”


I’ve tried both and comfort wise the are same, very good!

However , I think the regular one fits better with the overear headset, so I will probably stay with it. May test a bit more later.


Thanks for the feedback Industria. Happy to see it working with such large headphones!

For anyone needing one don’t forget to use coupon PIMAXPROMO on checkout