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This is a discussion about other HMD’s and display technology for VR

Pimax 8K M1 Issues leak
Removing the shutter glass
Removing the shutter glass
Removing the shutter glass

Are phones really an long term option to use as an VR HMD?

My phone gets way too hot within just 30mins.


Ideally I’d prefer a dedicated headset too. But if this phone offers things that the Pimax 4k will maybe never offer like native 4k support or better colours and mechanical IPD adjustment (depending on the goggle) then this actually might be the winner. We’ll see. I think it’s a great thing that the competition is now breathing in Pimax’s neck :slight_smile: Hopefully more competitors will follow soon.


Thanks for the information however while this is quite interesting, I doubt that it will be a Pimax 4K killer.
I would be pretty sure that it will retail for $1000 plus and so put it even above the Oculus/Vive price range.
Pimax 4K will still be around 1/3rd of the cost.

However it’s only a matter of time before someone does introduce a serious competitor to Pimax 4K and if Pimax is not out of the beta stage by then, it will make it very difficult for them.


Well, currently there are 2 reasons to buy the Pimax 4k: it’s cheap and it’s the only 4k screen out there, so it has the least SDE by far. Soon, reason 2 will be gone and for the people who just want THE best VR experience, the Sony way might be better. But of course that depends on how well rift-cat works in combination with a 4k display via USB-C, I think it should work fine but who knows, it’s yet to be seen.


I already decide to go with GearVR because it is simple bestbuy option.
I got running one based on LG G3 2560x1440 and EDtracker based on 9250 which is much advanced Gyro than it is in Pimax.
Also working on some positional tracking system and all of this will cost me les than 200$ and most importhant it is work with more games than Pimax. DCS for example.


How does the LG G3 fare next to the Pimax 4K when comparing visual quality?




Did you say ypu have GearVR working with LG G3?

If so thats pretty cool. Luke is correct tho most do not take into consideration the ‘flagship’ phone cost.

But it is a way to get the most out of your phone. Butvphone plus $200 is on par for cost if compared to Oculus/vive.

But on the downside the heat generated often in the phones is quite high. If the phone supports Usb 3.1 combined with wireless might give enough bandwidth for 4k (maybe).


DisplayPort over USB-C (like the Sony has) should be fast enough to do 8k @ 60 hz, look here:

I’m quite excited about this Sony phone for 4k VR, unfortunately the release date seems still a few months of, they’re talking about may/june now. I think this could really bring all the features that the Pimax 4k is currently missing (native 4k @ 60 hz support, hardware IPD, bright beautiful colours, better support/more stable drivers)


Thanks for the link. Looks really good! But unless i missed it the displayport is still output only like mhl & slimport?

Though 10gbs should still be decent depending on app & phone specs. I would imagine could use Wireless AC with usb tether


Hmmm now you’re making me doubt it :slight_smile: I think you’re actually right and this will only work 1 one way, so I think indeed it can’t be used as a direct monitor this way.

So then it’s indeed going to be the question if riftcat’s USB tethering is going to be fast enough to power 4k@60hz.


"Hmmm now you’re making me doubt it :slight_smile: I think you’re actually right and this will only work 1 one way, so I think indeed it can’t be used as a direct monitor this way.

So then it’s indeed going to be the question if riftcat’s USB tethering is going to be fast enough to power 4k@60hz."

Awhile back i was hoping that one of the phones would support hdmi in through mhl or slimport.

But i would imagine if you could set usb to tether video & wireless AC for sensors should still be decent.

I did read reports in one of the phone aps that ppl have reported usb 3 giving some performance boosts


You should compare it in all aspect for more correct opinion.

native resolution 2560x1440 eaqual.
SDE better to Pimax (that is only advantage of 4Kscreen)
Colors better to G3 (IPS display)
60Hz eaqual
Tracking better to G3
Games compatibility better to G3
Price better to G3
audio better to Pimax


I own Xperia Z5 Premium that actually has 4K panel (I think it is the same panel inside Pimax 4K HMD) but Sony limited it only to use 4K in their software (Album and Video). I had tried it (XZ5P) with Google cardboard (HomidoV2 and Bobo Vr Z4) via USB tethering with Trinus and it is good no SDE but really limited resolution and the phone seems to does not have enough CPU and GPU power to handle high resolutions. If this Xperia XZ premium can be use it as monitor (Extended Mode) with USB-C and Displey Port; now we are taking of new VR killer.


Well the disappointing news is that I’ve read that the upcoming sony is not Daydream compatible, because of the IPS screen. I’m not sure though if that means you can’t use it for VR at all.


Other upcoming competition, which should be released this week is the BluBur S1:

The headset doesn’t have 4k but does have a 1440p panel, which at least is a bit higher than the Oculus and Rift. The really cool thing about it though is that it has 120 hz ! This should stop the motion sickness (which I do experience with the Pimax)

It also comes with controllers !

Oh and it’s Display Port 1.2, so it actually CAN support the max settings (unlike Pimax). DisplayPort 1.2 does support 1440p @ 120 hz, even without compression !

Gearbest says it’s shipping it out next week: http://www.gearbest.com/pc-headset/pp_423477.html?wid=21 I think I might buy one and see how it compares to the PIMAX

*EDIT * it seems the Gearbest offer doesn’t include the controllers. I’ll wait till at least the controllers are also available.

EDIT2 I’m also not sure if Gearbest is really shipping out next week, weird thing is that on their website they don’t show anything regarding a release this week, so who knows … I’ll wait for more info, but this seems at least something interesting


At 526 and 25% off, the asking price is just above Oculus CV1 which would also include the controllers.

The 1440p/Display Port.1.2 & +100 refresh rate will be nice to have though.

Need total cost and availability date.


It’s quite confusing. Amazon is selling it already: https://www.amazon.com/GenBasic-3Glasses-DisplayPort-Virtual-Reality-System/dp/B01MQTZ6FM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488647358&sr=8-1&keywords=3glasses

But there’s one user review, he says he couldn’t get Steam working. Keep in mind this is also a Chinese company. I’m not going to buy another half finished product again, so I’m going to wait and see how this develops. In theory this should be an awesome headset for gaming but who knows, if this Chinese company isn’t any better at making software than PIMAX, then who cares …


The cost on the Website:


Scroll down, it seems like the asking price is $449.

Just read that review, well, damn…


Man it’s quite frustrating eh. The big companies that make decent products like the Vive and Oculus are not improving their product, higher resolution version wont be out this year. Then we have some Chinese companies who ARE improving the resolution but they can’t seem to finish a decent product.

I just don’t have the patience to wait :slight_smile: