Pimax Competition: other HMD's


Its not that bad.

P.s.s real gd sims also use motion platform. Lol


its not bad, but a single screen means you will feel like your watching a single screen while sitting in front of it you wont feel immersed in dirt rally or any driving sim really unless you can make your brain think you are actually there.

2 more screens would help but you still can see your keyboard/pc and all the other stuff around you while driving.

obviously the difference with vr is you feel like your in the car… you cant see the peripherals around you … i.e. you glance to your left and there is no PC - just the door of the car you are sitting in. at this early stage of vr the graphics wont be as sweet as a 4k monitor but that will change over time.



@Enopho agree with you 100% for immersion but in my opinion this setup is far more practical for rally where you have the smallest details like rocks that can ruin a perfectly good run. This is the first time I tried it since upgrading to the 1080ti and it runs flawlessly. Benchmarked average of @61.5 on Ultra settings 8xAA. Elite dangerous is a completely different story. After playing in VR there’s no way I could go back to a monitor. Tried it out again the other night and it just seemed pointless


Think he missed my point that having the extra clarity is far more practical for a game like Dirt. Obviously 3 x 4k monitirs and 3 1080ti’s would be better but this setup is great. Endless entertainment :wink:


Lol indeed tho really don’t need 3 4k monitors. 3 1080p or 3 qhd monitors would work.

But the headset is best for imersion value imho as like @Enopho said no foreign items in car/cockpit.

Though it does make it hard to see flight gear controls if you have the full monty (where AR would maybe work better)


Love you long time big boy


Here a new interesting headset on kickstarter:

It features 2*1440p panels. This is a headset aimed at movie viewing though, not at gaming. They’ve implemented a low FoV, only 66 degrees, but according to them that’s ideal for movie viewing. So what happens is that you have two 1440p panels and only 66 degrees, that means you have a very high resolution on the ‘virtual image’, the image you see through the lens.

This is exactly the discussion we had before (and that I’ve now moved to another thread). It’s not about the pixels per inch of the display panel, it’s about the pixels per inch of the ‘virtual’ display that the lenses create.

The SDE on this baby should be extremely low, much lower than the Pimax 4k:

  1. two 1440p panels have about the same pixels (slightly less) than an 4k panel (7.4M vs 8.8M)
  2. They’re packed onto 66 FoV instead of 110 (?) the Pimax, so that’s almost 2x better SDE already
  3. They’re using 95% of the available pixels, Pimax must use WAY less because of the soft IPD. Also for movie viewing the Pimax must re-render the movie to a weird format and thus it’s missing out a lot of pixels, while this headset doesn’t need to do that.

So very interesting headset for movie viewing, I might get one.

EDIT I’ve just backed it

EDIT2 Hmm it does have a few disadvantages: currently only LCD (damn!) and it’s so heavy that it’s not head mounted but with some arm … I doubt this is going to be very comfortable, I might unback it, going to think about this for a while. Let’s see what Pimax shows at the IFA :slight_smile:

EDIT3 yeah I removed my backing already, if it’s not OLED, why even care … Besides this ‘arm’ system seems very uncomfortable to me. Imagine having to hold your head in the same place for the whole movie duration !

The idea behind this headset is very good, the implementation seems quite bad.

I want the Pimax 8k OLED version ! :slight_smile: Go Pimax !! @PimaxVR


Kopin’s ‘Elf’ Headset is Impressively Compact, More Than 3x the Pixels of Rift and Vive


hi, its not official though, but we are testing with DP1.4


Also good reporting here


@xunshu You will need these features if you want to beat the competition headsets available next year

Can I suggest:

Continue to sell the current Pimax 4k at same price

Offer a professional model of the P4k for Middle price 500-600USD DP1.4 OLED native 4K etc

Offer top end Pimax 8K 800-900USD Many people will be happy to pay this if it works properly

You need to beat the competition by offering the best premium quality VR experience



No way it is overpriced. 375$ without tracking and controllers against Oculus Rift CV1 with 2 cameras for positional tracking and touch controllers for 400 no way. Even after Summer sale price for whole bundle will not go above 500$. Pimax only advantage is SDE everything else is way behind Rift. Diference in price is not exist any more, Pimax today is more expensive for what they offer.

Pimax 4K PRO I could agree and for 8K but only if they got proper 6DoF tracking implemented, controller is not necessary to have.


I really don’t see how a product that actually has 0 competitors in its own market space (4k VR) can be overpriced. Maybe if some new competitor like Kopin starts next year with 4k. But until then, the Pimax simply can’t be overpriced in my opinion. It’s just the only product with about 0 SDE out there and will always have its customers.


I agree; especially when alternative affordable 3rd party tracking options are rising.

Even without the 6dof. The PiMax 4k has its own fit with those who want high fidelity image (big sim like flight sims & such)

I don’t see it as overpriced & really often its on sale for $300.


HTC VICE permanently cut 200$.


Guys, what you doing with yours Pimax??? Content is most important. I dont see any advantages Pimax for new VR content. And now even 300 USD its not worth it after CV1 with touch for 400 USD. I prefer Oculus CV1 with supersampling 2.0 and ASW even in Dirt Rally. Oculus had just better support for oculus games. Pimax not support most new games. It is just Oculus DK1 with cheap lcd 4k screen. And i dont believe in Pimax after 1 year. Its not serious company.


I can certainly see why someone would prefer a system with good controllers over the Pimax with crappy Nolo. But man the SDE … it’s just not for me.


SDE?? And what? What you doing with your Pimax?? Immersion is not only SDE! In Superhot VR, robo recall i dont care SDE. Oculus CV1 with little SDE or Pimax without support these games. I prefer Oculus :slight_smile:


@xunshu do you mean, you may allow PIMAX 4K users use HDMI 1.4 to DP 1.4 converter and connect PIMAX 4K to DP?


You can’t fix SDE (Oculus/Vive) while the games optimization (Pimax) is a software level and @PIMAX-Support @PimaxVR engineers working to provide a solid solution for it with the upcoming software / piplay updates.

Furthermore, the controllers which may not be ideal yet, I believe as time goes, we will see more and more NoloVR like solutions that we will be able to integrate with PiMAX 4K.