Pimax Competition: other HMD's


Why nobody dont answer my question? What you doing with Pimax? Really, which games?


I have an xbox 360 controller, quite a few games you can use with that.


really? Which youг favorite game and you really play it long?


LOL what’s up with that tone, you sound angry that someone actually prefers the Pimax over Oculus and Vive. But if you insist, games I’ve played for hours are “The solus Project”, “FATED: the silenth oath” and “Project Cars”. And then there are a bunch of games I’ve played shorter.

WIth the NOLO I’ve mainly played Arizona Sunshine but I don’t use my Nolo anymore, too much drift.

I own an E3 too but I hate it because of the SDE. So I’m not even considering using an Oculus or Vive that have even worse SDE.


Okay I’ll bite. Lol

I still think @ $300 the PiMax 4k is still a nicer bargain. Sure it doesn’t come as a complete vr setup.

But i have said time & again vr should be modular & not stagnant.

PiMax only doesn’t directly support VR games that require Room scale with motion controllers. But there are enough viable diy solutions.

But there are still new games like Star trek Bridge crew that do not require special gimics to play (a standard controller is fine)

I myself have Razer Hydra that does work fairly nice for motion controllers.

Greg @ Drvr4vr has made diy options much easier to use things like leap/kinect/psvr.

The Rift is still on a temporary sale & its a dry debate as you know. What it comes down to rift & vive will have its market for now as PiMax 4k has its own market that prefers what it offers.

I know my preference will remain with PiMax as i like the better quality image & active developers that are listening to their community.

I like a wide variety if games like Ethan Carter VR upgrade (I am sure you know the one) this game makes Vive/rift users sick. Where as us PiMax 4k users just enjoy playing the game without being sick. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol


The whole debate rift (including controllers but heavy SDE) vs Pimax (no controllers but virtually 0 SDE) is pretty much like “what would you prefer, to have to live with only your arms or only your legs” :slight_smile: I hate SDE really with a passion but I can see how others hate that there’s not a really good controller available for the Pimax. To each their own.

Hopefully all this will change with the Pimax 8k. If it’s even half as good as Pimax promises, this baby is going to make a huge joke out of all other VR solutions out there :slight_smile:


Good to see Vive has finally caved in to a price drop.


Until something releases that matches/exceeds Pimax 4K’s visual quality, it will stay on top as the least visible SDE HMD even with it’s short-comings.

Some people are neglecting the fundamental clarity that the Pimax 4K offers over it’s competition even though it does not utilize the full capability of it’s display (imagine if it could/would).

I get it, without the “full package” (tracking/FOV/minimal ghosting/controllers). The Pimax 4K appears inferior until you slap on a movie/front facing content.

At this stage, it should be evident that the Pimax 4K was designed with the aformentioned content but when one strays from it, the issues arrive in droves.


What is the reason for such hatred?
If you did not like Pimax, sell and be happy.
Being trying to convince others to buy a Rift does not make the slightest sense, especially for me who live in Brazil and a Rift costs $1300.


I wouldn’t use a Rift even if it was for free, I’m serious, I don’t see the fun in a headset which such SDE and godray’s. But again, to each their own.


SDE is just too bad, really takes off the experience. While Controllers? maybe its missing…but always can be brought in by this or another vendor.


i actually used a rift prior to getting my Pimax. and for Elite Dangerous (my main game) the Rift made me motion sick when driving on planet surfaces, especially if i looked left or right while moving forward. I have never gotten sick in the Pimax… even been on planet surfaces for nearly a hour exploring and never even felt queezy.

the SDE is a bother… but nothing compared to the vomit fest i got in the oculus… i have been sick before but VR-Sick is a whole new ball game! took me nearly 3 days to recover!


Updated. Kopin displays expected to be released in a consumer version by end of 2018


End of 2018 !! What a bummer … I was hoping we’d be having true 8k panels by then. This waiting game just takes way too long eh …


I think samsung and others will beat them to it. Kopin are just trying to hype up investors


I think the only ones that could beat Kopin are Samsung and LG. We already know we can forget about BOE, E-magin and JDI.


You called the old and boring games of 2016. There are almost no new games for the gamepad. Oculus removed the gamepad from the bundle kit. In HTC Vive it never was. VR PC games are made for the Oculus and Vive. New VR games for the gamepad will no longer be (except for auto and aviasims).
I admit - maybe Pimax is the best HMD for Elite Dangerous, ETS2, VR 180 content, movies. But do you compare the same price for CV1 + Oculus touch with Pimax and say that Pimax costs its money even now? Pimax you pay for advertising?
Pimax 4k is dead, like oculus dk2, like CV1 without Oculus Touch, like Deepon E3 basic. Dead - then there will be no new games.
All potential new HMD without controllers are dead - kopin, samsung is just 4k hype. No content, no future.
With this you also do not agree?
I would buy Pimax again for 250-300USD as second HMD for movies, if they corrected all problems (ghosting, rotation delays and drift, lenses for myopic, edge blur, fishay distortions - too many problems) but they will not, they are just blind and do not see them and you forgive all the shortcomings.
I’m sure PIMAX 8k will have all the same problems. Pimax can not even well compensate for lenses distortions and good rotational tracking. How do they make good controllers and positioning systems?
With Oculus bundle 400 USD - only 200-250 USD - is real price for Pimax.


Star Trek bridge crew is hardly 2016 & there are many 2017 games that work.

As for games that require Roomscale with motion controllers; what we learned back with Wii/kinect/move = need alot of space to play. The above mentioned were at least tether free. & there are both 3rd party options & diy options.

& to top it off with Valve & oculus opening up their tracking systems opens the possibility of using them with 3rd party headsets like the Pimax etc.

So please unclose your mind from archaic comcepts.


I’m not hurry.
While I wait for the next generation of VR glasses (I do not like SDE), I keep playing the available games for keyboard, mouse and gamepad. If during that time NOLO evolves, I will move on to the “pewpewpew” games with teleportation, which frankly, for me is totally anticlimax. Teleport, shoot on some waves, teleport again, repeat the process, infinite loop. It’s the kind of game I do not have the patience to play.

I’d rather expect PIMAX8k, RIFT4k and VIVE4k (the latter will probably cost about $ 1000)


Of course, if you want wait 2-3 years. But believe, Pimax dont competitor CV1 and Vive at all, for sitting games only. Very simple test. You’ll never surprise guests with a Pimax, but with Oculus touch everyone will be surprised even short demo First Contact, Bullet Train, The Lab and other. Its just true VR - witn zero delay and full tracking. SDE visible only for movies and some sittings games and is better than Vive. And for most people who i know ghosting in Pimax is worse then SDE in CV1.
Amazon sends Oculus Bundle to almost all countries, just register in Amazon and check. My opinion, that with 400 USD is best offer now and i really think Oculus+touch bundle the best today even without a price factor. Best controllers, SDE in Vive much more noticeable than in CV1 and Vive dont have ASW, that i used in more games like Robinson’s Journey and Google Earth VR, Dirt Rally for maximum visual quality.
Its my video comparsion about SDE: https://youtu.be/0JqEXBkwZK8. You see that oculus blurring SDE more than Vive. It has specal lenses. CV1 has less visible SDE than Deepoon E3 (pixel in CV1 is 10% bigger E3, but lenses blurring SDE and you not see subpixels only some diagonal lines ).