Pimax Competition: other HMD's


That’s your opinion of course and you’re entitled to it. But what you seem to fail to see is that for a lot of people here VR just starts at 4k. I don’t see ANY fun in watching pixels, that’s just how it is for me. Sure, there are a lot of shortcomings for the Pimax 4k. But still, I’d take it any day over a VR set that IMHO just should have never been released like the Oculus.

I’m hoping the Pimax 8k will overcome the 4k’s shortcoming’s. With the IFA coming up end of next week I’m sure we’ll learn more very soon !


You just cornered yourself with your perfectionism. Have you ever tried Oculus CV1 + touch or HTC Vive, and how long and use supersapling or not?


I’ve tried my E3 which has a lot less SDE than the CV1 and Vive. I hated it with a passion. And this has nothing to do with ‘perfectionism’ at all. The Pimax 4k is far from perfect.


Nonono, You try Oculus CV1+touch or HTC Vive, NOT E3 Basic - is just rotational tracking. Real VR games with positonal tracking, roomscale, controllers - The lab, robo recall and other with zero latency positional tracking HMD and controllers.


I hate those companies with a passion, I will NOT support those companies with my money. Once they bring 4k VR (in 2 years they said) then I might consider them. But I’m hoping we’ll be having Pimax 16k by then :slight_smile:


Hate? Passion? Oculus and Vive/Valve give birth PC VR. You use Oculus Home and SteamVR, just delete them and use only Piplay :smile:

And about 4K, Pimax 4k its 2.5K and not have more detail then CV1.
Just compare Dirt Rally with SS 2.0:

Pimax 4k

The text is read in both cv1 and Pimax almost equally.


They gave birth and stopped doing anything after that. We now have 1440p OLED panels easily available why are they not releasing a new product ? And why does Oculus talk about summer 2019 (!!!) for their new product ? And they’re now even talking about releasing some cheap-ass stand-alone unit. Yes, I hate them with a passion.

At least Pimax is innovating. I’m really looking forward to the 8k !


Oculus and Vive use 2 panels for each eye. Now its only samsung 1200x1080. Oculus has less visible SDE than GearVR with 1440p or Deepoon E3.


So what’s keeping them from releasing a 2x1440p headset, one 1440p panel for each eye ? Then they’d have my attention !


All questions to Samsung, only Samsung make OLED panels. You know in 2015-2016 or now panels OLED 1280x1440 for each eye? I dont know.


It doesn’t have to be 1440x1440, it could be 1440x2880, even better to have that per eye, for wide FoV ! And LG is making those OLED panels too btw (and other companies like JDI are now moving onto OLED although that will take some time).

Point is neither Oculus nor HTC is interested in innovation. Pimax is ! That’s why I support Pimax and not Oculus or HTC.


lg oled 1440x1440 in 2015-2016? Proof please.
And 1440 over 1200 is dont big improve. One more about oculus - is has increase horizontal FOV, center of lenses not in center panel. It has increase binocular FOV. Oculus has most optimized FOV/SDE for his panels.


I’m talking about now. They’re making their own flagship’s panels nowadays (LG Display makes them). They’ve made a 1440x2880 OLED panel for their upcoming (next week) V30 flagship phone for example. So it’s really not Samsung alone anymore. So HTC or Oculus could source their panels either from Samsung or LG.


Positional tracking, controllers, VR defelopers support is not innovations? Delete Oculus Home and SteamVR or your principles are simply ridiculous.
Pimax did nothing innovative, just put a cheap slow 4k matrix. This is his business and 4k hype, but not an innovation. Where is real 4K with HDMI 2.0 ???
And now BE model with 2.5 K oled and Pimax write that 2.5 K OLED better than 4k lcd :slight_smile: Are you a fan of Pimax after that?


Well excuse me for loving that then.

Coming up with the Pimax 8k

Pimax is replacing all of those headsets. I think they handled their mistake quite well.


Now I suggest you go post on Oculus forums, since you love that piece of crap so much. What are you even doing here ? I’m not posting on Oculus forums how I hate them and their products … Waste of time IMHO.


I just share my experience as a user of all devices. I do not have the right to express my opinion? Many people there just waste time. All people who i know and who buy Pimax, sold it after trying Oculus + Touch.
Just do not entice your anti-SDE religion, do not take sin :slight_smile:


Funny, I see a lot of forum users here who sold their crappy Oculus and then bought Pimax. Oh and they also feel much better using it, less nausea, everybody says so.

Anyway I’m not going to bite anymore, have fun trolling.


You still dont understand? CV1+touch and just CV1 - is 2 different systems. Of course CV1 without touch is waste money. I compare Oculus+Touch for 400 USD and just Pimax 4k for 350-400 USD, you still recommended for newcomers Pimax 4k even you never use CV1+touch?


I’m not recommending anyone anything. I’m just saying that even 1440p is so much SDE that it totally ruins the experience for me. Let alone even worse SDE systems like the Vive and Oculus. Somehow you just don’t accept that I feel that way and you keep on trolling. Not sure why.