Pimax Competition: other HMD's


Sde clearly present in your cv1 & text is blurred.

PiMax cleaner & more clear. Thank you for quantifying that again. :v::blush::+1::sparkles:


LOL. @VTS Yeah just take a look at your own video’s man :grin:


Haha! Of course i see its all with my eyes, and not youtube like you:) And imagine I prefer CV1, do you know why?
Just all better with CV1 and with Pimax i just see blur in far objects, its just HMD for blind users with myopia. I have 100% vision and all who have 100% visions prefer CV1. Of course in youtube you see 2D images and camera focusing on display.
I really recomended Pimax 4k only for Elite Dangerous fans. Many text and clear image without SDE and godrays is good for these game. You see - i’m objective.


Actually its well documented that Lucky stole the ideas from that company on Hack a Day.

& if were honest one could say Google was more responsible bringing VR to the masses.

@VTS often seems to forget PiMax won the 2016 ces award for best VR.

LG SteamVR would be tge better look see than the Vive/Rift. Though if LG is smart they will one up their current screen specs & keep the price down(which of course is doubtful)


Okay I will bite. Oculus is sending you sponsorship cheques. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


Some people don’t care much about SDE and prefer controllers. You’re in that camp. And I can totally understand that. What you dont seem to understand somehow is that others really hate SDE. It ruins the experience for them, even on 1440p.

Haha. Did you ever consider not everybody is the same ? And that you’re merely just stating your opinion ? Objective doesn’t exist here. Objective are only your video’s showing the SDE. How users experience that, that’s not objective anymore but personal opinion.


I agree 100%. Though tbh although way to expensive a motion platform does actually really makes immersion best in sim games.

The VR experience i tried (believe prob oculus dk2) at the mall with the motion platform was quite good even with the sde(bouncing around helps to make one over look it). I would really likevto try it again but with the PiMax 4k. No controllers just pure experience (head movement).

While Chaperones may make folks a bit more comfortable(maybe 2 much). The problem with games that require roomscale with Motion controllers. Will have the potenial for mishaps like we saw with Wii/kinect & psmove. All of which you didn’t need chaperones as you could see things around you.

As for @Vts thing on innovation the PiMax team has done alot considering it has no direct 4k competition. & if want to lay innovation credits Sony with its Headmount system is clearly a win & AntVR with its peakaboo shutterglass & tiled roomscale is definitely another win. Google with the emergence of how good gps tracking is becoming another win for the tetherless ar/vr experience.

Vive & rift attempted to reinvent the wheel and both Valve & Oculus stole initially from folks who presented concepts for VR. Lucky with his time spent at the company that was experimenting with mobile displays for vr. Valve most likely saw tge fella working on laser tracking on Hack a day.

& neither seemsbto have the decency to give back to those who essentially got them started. (no surprise)


No. About Dirt Rally with Pimax:

  1. i see blurring in far objects and my eyes tired (close focal adjust lenses). With CV1 my eyes just have a rest.
  2. I have worse colors (or too yellow or too cold with cold option)
  3. I have much more lenses blur in edges (cv1 lenses sharp in overall)
  4. I have ghosting
    5 . I have bad latency even rotational tracking
  5. when i turn head i see lens distortion
  6. i dont have positional tracking (i cant look out of the window)

With CV1 i see disadvantage only SDE - yes its also bad, but for me immersion better, too much problems with Pimax.
If Pimax will correct items 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 ( It’s only their fault), item 4 (ghosting) - its LCD panel issue and I’ll take it.
After this correct i buy Pimax 4k again. I dont right? Or you will further praise Pimax and they will not fix anything.


If the goal of your shit storm here is to push Pimax to improve things, I highly doubt that’s an effective way. I’m expecting they’ve listened to the critics and will improve all the downsides that the Pimax 4k has (because it surely has a few) in the Pimax 8k. We’ll see soon enough, end of next week we’ll see the new prototype !


With which point does the shit above disagree?


Now with lens distortion unless your blaming your camera i see outer edge in cv1 video heavy blurring.

Now while ghosting is the current big hurdle. If i read you right. Atm you don’t have a PiMax any more & your Dirt Rally then through the lens is old & doesn’t reflect the improvements in the more recent version of piplay or the latest firmware.

Am I right? Or are you borrowing someone’s PiMax 4k so you can remain objective?

Colors often look better when encapsulated by a black border btw(one benefit to sde)


I initially replied to the wrong person, and it may be that I do not receive my HTC VIVE, so now I respond to the hero who saved me from the evil Pimax 4k:
Ok, you win, I’ll send an email with my address and you can send a VIVE or a RIFT to me, or if you prefer, you can deposit the money into my account and I’ll buy it myself.
Once again, thank you for convincing me.


I might misunderstand your post but it seems you’re insulting people now. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, if you hate Pimax for whatever reason, you’re free to say so. But if you can’t behave like an adult and start insulting other forum users we’ll have to ban you from this forum. Thanks for understanding.


Its just google translator not me :slight_smile:
Its right translation:

“With which items of my shit storms you are disagree?”

And notice, you swear and insult. Not ashamed?


Ok in that case I misunderstood you. I never said I disagreed with your points. I’m just saying that I value SDE much more than you do, so I prefer Pimax. That’s all.

Not sure what you mean with this ?


You called my words shit storm. If so, justify.


Hehe, a ‘shit storm’ in English is not meant as any kind of insult to you. You threw in tons of criticism, that’s what they call a ‘shit storm’, although it won’t win the price for nicest chosen words, that we can agree upon :slight_smile: But in no way that’s meant an insult to you or as a qualification of your arguments. See translation #4 here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=shitstorm

In fact, like said, I can only agree to most of your points. But still, to me SDE is a key factor. You somehow dont seem to acknowledge that.


No, blurring in camera its not same. CV1 has best sweet spot (almost 90-95%) after proper IPD adjust. Pimax 4k has like DK2 -60-70%. Deepoon E2 has worse sweet spot (strong blur in edge).
Edge lenses blur its also not most important disadvantage. Wrong focus length, bad latency and bad lens distortion compensation its my major claims. I forgot the heating threads also. After CV1 i see its advantages too obvious.
I had all three HMD Pimax, CV1, Vive in one time. I had CV1 and Pimax 4-5 month, vive 1 week, deepoon e3 also 1 week, oculus dk2 one week, deepoon E2 in 2016 many month.
All video i shoot with one camera (samsung s6) with one сonditions.
Now i sold all HMD and rest from VR (summer for real reality).
I really recommended Pimax 4k for his price 300 USD when CV1 cost 600-800 USD. Price was main advantage. But now, to hate the oculus with a price of $ 400 for whole bundle in my opinion is silly.



I don’t hate the oculus its just not my user preference. A combination of my sight (somewhat normal) & ipd i don’t find the level of outer distortion on the lens that some folks like yourself reported.

@crony has done some impressive things with the PiMax using Valve’s laser tracking through OSVR.

With both Valve & Oculus opening up the tracking systems. It would be interesting using them with the PiMax.

I do agree there are physical issues that can’t be fixed by software. Adjustable focus & hardware ipd adjustment. But you have to admit all vr headsets have some big issues including vive/rift. For the first product release from PiMax it is quite good; deepoon has had to get to their 3rd headset to get it closer, but they have still some big issues.

The focal length on tge PiMax is likely made short as it was initially intended for normal & short sighted folks; adjustble focus would have avoided this pitfall.

Their seems to be probably an equal number of folks on both sides that have found better user experience going in both directions.

Vive/rift = vr sick Pimax better
PiMax = VR sick. Vive/rift better

All comes down to pure user experience & not the spec sheets.

In one way should blame sharp for not making tge 4k panel a quatro. Lol


You know, I read this whole diatribe and have concluded that pimax’s biggest issue is not all of the things mentioned. To me it can be summed up in ease of use. I am somewhat tech savy but I have a heck of a time getting Pimax to work consistently every time I hook it up. I also own a Vive, I just turn on steam hit the button on the controller and it brings up the home room. I can just pick what I want and go.

With pimax, I have to go through all kinds of setup stuff to get a controller to work and then get Virtual Desktop to work, and then get the SBS to work just to watch a movie. I have not even attempted to play any games in it yet.

To me getting VR to “Just Work” should be the most important thing for public adoption.

Having said that, I won’t be selling my Pimax or Vive until At least the 8k comes.