Pimax Competition: other HMD's


Not true.
Pimax doesn’t replace my Pimax



Why not call support to see about getting it resolved. Atm appears you maybe an isolated case.

Btw - just because your experience hasn’t been good; it doesn’t mean that your experience is the norm.

So please address the exchange issue. I am sure support will work on getting it fixed if you work with them. Gearbest is known for being difficult at times. It’s why they lost a $700 us sale; of which i found a better 3d printer seller as a result.



Maybe open a thread about your experience and document what is going wrong. This is not the right thread. And insults will be removed and if you can’t behave like an adult you will be banned.


You two will not save this scam company from its own lies. In the end truth will always surface.


I agree the truth will surface. Cause if this was a scam there would be more than you posting similar experiences.

Just be patient & wait on support. Your not dealing with a box store your dealing with mail order purchases.

@mobile-technology had a quality issue and so far is happy about the purposed means to resolved it.


@PIMAX-Support indeed very caring and professional via all the channels. Mostly via Skype, they are responsive and made sure give me all the needed service handling to bring a solution to an replacement of my defective unit.

From everything I could see those far, scam it’s not, the engineers and support is very active and responsive, nothing similar to what scam would be looking alike.


Lol. If you are unhappy with pimax you are more than welcome to document what has happened. Just open a thread and keep it polite, like an adult. Nobody is trying to shut you up here.


Pre-sale of the DPVR E3 tracking set started from the 23rd (September 4th).
It includes a base station, which allows for 180-degree tracking and is priced at 3999 yuan ($ 599).
DPVR E3 is known to have various configurations depending on the number of base stations.
It is expected to extend to 360 degrees and wider area.

The launch of the DPVR E3-P indicates that intense competition with the htc vive has just begun in the Chinese market.
Pre-sale link1 : https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a220o.1000855.w5001-15493826280.8.5c90c3481maHFV&id=554905690805&scene=taobao_shop
Pre - sale link2 : https://item.jd.com/4656403.html


Hypereal Pano 360 Tracking Set Released.
Link1 : https://shop.hypereal.com/product/detail/53
Link1 : https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1-b-s.w14210285-16919961151.1.193354932NDTpn&id=556806884640&scene=taobao_shop&skuId=3621653435569

Hypereal Pano+Sens unboxing (by VrManiac)


Hypereal Pano and DPVR E3 are expected to compete with Vive and Oculus in the Chinese market. They are known to have laser tracking and camera tracking, as well as a 360-degree range and a wider area, which can compete with steamvr 2.0 tracking for valve.
On the other hand, Pimax4K + Nolo seems to fall behind in price and performance compared to these. If laser tracking is added, it seems to be competitive.


That’s awesome Crony. I remember someone posting about the Hypereal pano. Looked good then with the controllers being designed so you could set them down


Well put !! That’s exactly why I am interested in the PIMAX 8k ,and I know that as soon as an even higher resolution display comes out they will be quick to make a headset out of it , I own a vive and I can’t play it for more than an hour because of the resolution and the god rays , I personally think HTC in oculus are making a big mistake, displays are what’s going to drive the VR market once the new one comes out companies will be quick to create their own headsets.


Picture above shows three base stations/whatever, but un-boxing shows only two included?

Also, again no focus adjustment. Ho hum. Chinese VR units are becoming so boring.

For me. No focus adjustment. No buy.


Exactly. Why would anyone on earth be interested in buying an Oculus rift copy? The software and support would be hopeless right


Does any one know how to run pimax inside the Oculus"s application screen, making pimax is detected by oculus app.


Don’t you mean vive copy? Laser tracking. Lol

Tho guess controllers more oculus like


Soon Piplay v2 will be released, it will bring a whole new experience to PiMAX 4K users. Software optimization wise etc…


I’m waiting for a version in which there will be 100% of cases eliminated drift well and desirable decrease in ghosting.


im looking forward to less ghosting… drift for me was fixed 2 betas ago


Hi @mirq , really sorry for inconvenience.

Actually I reported your order info to our E-commerce workmate on 7th August, but it seemed that this process doesn’t go ahead smoothly.

Please kindly forward the conversation or email between you and GearBest to support@pimaxvr.com, I will push this return process ahead like we promised in this forum. :slight_smile: