Pimax Competition: other HMD's


Smartphone Maker HTC Explores Strategic Options


Their profit from the Vive has probably reached below what they intended sooner than expected after Facebook more than likely threw an wrench in the Vive’s path,

HTC’s hand was most likely forced to slash price while Facebook/Oculus sits hella comfortable (money to burn).


They’re afraid of the Pimax 8k and try to sell their own crappy company before Pimax releases the 8k :wink:


Anyone know how the Hypereal Pano compares to what’s currently available?


Hypereal Pano works on platform like viveport and is also compatible with SteamVR.
It is a feature of the Hypereal Pano that it has both Vive’s image quality and fov, CV1’s tracking, and PSVR’s head strap.
In VRManiac (Korean vr community), the number of buyers has been increasing since the introduction of Hypereal Pano. But those who want to buy the Pimax 8K are still waiting Because of experience information of people who used pimax 8K in KITAS 2017.


Doesn’t seem much of an upgrade then. I already have a Rift, but was looking around for second head set to use on my motion platform for seated flying and driving games.


Pano is just a cheap nasty copy of two year old VR technology. The 8k will be unvield next friday. Hopefully it works


Yeah with the price dropped why would anyone buy the Pano ? I’d take the Rift over the Pano any day.


A question about the Pimax 8k. Right now there are not any Video cards that can drive 2 4k displays. Anybody have some information about how they intend to drive 8k displays? I don’t want to buy or back the 8k if i can’y use it when it’s finished.


We still need to wait on min specs released.

But from what i have read from early release is that it will render left display while right remains blank then it does the reverse.

@xunshu any word on min & rec specs on PiMax 8K?


But each will need to do that at 60hz, so you’d still be running 2 4k screens at 60 hz.

I think that the solution is the same solution as the Pimax 4k. You’re not running your Pimax at 4k but at either 1080p or 1440p which the headset samples up to 4k. I’m guessing the Pimax 8k works exactly the same. So you’d probably only need to power 2x1080p or 2x1440p. Still, I’m guessing that GTX 1080 is going to be the bare minimum spec. We’ll see though, less than a week to the IFA, so I’m hoping we’ll learn some more details soon.


There’s some good Q&A on the Pimax Facebook page scroll down and join the 8k club https://www.facebook.com/pimaxvr/


AS I read some articles they will do some tricks in essence like this. It will be working at 60Hz but will peocesing every other image and every other will be black and will go simultaniously on each eye. So when you got picture on right eye on left will be black and opposite. Human eye works on fps so this will for us work normal and we will not be able to notice such stuff but your GPU will resource like it is for one 4K 60Hz display.
I think newier GPUs already have such technology implemented and Rift is using same stuff as well only it is 45/90.


I wonder how well that would work. I hope that pimax at least gives some configurable options here. Then again fact is that the fastest we have is titan xp and that’s not going to be fast enough to run 2*4k so until nvidia releases volta in q1 2018 we indeed need some trick, either upsampling and/or what you and heliosurge described


Don’t 4get @Enopho’s crazy aorus card lol


Indeed… I was playing dying light (not vr version) in 8k night before last. Wow! 75fps and only dropped to 65 when hear a hoard or at night staring at fire

It is a beautiful game :slight_smile:


SteamVR Will Support Windows VR Headsets.

This is bad news for pimax 4K.
I think Windows MR Headsets with SteamVR support will be the most powerful VR headset on the market.
But the weakness of Windows MR is that it can not track the position of the controller when out of sight.
In my opinion, the pimax 4K’s controller and location tracking capabilities will need to be augmented and the best way is for pimax to rush to release pimax8K.


nothing out there offers 4k resolutions. 1440 is better but not good enough for me. Agree that tracking is an issue but Driver4VR is doing some serious things with leap motion and with kinect for the Sept 27 release. this will eliminate the tracking issue if it becomes very user friendly. thats my biggest gripe with pimax atm, not friendly at all. perhaps after piplay 2.0 it will be.


besides these MS headsets have very small FoV. Seems more of a gadget to me than something you’d use a lot.


Of course, that seems to be the case now. However, the situation in the future seems to be beneficial to Microsoft MR HMDs.
The development of Display is a condition that can be utilized by all companies, so 4K HMD will be common in the future. What matters is whether Windows-based HMDs can beat the MR HMDs with features that Microsoft will be offering in the future.