Pimax Competition: other HMD's


What’s that Crony ? Im not familiar with that term.


Mixed Reality.
Sorry for my poor expression.


I am not sure what will happen in the future, but one thing I can be certain about Microsoft’s HMDs is that they can use VR from basic computing. These HMDs, which have the ability to replace monitors, may be extensively applied in our lives faster than we think.

All of this is the result of my rich imagination :joy:… But I think Pimax should be more perfect.

Ps: There are many similar comments in the comments of the article.


Vr maniac was talking alot about magnifaction problems in the Pimax 8K. Can you explain what the problem was exactly?


He experienced some lack of realism while playing Google Earth, and he speculated that it was caused by low magnification lenses. However, he said that the opinions may differ from those who experience it. It was because Google Earth was the only content available.
In fact, the opinion of another person who experienced Pimax8K was different.


I hope they fixed SteamVR compatibility and can show some more than just google earth at IFA …


Do not worry about it. Another guy said that after running SteamVr, he could experience a 360 degree video through Virtual Desktop.:grinning:

This guy pointed out,
When you move fast in Google Earth, the middle 90 degree screen
It looks good, but the peripheries have become slightly delays. It’s okay if you move slowly.


This is my imagination for a Windows MR headset that is written for the purpose of preparing for future changes. Thank you for your understanding first pimax.

Today announced that Microsoft will be able to play Steam VR content on its Windows MR headset.
I’ve been thinking about the many changes that this will bring.
I do not know if I have too much imagination to run my heart already.

First, let’s write the scenarios in the following usage environment.

1. Use Windows 10 in virtual space
Turn on the PC, run VR mode, and then wear the Windows MR headset.
Move to the location where you want to launch the app in the prepared virtual space.
Run the windows for work through the controller in your hand.
Executed windows can be placed anywhere you like.
If you have more windows, you can increase the efficiency of your work with voice commands.
I also enjoy the game window that I enjoy everyday.
I also have an SNS window to communicate with my friends.
They also interact with each other in the virtual space, taking part in gestures and participating in multiple conversations.
You can change the background to make the conversation different.
It is time to go out now, so it ends with voice command.
Take off your headset and come back to reality.

2. Run Steam VR
Turn on the PC, run VR mode, and wear the MR headset.
Run the Steam VR app in virtual space and run the game you want via controller or voice command.
After a while, I enjoy watching the game scenes in front of me.
It is time to go out now, so it ends with voice command.
Take off your headset and come back to reality.

If you have a Steam VR compatible VR headset, you will be familiar with the latter
_ The former is the environment where I have used information and imagination.

So far, when we wear a VR headset, we were able to experience only the virtual space shown by Steam VR and enjoy the game.
But in the future, from the Windows virtual space provided in Windows 10 VR mode, we can begin to experience the virtual space.
Basic computing can be done with the keyboard and mouse as well as the controller and voice commands.

Someday we might not really need a monitor. haha…

What can not be overlooked is the hardware limitations of the Windows MR headset.
Although it is true that there are some disadvantages compared with existing steam VR compatible HMDs,
In the future, we can expect that the gap will be greatly reduced through the development of display and the development of Windows app.

Although it is Hasty judgment, but I imagine that the criteria for choosing a VR headset in the future would be:
Is Steam VR compatible? Or is Windows 10 VR compatible too?


It was one of my disappointments to see that Pimax8K did not include integrated cameras for coming AR/MR applications.
This in my opinion will limit the appeal of Pimax8K as apps move away from just gaming to as @crony points real world uses of VR/AR/MR HMD’s

Actually, I’m surprised to see that no one has yet made use of a webcam for adding AR to Pimax4K.


I agree since goofle cardboard integrated camera should be a no brainer


So I’ve got confirmed that I was right about this. Their brainwarp technology indeed means that both 4k screens are running at 60 hz but at an uneven interval so that the brain will perceive 120hz.

So you’d still need to power 2 screens at 4k@60hz (or better said: 1 screen at 4k@120 hz where the rendered image then gets sent out to the left panel, then to the right panel etc). I think the ‘solution’ they’re using is upscaling like I proposed before: upscale 1080@120hz to 4k@120 hz. An 1080 GTX should be able to run 1080@120 hz.

BTW, They’re using DP 1.4 !! :slight_smile:

I hope NVIDIA hurries up with Volta though, we could use some more GPU power :slight_smile:


BTW here you can see that DP 1.4 supports 4k@120hz uncompressed:

So that’s wonderful news that they’re using DP 1.4 ! That allows for pumping 4k@120hz which the headset internally then distributes to the left/right panel every other frame (while the left/right panel run at 60 hz but at a half interval difference so that the brain perceives 120hz).

So we’re going to be able to run this baby at native resolution :slight_smile: The only bottleneck now is the GPU power needed do so …


Now now, who needs display port anything when for around 50k usd, you can get this golf simulator!

I think pimax might have serious competition here, because when I tried golfing with the headset, my ceiling got hit with a putter.

I understand your enthusiasm sjefdeklerk, bit could you really pass up on a projector screen and a sensor to play golf? I figure once people realize they can spend five years paying for one of these, the vr market will crash.

Sarcasm aside, you can build one of these for around 3k usd if you find the right material and sensors. I guess this technically counts as another HMD because once you buy this simulator, loan sharks will come in and smash your head with golf clubs, then tie you up on the projector (mounting on a display). No?


That’s pretty cool. Actually I was driving in my car the other day and I thought … hmm… I’m looking through my windows to see what’s around me but what if these windows were actually display panels. That way you can emulate a car pretty much 100%, well it’s basically the same with a professional flight simulator of course. Won’t be cheap though, especially if you want the car/plane to move around like a professional flight simulator does.

Anyway yeah for specific simulations there are better options than a VR helmet if you have money :slight_smile:


I would be extremely surprised if they have any type of native 4k running. Ive been an impulse buyer of technology my while life but this product ill be waiting for solid reviews. Especially for 900USD :wink:


They said they have hardware IPD, native 2x4k and DP 1.4, that’s good enough for me: give me that kickstarter ‘back this project’ button and I’ll hit it right now :slight_smile: But that’s just me. For others I suggest indeed to first see how this even will work with SteamVR and for reviews. I’m sure the reviews will appear before the kickstarter launch because otherwise I indeed doubt there will be a lot of buyers in the first kickstarter round.

IFA starts this friday, really hoping for some decent hands-on reviews !


I remeber in True Blood vampire Bill playing golf with a Wii & projector


Can you briefly explain how the kickstarter works? Do you pay full retail and recieve one of the first unit s? Does that mean those units will come direct from pimax? I would much rather be buying direct from them for warranty reasons. Buying accessories parts etc

@xunshu @PimaxVR


Yes, the company you’re backing is responsible for shipping. If they don’t ship, then Kickstarter will refund you. I’ve bought a few times things via kickstarter (I backed Nolo for example) and have been very happy with the process so far. The only downside I’ve found in general is that most companies only provide for 1 shipping method which is most often regular post. I prefer fedex/DHL, they’re MUCH better in my country.


I know I will end up buying it but the thing that scares me the most is if it arrives with dead pixels or some minor fault. Even if theres only one or two of them its somthing that will destroy me after paying $900. Trying to convince gearbest it needs to be replaced because of dead pixels would be impossible

For reference my Oculus broke in 8 months. After a few emails to support they managed to replace it within just 2 weeks. They even sent the return FedEx ticket so it didnt have to pay anything on freight. Then when the replacement turned up it had dead pixels. They sent another FedEx ticket to replace it again. Couldnt believe my luck

Hopefully Pimax have plans to sell direct from their website. Their talking about selling accessories like eyetracking for the 8k so they will need to get proactive on web sales