Pimax Competition: other HMD's


Pimax team is responsible for all the 8K sold on Kickstarter. After Kickstarter, we will move all the backer info to our own system and manage within our own team.


Thanks xunshu

Do you have any plans to sell new products and accessories from your website pimax.com ?


Would be great to see 8K accessories sold for 4K users who could not get those accessories during 4K sale… :slight_smile: So we (4K owners) could buy the joysticks / tracking system etc… and use it with 4K headset.

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the website is www.pimaxvr.com, and we are working on the next iteration.

For both 4K and 8K, the headset is only a starting point. We made Pimax 8K an extendable device that works new accessories and technologies, and DIY enthusiasts can create their own.
We are improving Pimax 4K experiences and will let you know which accessory is recommended for 4K. @mobile-technology

As VR tech evolving fast, VR headset meant to be extendable and open to new innovations.


New Pimax 8k competition https://uploadvr.com/vrhero-vrgineers-5k-headset/


I guess pimax 8k will be my next purchase regardless any other competitors ^^


In fact, there will be a lot of people waiting for the pimax 8k.
Everything depends on how well the pimax 8k is made.
Therefore, pimax should not repeat the same mistakes as the pimax 4k kickstart lens issue.


Great article but the 5k 170° fov don’t think its really competition.

However in the Comments tge one fellow was talking about sde & pixel /degree

This was part of the discussion @sjefdeklerk & @vts.


Any news on what’s happening at the show? Wasn’t it supposed to begin today? Is anyone from the forums going?


I think it was @wormeaten. But yeah the guy is right, it’s all about pixels per degree.


The first day has passed and all we have is one simple superficial review. But 5 days more of IFA, so hoping we’ll get something more useful.


I had my credit card here waiting for the final prototype but now their still showing it with a P4K head strap and no IPD adjustment so I’m not convinced

Seems like they want our money for tooling lol


Yeah it seems it has no hardware IPD, I might be wrong though. Also still not SteamVR compatible … They’ve got lots of work to do.


Great another Low res headset to add to the list

Maybe we could glue all these MR headsets together and form some kind of sculpture



Actually it is not. It have higher resolution than CV1 or Vive and higher PPI. but here is the catch.
Display is smaller so need higher magnification where is loosing advantage od higher PPI so in the end SDE is like on Vive only picture is little sharper and tex easier to read. Resolution is 2x1440x1440 whot is actually after all 2880x1440 whot is higher than supported 2560x1440 Pimax 4K resolution. Trick with Pimax is larger screen with Superior PPI. that is what make Pimax better looking.


LG unveils PCVR prototype at KVRF 2017


Any specs given? Can you translate? Cheers


There is no known information except that the public is allowed to experience it.
So I asked the members of vrmaniac (Korean vr community) for help.


HTC Halts Stock Trading as Rumors of Sale Swirl

HTC Getting $1.1 Billion Injection From Google To Aid VR And Phone Business


Billions of dollars and this company is doing it with a 1 million dollar kickstarter