Pimax Competition: other HMD's


Hehe but in all fairness: google bought the phone division, not the VR. HTC can now use that money though to develop VR.


Some good news from BOE today. They previously talked about shipping their first OLED panels at the end of 2017. Now it seems they’re actually beating their own goal and will start shipping their first OLED panels next month already: https://asia.nikkei.com/Features/Company-in-focus/Chinese-panel-maker-BOE-aims-to-conquer-new-global-markets?page=1

Keep in mind though that this of course won’t be 4k OLED yet. But it’s awesome to see that they’re ahead of schedule for world domination :slight_smile: The article says they’re already talking to Apple. Let’s hope they also beat the production goals for their 4k OLED panels. Either way, Samsung is going to get some serious competition in the OLED field and that’s going to be good for us for sure.



Very good news. Healthy competition is good to us ordinary consumers. This should means as well lower prices.


Sill think they need to custom mould flexible OLEDS to suit lense shape. That might help with FOV stretching


I think companies will start experimenting with that very soon.


Nowhere close. Riftkat cannot replicate native hmds. Also, if the USB C is just for charging and not data, its going to be impissible to get 4k on it. Sorry, but you would be better off with Pimax.


Ah you replied to the openings post :slight_smile: The thread developed into a general thread about competitors and (future) display technology.


Samsung may be working on a Windows Mixed Reality headset



This is looking like a nice HMD 1440 x 1600 OLED per eye. I trust Samsung will be using quality displays !!


Going to order that when Amazon allows me for sure.

Pimax are on borrowed time…


I think now Pimax and Samsung have released higher resoulution HMDs Vive and Oculus will be forced to launch a CV2 next year. Thats why Im not interested in pre ordering the 8K X. In 8 months from now there will pribably be much better options!! Im not giving my money to anyone for 8 months!


8 months? Maybe to receive 8k-X however jan/feb you’d have an 8k to play with in 4months.

And all current reviews are of the Tested 8k model. Lets see the next prototype reviews.

As for oculus maybe. Vive on the otherhand are playing with a setup box with subscription @ around $80/month in China this month i think Road2vr said.


Odyessey is promising but in essence is not competitor to 8K at all.
This is competition for 4K CV1 and Vive. I’m not expect Oculus to stay as hardcore gamers VR developer at all. Vive probably will be release something similar to 8K in the future but definitely not faster than Pimax 8KX.
So about 8K everithing is on Pimax and that is great oportunity for them to begin major player in VR. Everything depend how they will play it.


Which is why it was important for them to focus on the 8k. Sure a better 4k model would be great & they should even release a new version with the screens & dp with native 4k and change of lens focus & hardware mild ipd adjustment to improve sweet spot for wide n narrow ipd comfort.

To truly break into the VR world they needed something to set them apart. 4k was a good start to get noticed; butbiw wouldn’t suprise me if LG delays to release there steam hmd with 4k as Samsung has for purposes is releasing a 3k ish headset.

Now an interesting idea for the PiMax team would be to release a new kind of 4k headset or sorts.

2x. 2048x1600 screens with a FoV of say 160° with an upscaler option built based on 5k & 8k modular design.

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I would be happy if they released a new 4k with the new lens type they have in the 8k, if it does indeed reduce ghosting, improve brightness, etc

And DP port obviously!


Is it the lens that cause the ghosting or the fact the 4K has only 60mhz refresh rate?


All this stuf what they doing in 8K could be latter just implement on some new 4K version but I’m agree focus should be on 8K now.


The 4k uses shudder glass as a low persistence idea. So a combo of lens & shudder glass timing.


After the 4K and Nolo debacles, Pimax have lost my confidence. Windows Mixed Reality (especially in the guise of Samsung Odyssey) seems to hit the hardware, software, ease-of-use hotspot that Nolo and Pimax 4K will never reach. Their focus, of course, is now on the 8K but my gut tells me that is a fundamentally flawed concept, too.


But those 4K users here who have removed the shudder glass have reported the ghosting affect was worse. Which is the only reason why I haven’t attempted that procedure. I can see the low persistence idea along with 60mhz being a major cause of ghosting. I thought the shudder glass was simply to prevent god rays?

I’m glad to know the 8K won’t have shudder glass! My only issue with the 4K is the ghosting. I never had the drift issue others reported.