Pimax Competition: other HMD's


I never had the drift issue that much either.

The shudder glass was a low persistance implementation of sorts. Thats why ghosting is worse with them removed. The idea is they blank the lcd panel breifly to allow the panel to reach optimal saturation. The best version of Piplay for less ghosting is still 1.1.92. So the need to work on getting the timing improved in the latest version.

The 4k model has Aspherical lenses. From my understanding this is more an issue in Frescel lens v1.0 as used in rift/vive. Active shudder glass is not as they crystal clear (some tint still exists) & when blank (dark) these 2 factors dim the brightness.

The 8k screens have a different liquid crystal from what they said reacts better than standard lcd. With having a seperate screen/eye controlling the backlight can achive similar effect and i believe easier synchronize with display reaponse.


I can understand issues directly due to the 4k model, however NoloVR support was asked for by the community as a tracking option. Of which PiMax implemented support for Nolo.

We can’t really blame them for issues that belong to Nolo. Nolo when they had issues delivering (units & functional performance)at one time shutdown their forums.

Truth even when the forums here were hostile, they never shutdown & in truth they have not in my time been heavy handed in moderating unlike some other companies.


“The shudder glass was a low persistance implementation of sorts.” - True! It’s a shame about the ghosting issue and the amount of time it’s taking to resolve this issue. But, come February it will be all moot for me when the 8K (hopefully) arrives.

Thanks for the info!


Indeed & your welcome. Truth it was a user in @sjefdeklerk “Remove Shudder glass” topic that presented the idea. For a long time we were looking at as the filter for blue light.

I think the shudder effect also tricks the mind into perceiving higher frames than is being render. The shudder effect also gives the eyes “breaks” from staring at a screen. Gamers when engaged are often seen not blinking much. I believe this is why long experiences in vr.

@LukeB & others that had removed the shudder glass chose to put it back due to ghosting & finding a bit of an off feeling after sometime.


Too true. They are to be applauded for their openness and response to the community.

Thinking about my eBay advert, I can honestly say that as a standalone headset, Pimax 4K is excellent for seated, Xbox controller-driven stuff: that’s where its high resolution display really shines. It’s certainly not a product for the computer illiterate, though. Without these forums, I would have given up long ago. Kudos to the dedicated and knowledgeable tinkerers here.

The Nolo I will sell separately: perhaps some Google Cardboard user will gain some joy from them.


Yes, quite right.

I removed the shudder glass because I thought that the additional brightness would be an advantage. However although the colours were indeed brighter, even at the lowest possible settings it still caused eye tiredness after only a short time of use.

The filter effect of the glass is also necessary I believe to help prevent eye damage as well as reduce some ghosting. So I replaced it after only a few hours and all has been fine since.

Although I probably won’t be buying an 8K, it isn’t because I don’t think that Pimax can deliver on their promises.
Given time, I think they can. It is simply because I don’t believe 8k resolution is necessary for great VR experience.

I play a few games that I like and I occasionally watch short 360 videos and my Pimax 4K does what I need very well.

In real life, although we have wide peripheral vision we only really see what is directly in front of us and we follow objects by turning our heads and this is what I do when playing Elite Dangerous etc, and having a wider field of view, I don’t think really improve that much on what I have.

Most of the games I play, I play on my 28" pc monitor and I can tell you that the fov is significantly less than my Pimax4K.

The main thing I miss with the 4K is not having reliable hand controllers. So many good games need tracked controllers.

I’m not interested in room scale. The last thing I want to do is stand up when playing a game.
I’m quite happy playing games sitting down and for me, room scale would be a novelty that would quickly off.

I have tried PSMove controllers with PSEye cameras and the experience has been interesting but unusable.
As has the Kinect One sensor. It can work, but poor stability makes it not worth the effort.

I’m hoping that Pimax makes their new tracked hand controllers able to work with the 4K.
I would be interested in buying a set if that was the case.

Before I spend more money on VR, there really has to be some new content that I really want to use that my 4K can’t handle.
Realistically, if I can get some tracked hand controllers (not Nolo) for me I think that will probably be in about another year.
But hey! We can all change our minds at the drop of a hat, right?


Agreed. Did you notice I made a special FW with lower brightness ? Removing the shutter glass


Yes I did at the time and from memory, I think I did manage to get a comfortable brightness setting, but it still seemed to me caused more eye strain. Perhaps it was the increased ghosting.
Also I was worried about eye any possibility of eye damage and I just didn’t think it was worth the risk.


I wonder if they could come up for a solution using the leap motion attachment camera…


it already has been developed. look at the KS page to see a picture of the leap motion attachment. there is a youtube video of all of the attachments as well.


I mean as a pass through camera for things like augmented reality and also quick switching, but they would probably need some cooperation with leap to sort out some kind of standard at a lower level


Yep the one missing ingredient. Hand module plus pass through cam = more or less ar/mr


There is no doubt that all sorts of add-on’s will become available, but we are talking of what is supposed to be the next generation headset and to leave this off is in my opinion a serious oversight.
Also, every add-on adds cost to an already expensive product.


I am looking at buying my grand kids a stand alone VR head set for Christmas, I have seen reviews for the Pico Goblin that is out at the moment. Are there any others that are going to be out in time to buy for Christmas? Any recommendations?


Another dual panel HMD was just released, the VRHero 5k: http://www.vrgineers.com/vrhero/

It features 2x1440 OLED panels and has 170 degrees FoV

Specs: http://www.vrgineers.com/technical-specification/

It seems more aimed at enterprises than end consumers. I’m not sure if it’s even compatible with SteamVR

Pimax FAQ shipping

I wonder if those who have complained about PiMax following StarVR’s scheme will jump on HeroVR for doing the same. As to be true 5k its short 2 panels. Lol

Seems Starbreeze & Acer’s standard is catching on more & more.

StarVR, Cinero(sp?), PiMax, HeroVR & probably more.

Though someone should inform HeroVR of their incorrect advertising; as they are not the first with “5k” headset as their site claims. :fearful::joy::joy::joy:


Wonder if they will tell folks you need special repeater as @LoneTech pointed out the physics issues. So 100m cable on dp 1.2 seems like fun. :smirk::joy::joy:


Where’s the Price??? How much is it???


If you look at their target of industrial & enterprise means you’d have to likely contact them for a price. & will likely be “out of this world”. :unamused:


@Heliosurge @sjefdeklerk

Did some research for the boys. As Heliosurge suggested you’ll be paying Enterprise prices :wink: !!!