Pimax Competition: other HMD's


Haha wow, these prices are insane!


Yeah. Although if they were extremly well made and produced in Europe you could justify that price for commercial use. Hell a good commercial data projector would cost that

We will never know :slight_smile:


Ahh, just in time for the Titan V


Anyone knows a good Shop in Europe(Germany would be best) that sells imported Samsung Odyssey?



Magic Leap Reveal no specs though but looks cool


The single most important question is can their light field technology be used for VR only applications and what resolution/FOV can it project


Typical marketing hype methodology. “Gee looks cool! What are the specs???” Awe and Curiosity, made to last as long as possible to associate with your product before the bland truth comes out. Hopefully that high doesn’t end with too large a drop, or butthurt sentiments will prevail. But they have been sitting on a poop-ton of cash to work on it, and they claim they have a system that places objects different distances from the eyepoint depending on desired perception distance, which solves something I once read about as a big challenge for VR. FOV can’t be that large though, and neither can resolution.


Pico neo 6dof headset & controllers only business use atm.

PiMax mentioned in Vive wave.

Lenovo Mirage standalone.


I don’t know @Heliosurge. All this is not offering nothing new and definitely not for that price. Today with 400$ CV1 is best buy option.
Even better than Pimax 4k.
Also there is bunch of dissent 2.5K All in One VR Android based for cca 150$. With some DIY upgrades you can get for less than 300$ full wireless VR with controlers, 6DoF and extended battery. You can find even models with hardware IPD and Focus adjustments.
Pimax 4K really need facelift. Today it is outdated and some new technologies or solutions has arrive. I think some sort of upgrade with better screen like in 8K and implementation of windows inside-out tracking with controllers will make it again in that price range competitive on market and will cover that part of the market. Such upgraded Pimax4K II will not be competition to Pimax8K but definitely will be to Odissay, Vive or CV1 and definitely will beat all this new product you announced.

They are all too expencive and it is better to invest your money in Pimax 8K which offer much more news in VR.


Well with Lenovo don’t know much save a standalone with fcc approval. The other one is truly not entirely new as the power glove used ultra sconics & i believe thats part of nolo as well. But the 6dof on headset & controllers decent.

Now if you want way over priced to the point it looks like PiMax is giving away the 5k/8k headsets; look at herovr. Lol

As for best deal? If Psvr still selling for $200 US makes it the best for price point. There is an awesome Reddit post detailing how amazing the psvr can be with SS jacked up & only suffers a minor drop in res (negligible) with less sde. Sure tracking is amazing on controllers but still decent with a dark/light controlled room.

But yes i would concede that for the lay man the oculus deal would be better for ease of use. I would like to see both psvr & pimax 4k with a vive puck for head tracking


Anyone here got some expierience with Lenovo´s Explorer? Bought one totally spontaneos and don´t know what to expect


Better resolution than Vive and CV1, not better resolution then Pimax 4K but after all impression is better than Pimax 4K because it is cheaper and it is more complete solution. Right now on Amazon it is 249$ and in that price you got good quality picture, 6DoF tracking and controller’s.
Pimax is cost 350$ without 6DoF tracking and without any controller’s.
Right now any Windows MR and CV1 is better option to buy than Pimax 4K. Sorry Pimax but that is the fact right now.

Yes I forgot to mention it is working on 90Hz as well and working with Steam VR and Revive so it is Vive and Rift compatible.
Lenovo is most expensive but the best windows MR except Samsung model which is 150$ more expencive and different hardware.


I hope your ipd is close to 64mm because there is no way to adjust ipd (like on the pimax 4k :smile:)

Btw: does anyone know why is such a pain in the ass to find the right ipd setting with the 4k while there was no problem in setting the right ipd in the dk2? Both have just software ipd adjustment and the related problems should be similar. I really hope the mr-headsets are similar to the dk2 in that regard…


Best buy so far definitely.


Panasonic Enterprise Prototype 220°FoV


Interesting video player headset using dlp


Competition for hololens


Huge sale on msmr except samsung Odyssy


My new video about SDE Lenovo Explorer VR