Pimax Competition: other HMD's


Thanks VTS for this epic SDE video. I wish @matthew.xu :wink: would get his guys to upload some QUALITY 4K through the lense video of Elite Dangerous. It really would help sell the Pimax 8K


I may be able to help there? i am waiting for my new gopro to arrive and i usually run ED on VR High, with everything maxed except shadows so i can do a through the lens recording if your interested system spec is
24gb ddr3,
Aourous gtx1080ti,
hotas X
pimax 4k using latest piplay and latest nvidia drivers?

maybe … ice rings, planet side and in a station as well as near a sun? - will get it sorted when new 4k camera arrives.

sound good?



I have the Glyph but it is collecting dust. I was a backer.
Pros: bright, vivid image, no screendoor, good headphone quality, perfect 3d in games.
Cons: smal image, canˋt configure it correctly with my 69.5mm ipd (the edges are clear to see if i look straight ahead, but if i want to read anything in the corners, they become blurred by the boundaries of the lens), also the nose piece is uncomfortable (even though there are 4 or 5 different to choose from)

So to watch movies it is really good. Or for 3d games where you do not have to peek into the corners :smile:


Yeah i did read of some of the cons but is is more or less 1st gen & often a bit rough.

Just look at the strides in vr due to better quality displays & of course better prices on micro displays.

But yeah with the current price point like rift & vive; I’d wait for so speak the tech to mature. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Blows my mind to see just how much investment is going in over at oculus with no clear objective to get new product out to consumers. They have everything available to make a great HMD and sling shot the industry. That is why im backing Pimax


Chinese newssite ‘mydrivers’ recently reported that the new Sony Xperia XZ Pro will feature a 4k OLED panel:


The latest rumours are that Sony is moving to LG for its panels: http://businesskorea.co.kr/english/news/industry/20394-supplying-flexible-oleds-lg-display-sony-expand-oled-partnership-smartphone.

A year ago there were similar OLED 4k rumours for Sony’s phone which turned out to be false. Yet if they’re true this year, then it’s going be interesting. I wonder what Pimax would do if 4k OLED panels hit the market before the Pimax 8k release? Would it be too late to change? Or maybe offer them in the premium 8kX model that will be released later? @xunshu

We’ll know more in exactly 4 weeks, when the phone will probably be introduced in Barcelona


Could be potenially true. The lg g6 has an lcd 2:1 1440p lcd at 5.7" i beleive where as the v30 features daydream with 1440p oled at 6.0"

Lg is definitely stepping up their game. At some point i might explore rooting my g6 to enable daydream support as while not oled it is pretty powerful & test benches for vr suggest it should be more thsn capable & stable.


Nifty article on vr/ar in the Canuck space.

If someone has a better thought on this being moved to different topic let me know.

@xunshu your team maybe interested in this article as well.


Varjo bionic article


New Article from Tom’s Hardware on Acer WMR headset.



Its bad review. Not one word about the support of SteamVR, Oculus, Revive.
Perhaps my review will be useful (use translator).
and other


While no oculus & revive (not needed) it clearly does mention steam compatibility. The review is about the windows side not running steam. It is about the windows MR platform.


This link should show what you missed. “What you can & can’t do”

So i submit it is a good review; it even details the acer headset suffers the flaw of non removeable cables & that the acer cameras do not support AR/MR.

Your not the only one that failed to read the article fully. Check the comments. Lol


Your reviews btw are awesome even though you were reviewing a better WMR than the Acer. From what I read the Acer is the bare entry WMR. Which in itself is surprising as Acer should have been able to release a much better hmd considering there work with Starbreeze on StarVR & now own most or all shares.

However Acer is not usually great with products in my experience.


CV1 is a terrible option right now. Resolution and overall display is bottom of pack now


I am interested to see if the Vive tracking pucks could be used to bring lighthouse tracking to any headset.


Still cant understand why standalone’s are the one’s pushing resolution. Pity this sucker wont be coming with displayport @sjefdeklerk


Yeah I saw that. Maybe it’s coming with Kopin’s panels, those are 2kx2k. Supposedly Kopin is going to announce their Elf Vr based on those panels in june too, so who knows.


The new Razer phone could be interesting 120hz screen at 2560*1440 hdr & booming audio quality.


Leap motion Northstsr open ar


IQIYI 4K stand-alone VR ‘Adventure 2’ launch & pre-sale

The main parameters of Adventure II are as follows:

Display: 4K fast response LCD screen
Resolution: 3840x2160
Refresh rate : unknown
Field of view angle : 110°
Chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (Kryo280 CPU + Adreno 540 GPU)
Headphones: In-ear style, Grammy master tuning
ROM: 64GB UFS2.1
Weight: less than 560g (head weight less than 280g)
Life: 4000mAH polymer lithium-ion battery
Sensor : 9-axis sensor (gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer), distance sensor
Object adjustment: not supported (supports wearing glasses)
Positioning plan: none
Interactive Project : 3D oF Rat Controller
Price: 3999 yuan (starting price 3699 yuan)

87870 report link : http://news.87870.com/1805/32196.html
IQIYI Adventrue 2 link : http://www.iqiyismart.com/alien
Presale link : https://item.jd.com/7450509.html